Weaving Exhibition - -

In 1982, I was invited by the City of Biloxi to hold an Exhibition of my weavings in their new Cultural Center in honor if their opening.  This was quite a thrill for me as I had only started weaving in 1976 when we moved into the house on Lovers Lane.  I purchased a large 60" Leclare Loom - the largest single loom made at that time.  I loved weaving but I disliked to warp.  Although I sold most of the works exhibited here, I did keep two rugs which we lovingly have aboard our trawler, Swan Song.

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Eventually, I changed techniques so that I could do Off-Loom pieces as well.  At the right is an off loom piece that I wove with a bobby pin when I moved to St. Croix, USVI.  I loved picking up driftwood where my Hobie Cat was beached.   Below is a bedcover that I wove on-loom.  It is a lovely blend of pink wools.  


In 1984, the Arts & Crafts Committee for the World's Fair in New Orleans invited me to be a master weaver, demonstrating both the art of the loom and off-loom techniques.  Of course, this was the highlight of my career.  I sold weavings to several New Orleans restaurants and private homes. Unfortunately, many pictures of my weavings were lost in one of the many hurricanes I have lived through.  

The free hanging above is 10' long and 6' wide.  It hung in the atrium of our home on Lovers Lane and was quite wonderfun as it would move with the breezes.


The piece below is an off-loom sampler that I made for my brother, Jim's, architectural office - Hambrechdt/Terrell International - in Manhattan.  It measures 6' in width and 4' in length and hung in the main entrance foyer.  It was woven with a large bobbie pin.   On the side is a Tibetian Jacket made with men's discarded ties.  The blouse underneath is hand woven.



Left among the bedsheets

To wander within my soul

Fantasies yet to be delivered

Mental though they be


Caressing life spans as distant pasts descend

Allowing promised dreams

Into what could have been our future

Dimensions envelope into one


Years cascade within our waterfalls

Tumbling upon our "other"

Leaving me in blank confusion

As to what could possibly transpire next?


Sons marrying lovers

Need there ever be so many

As to confuse my genealogy - - -

Many generations past


Sunlight, sand, innocuous sea

Ever-blissful reminders - Paradise

not yet etched within our souls

Leaving bitter parameters


Tree Harp - Off loom weaving done on a piece of driftwood that I sanded and varnished.

Left - "With a Liitle Help from My Friends" - men's ties woven on my loom.

Nancy Weaving-small