Tovar- A German City in the mountains

Traveling by a small private bus into the mountains of Venezuela was really fun.  To break up the trip we stopped for lunch in a small village located halfway between Caracas and Tovar.  As it was the last big weekend before the start of school, many families were visiting in the square where musicians played to everyone's enjoyment.  A Peruvian fultist along with a Latino group sent wonderful sounds into the small restaurant where our group feasted on pork - every type of pork known to man.  I took pictures.

4518543995.jpg 4518543967.jpg 4518544017.jpg 4518544102.jpg 4518544120.jpg 4518544182.jpg

Our hotel, Bergland, was a wonderful German Inn, situtated on a mountain side and hosting the most beautiful flowers.  The food was delicious and the hospitality warm.  The views were spectacular.  On the right is the view from my room, which I loved and have sketched.  I loved this inn.

4518544262.jpg 4518544264.jpg 4518544266.jpg

Our guide, Jose, took us out in a rather wonderful old red jeep - far up into the mountains.  Below is the village of Tovar.  On the left is a field of strawberries, the mail export of the village.  You have not tasted delicious until you feast on fresh strawberries with Bavarian cream!

4518544342.jpg 4518544343.jpg 4518544358.jpg

We stopped at a small shop that had the most wonderful variety of cactus I think I have ever seen.  The owner gave me several sprouts to take back to Swan Song.  Later we had a delicious German meal that took us four hours to walk off.

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The church and cemetary were special indeed, being colorful and simple.  You can always tell a great deal about a culture by observing how they worship and how they honour their ancestors.


The flowers in town were beautiful as were the numerous hand crafted stone walls.  Tovar is a delightful town and I am so glad that I took the opportunity to make this visit.