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67.  LUKE LONGNECKER - B. 2005










63.  EARLY THOMAS TERREL - b. May 13, 1882 married Ophelia Louise Harris

1. Earley Thomas Terrell Married to Eugenia Jackson Beazley (Aunt Jean)

2. James Emmett Terrell b. Aug. 16, 1911 m. Nannie Belle Clendenin

3.           Francis Nelson Terrell b. Jan 14, 1915 d. Nov. 5 1972 m.  Henry Drewry Kerr, J    

4.          Martha Louise Terrell b. June 22, 1920 m.  Nathan Lenoir Riddle.  

62.  Charles Thomas W. Terrell b. May 30, 1852  d. June 19, 1929

m.  Fannie Pierce McGehee She was born on Nov. 27, 1852 and was a daughter of Alexander Stewart McGehee 16 Sep 1826  and Mary Jane Thompson 1854  She died at Beaver Dam, Hanover County, Va. They were the parents of five sons.  

1. Dr. Emmett Herman Terrell b. May 10, 1878 m. Daisy Ellett

2. Hervey Rosser Terrell b. Aug 20, 1880 d. Jan 10, 1920 married Lucy Vaughan b. Jan 22. 1880 (my Aunt Lucy that cat                    Miss Lucy was named after.  What a great lady she was)

3. Joseph Stuart Terrell b. Oct. 18, 1886 married Y. Winfrey (Uncle Joe)

4. Charles Pierce Terrell b. Sept. 6, 1892 m. Mabel C. Billups

5. Earley Thomas Terrell b. May 13, 1882 m. Ophelia Louise Harris

61. ANN TERRELL    B. May 10,                        DD       on Aug. 3, 1845 in Hanover County, Virginia

b. Dec. 7, 1807

d. September 28,  1864


Father: Joseph Zachary TERRELL

Mother: Martha Washington HARRIS


b. August 19, 1782

d. April 19, 1819

m.  Mary Henley Thompson, daughter of Richard Thompson and Jane Banks

Joseph Carr Terrell b. Dec. 7, 1807 married Ann Terrell

Father: Joseph TERRELL

Mother: Elizabeth MILLS


                    _Joseph TERRELL _

 _Joseph TERRELL __|

|                  |_________________


|--David TERRELL


|                   _________________

|_Elizabeth MILLS _|





.Joseph Terrell Jr. – was a Revolutionary soldier.  Served as a Private in the 3rd, 4th, 5th & 7th Regiments of the Virginia Line (from “William and Timothy Terrell, Colonial Virginians, Barnhill, Celeste Jane p.6). Had 11 Children.  It is through him that we belong to DAR


This was also taken from the Bible records of Mrs. Ann Atkinson Parr, Ashland, VA

• BIRTH: 28 Jan 1744/45

• DEATH: 9 Apr 1787

Father: Joseph TERRELL


Family 1: Elizabeth MILLS  

b. Jan 26, 1747

d. Nov. 22, 1833

1. +Charles TERRELL


3. David TERRELL

4. Richard TERRELL


                   _Timothy TERRELL __

 _Joseph TERRELL _|

|                 |_Elizabeth FOSTER _


|--Joseph TERRELL


|                  ___________________




10. Joseph Terrell b. 1699 New Kent County -  owned lands in Hanover County as early as 1729 and    purchased more in 1735.  


 b. 1699

• BIRTH: 16 Nov 1699, New Kent Co., VA.

Father: Timothy TERRELL

Mother: Elizabeth FOSTER


Family 1:

1. +Joseph TERRELL


                     _Richmond TERRELL I_

 _Timothy TERRELL __|

|                   |____________________


|--Joseph TERRELL


|                    _John FOSTER _______

|_Elizabeth FOSTER _|





1658 - ____

ID Number: I54663



 RESIDENCE: York & New Kent Cos. VA

 BIRTH: 1658, York Co. VA

 RESOURCES: See: [S1990]

Father: Richmond TERRELL I

Mother: Elizabeth WATERS?





CONFLICT: Has this Timothy as the husband of Elizabeth Foster instead of ID #41208.

"That on Timothy is from others which I have not verified." [S1990] [S1990]


                                                   _WILLIAM TERRELL Of Reading_+

                                                  | (1550 - 1595)              

                       _Robert TERRELL of Reading_|

                      | (1592 - 1643) m 1617      |

                      |                           |_MARGARET RICHMOND _________+

                      |                             (1560 - ....)              

 _Richmond TERRELL I__|

| (1624 - 1677)       |

|                     |                            _Robert BALDWIN ____________

|                     |                           | (1570 - ....)              

|                     |_Jane BALDWIN _____________|

|                       (1590 - 1661) m 1617      |

|                                                 |_Joane PIGCONE _____________

|                                                   (1570 - ....)              


|--Timothy TERRELL

|  (1658 - ....)

|                                                  ____________________________

|                                                 |                            

|                      ___________________________|

|                     |                           |

|                     |                           |____________________________

|                     |                                                        

|_Elizabeth WATERS? __|

  (1630 - ....)       |

                      |                            ____________________________

                      |                           |                            







17 Oct 1624 - BET 1677 AND 0000

ID Number: I41203


 RESIDENCE: ENG & 1656 New Kent Co. VA

 BIRTH: 17 Oct 1624, Reading England

 DEATH: BET 1677 AND 0000, Blisland Parrish, New Kent Co. VA [S1819]

 BAPTISM: 17 Oct 1624, Giles Parish, Reading, England [S1990]

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503] [S1819] [S1990]

Father: Robert TERRELL of Reading

Mother: Jane BALDWIN


Family 1 : Elizabeth WATERS?

1. +Richmond TERRELL II

2. Timothy TERRELL

3. +William TERRELL Sr.

4. Robert TERRELL



"Richmond TERRELL (frequently shown as Tyrrell) came to America in 1656 and settled in New Kent County (Land Patent Book, Richmond, Book 4, page 12). On 28 Nov 1656, Richmond Terrell is granted 640 acres for transportation of 13 persons, among them his Brother, Robert. The land is northeast side of Cattail Swamp. The patent is issued by Sir William Berkley, Governor. In the years that follow, Richmond Terrell is granted large tracts of land in New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia. Richmond Terrell is also active in the Church of England in Blissland Parish."


"living 1677 when he signs the "Blisland Protestations"."



[S1503] [S1990]


                                                          _GEORGE THORNTON TYRRELL _+

                                                         | (1530 - 1571)            

                             _WILLIAM TERRELL Of Reading_|

                            | (1550 - 1595)              |

                            |                            |_HELEN (ELINOR) MONTAGU __+

                            |                              (1530 - ....)            

 _Robert TERRELL of Reading_|

| (1592 - 1643) m 1617      |

|                           |                             _WILLIAM RICHMOND ________

|                           |                            | (1530 - ....)            

|                           |_MARGARET RICHMOND _________|

|                             (1560 - ....)              |

|                                                        |__________________________



|--Richmond TERRELL I

|  (1624 - 1677)

|                                                         __________________________

|                                                        |                          

|                            _Robert BALDWIN ____________|

|                           | (1570 - ....)              |

|                           |                            |__________________________

|                           |                                                      

|_Jane BALDWIN _____________|

  (1590 - 1661) m 1617      |

                            |                             __________________________

                            |                            |                          

                            |_Joane PIGCONE _____________|

                              (1570 - ....)              |




55.  ROBERT TERRELL of Reading

1592 - 12 Jun 1643

ID Number: I41199


 OCCUPATION: Clothier


 BIRTH: 1592, England [S1819]

 DEATH: 12 Jun 1643, Reading, England

 BURIAL: St. Giles Parish, England

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503] [S1819] [S1990]

Father: WILLIAM TERRELL Of Reading



Family 1 : Jane BALDWIN

 MARRIAGE: 29 Jun 1617, St. Giles, Reading, England [S1819]


2. Robert TERRELL


4. Margaret TERRELL

5. +Richmond TERRELL I


7. Charles TERRELL

8. William TERRELL

9. Timothy TERRELL

10. Thomas TERRELL



"Barnhill: Robert's Will - Robert Terrell, of Reading in the County of Berks, clothier: to the poor of the St. Giles Reading 30s - to my son Robert Terrell L150 - son Richmond Terrell the like sume at age 21 - and to son William Terrell at the age of 21 - and to son Timothy Terrell at the age of 21 - to Mary Terrell L150; to daughter Margaret Terrell L150 at age 21 - to son John Terrell my racks, furnaces, shears, handles, papers and other shop stuff and impliments of clothing and also my great gilte silver bowl - to son Richmond silver wine bowl - to son Robert silver beer bowl - to William and Timothy the silver spoons that were my children's - to Mary silver and gilt salt - to Margaret trencher salt - my wife Jane to have in custody of all the plate during her widowhood - residue to said wife Jane and on John, joint executors - overseers, brother-in-law Mr. Thomas Baldwin, friend Mr. Richard Stampe, & brother-in-law Richard Hunt. Dated 8 Jun 1643, proved at Oxford 27 Sep 1643 by Jane Terrell."


"Robert Tyrrell carried the title of Councilor and Guardian of Reading. The name was TYRRELL in England; it became Terrell in America. We have chose to show the change at this point, but in truth, the change was gradual."


[S1819] [S1503]


                                                         _HUMPHREY THORNTON TYRRELL _+

                                                        | (1500 - ....)              

                              _GEORGE THORNTON TYRRELL _|

                             | (1530 - 1571)            |

                             |                          |_JANE INGLETON _____________

                             |                            (1502 - 1557)              


| (1550 - 1595)              |

|                            |                           _EDWARD MONTAGU OF BOUGHTON_+

|                            |                          | (1500 - ....)              

|                            |_HELEN (ELINOR) MONTAGU __|

|                              (1530 - ....)            |

|                                                       |_HELEN ROPER _______________

|                                                         (1500 - ....)              


|--Robert TERRELL of Reading

|  (1592 - 1643)

|                                                        ____________________________

|                                                       |                            

|                             _WILLIAM RICHMOND ________|

|                            | (1530 - ....)            |

|                            |                          |____________________________

|                            |                                                      


  (1560 - ....)              |

                             |                           ____________________________

                             |                          |                            







ABT 1550 - 28 Aug 1595



 BIRTH: ABT 1550, Oakendon, England

 DEATH: 28 Aug 1595, Reading, England

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503] [S1819]





1. +Robert TERRELL of Reading

2. David TYRRELL

3. Thomas TYRRELL

4. Francis TYRRELL


                                                         _WILLIAM TYRRELL ____+

                                                        | (1465 - ....)      

                            _HUMPHREY THORNTON TYRRELL _|

                           | (1500 - ....)              |

                           |                            |_ELIZABETH BODLEY ___

                           |                              (1470 - ....)      


| (1530 - 1571)            |

|                          |                             _____________________

|                          |                            |                    

|                          |_JANE INGLETON _____________|

|                            (1502 - 1557)              |

|                                                       |_____________________




|  (1550 - 1595)

|                                                        _THOMAS MONTAGU _____+

|                                                       | (1470 - ....)      

|                           _EDWARD MONTAGU OF BOUGHTON_|

|                          | (1500 - ....)              |

|                          |                            |_AGNES DUDLEY _______

|                          |                              (1470 - ....)      


  (1530 - ....)            |

                           |                             _____________________

                           |                            |                    

                           |_HELEN ROPER _______________|

                             (1500 - ....)              |





ABT 1530 - 10 May 1571



 BIRTH: ABT 1530

 DEATH: 10 May 1571

 RESOURCES: See: Warning Notes [S1503]





1. EDWARD Thornton TYRRELL of Thornton









WARNING "Ref.: O. F. Brown, THE TYRELLS OF ENGLAND, 1982, Published by Phillimore & Co., LTD, Shopwyke Hall, Chichester, Sussex. This is the best documented book on the early Tyrell family that I have found. Mr. Brown says that there are gaps in the lines claimed by so many for which no documentation to prove them is known to exist. In 1966, he agreed to take on the job of finishing and publishing the Tyrell family research of the late Rev. William Tirrell.


Mr. Brown said that this line is circumstantial and though possible, he emphasizes that he cannot prove it. The claimed line from George Tyrell of Thornton to Robert Tyrrell of Reading is not proven. George had a son named William for whom no further documentation has been found. Many claim that this William was the father of Robert of Reading. Possibly he was."




                                                    _THOMAS OCKEDONN TYRRELL _+

                                                   | (1430 - ....)            

                              _WILLIAM TYRRELL ____|

                             | (1465 - ....)       |

                             |                     |_ELIZABETH le BRUN _______+

                             |                       (1430 - 1493)            


| (1500 - ....)              |

|                            |                      __________________________

|                            |                     |                          

|                            |_ELIZABETH BODLEY ___|

|                              (1470 - ....)       |

|                                                  |__________________________




|  (1530 - 1571)

|                                                   __________________________

|                                                  |                          

|                             _____________________|

|                            |                     |

|                            |                     |__________________________

|                            |                                                

|_JANE INGLETON _____________|

  (1502 - 1557)              |

                             |                      __________________________

                             |                     |                          







ABT 1500 - ____

ID Number: I41165



 BIRTH: ABT 1500

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]








Much early research shows Humphrey as the son of Sir Thomas. However, Diane Dawn Dandridge Allen quotes "The Tyrells of England" (page 138, Pedigree 8, page 246-247) as showing Humphrey as the GRAND-son...with his father as Sir William.




                                                  _THOMAS HERON TYRRELL Knt. of Heron_+

                                                 | (1411 - 1476) m 1430              

                       _THOMAS OCKEDONN TYRRELL _|

                      | (1430 - ....)            |

                      |                          |_ANNA de MARNEY ____________________+

                      |                            (1402 - 1477) m 1430              


| (1465 - ....)       |

|                     |                           _HENRY le BRUN _____________________

|                     |                          | (1400 - ....)                      

|                     |_ELIZABETH le BRUN _______|

|                       (1430 - 1493)            |

|                                                |____________________________________




|  (1500 - ....)

|                                                 ____________________________________

|                                                |                                    

|                      __________________________|

|                     |                          |

|                     |                          |____________________________________

|                     |                                                              


  (1470 - ....)       |

                      |                           ____________________________________

                      |                          |                                    







1465 - ____

ID Number: I41163



 BIRTH: 1465

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]







                                                                 _JOHN HERON TYRRELL Knt. OF HERON______+

                                                                | (1390 - 1437)                        

                            _THOMAS HERON TYRRELL Knt. of Heron_|

                           | (1411 - 1476) m 1430               |

                           |                                    |_ALICE de COGGESHALL __________________+

                           |                                      (1382 - 1422)                        


| (1430 - ....)            |

|                          |                                     _WILLIAM de MARNEY Knt. of Laye Marney_+

|                          |                                    | (1370 - 1414) m 1388                  

|                          |_ANNA de MARNEY ____________________|

|                            (1402 - 1477) m 1430               |

|                                                               |_ELIZABETH CERGEAUX ___________________+

|                                                                 (1378 - 1414) m 1388                  



|  (1465 - ....)

|                                                                _______________________________________

|                                                               |                                      

|                           _HENRY le BRUN _____________________|

|                          | (1400 - ....)                      |

|                          |                                    |_______________________________________

|                          |                                                                            

|_ELIZABETH le BRUN _______|

  (1430 - 1493)            |

                           |                                     _______________________________________

                           |                                    |                                      







ABT 1430 - ____

ID Number: I41160



 BIRTH: ABT 1430

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]

Father: THOMAS HERON TYRRELL Knt. of Heron

Mother: ANNA de MARNEY


Family 1 : ELIZABETH le BRUN



                                                                              _THOMAS HERON TYRRELL _____________________+

                                                                             | (1370 - 1423)                            

                                      _JOHN HERON TYRRELL Knt. OF HERON______|

                                     | (1390 - 1437)                         |

                                     |                                       |_ELIZABETH FLAMBERT _______________________

                                     |                                         (1375 - ....)                            


| (1411 - 1476) m 1430               |

|                                    |                                        _WILLIAM de COGGESHALL Knt. of Godham Hall_

|                                    |                                       | (1360 - ....)                            

|                                    |_ALICE de COGGESHALL __________________|

|                                      (1382 - 1422)                         |

|                                                                            |_ANTIOCHA HAWKWOOD ________________________

|                                                                              (1365 - ....)                            



|  (1430 - ....)

|                                                                             _ROBERT de MARNEY Knt. of Layer Marney_____

|                                                                            |                                          

|                                     _WILLIAM de MARNEY Knt. of Laye Marney_|

|                                    | (1370 - 1414) m 1388                  |

|                                    |                                       |_ALICE LACER of Bromley____________________+

|                                    |                                                                                  

|_ANNA de MARNEY ____________________|

  (1402 - 1477) m 1430               |

                                     |                                        _RICHARD CERGEAUX Knt._____________________

                                     |                                       | (1340 - 1393) m 1378                      

                                     |_ELIZABETH CERGEAUX ___________________|

                                       (1378 - 1414) m 1388                  |

                                                                             |_PHILIPPE FitzAlan ARUNDEL

                                                                               (1350 - 1399) m 1378                      



ABT 1411 - ABT 1476

ID Number: I41158


 OCCUPATION: Knight of the Shire for Essex.

 RESIDENCE: Esthornedon, Essex, ENG

 BIRTH: ABT 1411

 DEATH: ABT 1476 [S1531]

 BURIAL: East Horndon, Essex, England

 RESOURCES: See: [S504] [S1503] [S1531]




Family 1 : ANNA de MARNEY  is a direct descendant from the Royal Plantagenet Line and through her we are connected to all of the Royal Families of Europe.  Her line is complicated so it is found elsewhere.

 MARRIAGE: ABT 1430, England [232729] [S1531]



3. +HUMPHREY TYRRELL Gent. of Warley Setmels





Son and Heir of John Tyrrell, Knt.; 4 sons & one daughter.  Will dated 15 May 1475 and proved 11 Jan 1477, names wife dame Anne, and sons, Humphrey and Robert. Thomas Knt. of Heron in East Horndon, Essex, and Malton in Orwell, Meldreth, and Shepreth, co. Cambridge. Sheriff of Essex and Herts, 1460 & Chamberlain of the Exchequer. [S504] [S1531]


bef Jun 1446-prob. much earlier


                                                                                _WALTER HERON TYRRELL _+

                                                                               | (1350 - ....)        

                                    _THOMAS HERON TYRRELL _____________________|

                                   | (1370 - 1423)                             |

                                   |                                           |_ANNA SWYNFORD ________+

                                   |                                             (1350 - ....)        


| (1390 - 1437)                    |

|                                  |                                            _______________________

|                                  |                                           |                      

|                                  |_ELIZABETH FLAMBERT _______________________|

|                                    (1375 - ....)                             |

|                                                                              |_______________________




|  (1411 - 1476)

|                                                                               _______________________

|                                                                              |                      

|                                   _WILLIAM de COGGESHALL Knt. of Godham Hall_|

|                                  | (1360 - ....)                             |

|                                  |                                           |_______________________

|                                  |                                                                  

|_ALICE de COGGESHALL _____________|

  (1382 - 1422)                    |

                                   |                                            _______________________

                                   |                                           |                      

                                   |_ANTIOCHA HAWKWOOD ________________________|

                                     (1365 - ....)                             |





ABT 1390 - 1437

ID Number: I41156


 OCCUPATION: Speaker of the House of Commons


 BIRTH: ABT 1390, Heron, East Horndon, England

 DEATH: 1437

 RESOURCES: See: [S504] [S1503] [S1531]







                                                 _JAMES TYRRELL Of Essex, Knt._+

                                                | (.... - 1380)                

                         _WALTER HERON TYRRELL _|

                        | (1350 - ....)         |

                        |                       |_MARGARET HERON ______________+



| (1370 - 1423)         |

|                       |                        _WILLIAM SWYNFORD ____________

|                       |                       |                              

|                       |_ANNA SWYNFORD ________|

|                         (1350 - ....)         |

|                                               |______________________________




|  (1390 - 1437)

|                                                ______________________________

|                                               |                              

|                        _______________________|

|                       |                       |

|                       |                       |______________________________

|                       |                                                      


  (1375 - ....)         |

                        |                        ______________________________

                        |                       |                              






[Parents] was born about 1390 in Heron, , , England. He died in 1437 in , , , England. John married Alice DE COGGESHALL.

There is a difference in opinion as to the next two generations between this man and Sir James who married Margaret Heron. Another source that I have states that John's father was Sir Walter Tyrrell (d. 1406), who m. Eleanor Flambard (d. 1422), and that Sir Walter's father was Sir Thomas Tyrrell (d. abt 1382), King's Yoeman and Steward over Princess Isabel's estates and properties, and his wife Alice d'Adeleigh (d. 1398). From there it is the same with the father of the next generation being Sir James Tyrrell who m. Margaret Heron. Most likely these Tyrrells existed and were probably brothers and it is not clear which line followed. At any rate, the line from Sir James back is clear. I have followed Dicken's line here, as she got it from a reliable source.

Alice DE COGGESHALL [Parents] was born about 1390 in , , , England. She died before 1423 in , , , England. Alice married Sir John TYRRELL.

Granddaughter of the famous English soldier, Sir John Hawkwood, Knight of Essex, who for many years during the wars in Italy was commanding General of the Armies of Florence. In a Chapel at East Horndon there remains to this day a beautiful alabaster slab tablet to the memory of Lady Alice Tyrrell, upon which were outlined her figure and face, placed in the church 1422. Dicken says that she was a co-heiress to her father's fortunes.

They had the following children:

Sir Thomas TYRRELL

Sir William TYRRELL was born about 1420 in , , England.



ABT 1370 - AFT 1423

ID Number: I41154



 BIRTH: ABT 1370

 DEATH: AFT 1423

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]








Sir Thomas Tyrrell of Heron, Sheriff of Essex and Herford, 1423. Fought in the battle of Agincourt. A helmet that is said to be part of his armour is preserved in the chapel at East Herndon. Above it is the Tyrrell Crest: a boar's head with at Peacock's tail issuing from its mouth.




                                                        _HUGH TYRRELL of Great Thornden_+

                                                       | (.... - 1378)                  

                         _JAMES TYRRELL Of Essex, Knt._|

                        | (.... - 1380)                |

                        |                              |_JANE FLAMBERT _________________+

                        |                                (.... - 1330)                  


| (1350 - ....)         |

|                       |                               _WILLIAM HERON of Heron Hall____

|                       |                              |                                

|                       |_MARGARET HERON ______________|

|                                                      |

|                                                      |________________________________




|  (1370 - 1423)

|                                                       ________________________________

|                                                      |                                

|                        _WILLIAM SWYNFORD ____________|

|                       |                              |

|                       |                              |________________________________

|                       |                                                              

|_ANNA SWYNFORD ________|

  (1350 - ....)         |

                        |                               ________________________________

                        |                              |                                







ABT 1350 -



 BIRTH: ABT 1350

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]

Father: JAMES TYRRELL Of Essex, Knt.






                                                                 _EDMOND TYRRELL _________+

                                                                | (1280 - ....)          

                                _HUGH TYRRELL of Great Thornden_|

                               | (.... - 1378)                  |

                               |                                |_JANE SUFFOLK of Borgate_

                               |                                  (1280 - ....)          

 _JAMES TYRRELL Of Essex, Knt._|

| (.... - 1380)                |

|                              |                                 _JAMES FLAMBERT _________

|                              |                                |                        

|                              |_JANE FLAMBERT _________________|

|                                (.... - 1330)                  |

|                                                               |_________________________




|  (1350 - ....)

|                                                                _________________________

|                                                               |                        

|                               _WILLIAM HERON of Heron Hall____|

|                              |                                |

|                              |                                |_________________________

|                              |                                                          

|_MARGARET HERON ______________|


                               |                                 _________________________

                               |                                |                        



47.  JAMES TYRRELL Of Essex, Knight

BIRTH – 1325 -?

 RESIDENCE: of Essex, ENG

 BIRTH: Heron, East Horndon, England

 DEATH: AFT 1380

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]

Father: HUGH TYRRELL of Great Thornden







Knighted before Ardes, 1380. (Dicken, p.3).

47.  HUGH TYRRELL of Great Thornden

BIRTH – 1300 ?


 BIRTH: Great Thornton, Essex, England

 DEATH: AFT 1378, of Great Thornton, Essex, England

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]


Mother: JANE SUFFOLK of Borgate



1. +JAMES TYRRELL Of Essex, Knt.



Sir Hugh of Great Thornden, Essex. Governor of Carisbrooke, which he defended against the French, 1378. Has birth date of 1254, date doesn't work.




BIRTH 1280


 BIRTH: 1280

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]



Family 1 : JANE SUFFOLK of Borgate

1. +HUGH TYRRELL of Great Thornden


                                                         _ROGER AVON TYRRELL _+

                                                        | (1175 - ....)      

                                  _EDWARD AVON TYRRELL _|

                                 | (1210 - ....)        |

                                 |                      |_____________________



| (1250 - ....)                  |

|                                |                       _____________________

|                                |                      |                    

|                                |______________________|

|                                                       |

|                                                       |_____________________




|  (1280 - ....)

|                                                        _____________________

|                                                       |                    

|                                 ______________________|



BIRTH - 1250


 BIRTH: ABT 1250

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]



Family 1 :




showed died 1250 on website, date will not work for son Edmond born 1280. [S1503]


                                              _HUGH II "The Grecian Knight" TYRRELL (TIREL) Baron of Castleknock_+

                                             | (1140 - 1199)                                                    

                        _ROGER AVON TYRRELL _|

                       | (1175 - ....)       |

                       |                     |_MARIE de SENARPONT _______________________________________________

                       |                       (1150 - ....)                                                    


| (1210 - ....)        |

|                      |                      ___________________________________________________________________

|                      |                     |                                                                  

|                      |_____________________|

|                                            |

|                                            |___________________________________________________________________




|  (1250 - ....)

|                                             ___________________________________________________________________




BIRTH - 1210

ID Number: I41142



 BIRTH: 1210

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]



Family 1 :




Aka: Tyrell.


                                                                                           _HUGH I TIREL Baron of Poix_+

                                                                                          | (1110 - 1159)              

                       _HUGH II "The Grecian Knight" TYRRELL (TIREL) Baron of Castleknock_|

                      | (1140 - 1199)                                                     |

                      |                                                                   |_ADA d' AUMALE _____________+

                      |                                                                     (1115 - ....)              


| (1175 - ....)       |

|                     |                                                                    ____________________________

|                     |                                                                   |                            

|                     |_MARIE de SENARPONT _______________________________________________|

|                       (1150 - ....)                                                     |

|                                                                                         |____________________________




|  (1210 - ....)

|                                                                                          ____________________________

|                                                                                         |                            

|                      ___________________________________________________________________|

|                     |                                                                   |

|                     |                                                                   |____________________________

|                     |                                                                                                




BIRTH - 1175



 BIRTH: 1175

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]

Father: HUGH II "The Grecian Knight" TYRRELL (TIREL) Baron of Castleknock



Family 1 :


Avon Tyrrell is a location in the The New Forest that was created in 1079 by William I (known as William the Conqueror) as a hunting area, principally of deer. It is a unique area of historical, ecological and agricultural significance, and retains many of the rural practices conceded by the Crown in medieval times to local people. Principal of these is the pasturing of ponies, cattle, pigs and donkeys in the open Forest by local inhabitants known as Commoners. The New Forest has also been an important source of timber for the Crown. It is an outstanding recreational area for walking and riding.  Warick Castle is there and could have belonged to Roger Avon Tyrrell

42.  HUGH II "The Grecian Knight" TYRRELL (TIREL) Baron of Castleknock

ABT 1140 - 1199

ID Number: I41139


 OCCUPATION: the "Grecian Knight."


 BIRTH: ABT 1140

 DEATH: 1199, Selin Court, England

 BURIAL: Selin Court

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]

Father: HUGH I TIREL Baron of Poix

Mother: ADA d' AUMALE






Aka: Tyrell, Tirel. Sir Hugh II TYRRELL, sixth Lord of Poix, First Baron of Castleknock in 1173. With Strongbow in Ireland 1169. Governor of Trim 1183. At the seige of Acre in crusade 1191. Named the "Grecian Knight." One of DeLacy's Barons. Burried at Selin Court, 1199.




                                                                            _WALTER II TIREL ______+

                                                                           | (1040 - 1069)        

                              _WALTER III de TIREL Baron of Poix___________|

                             | (1060 - 1136)                               |

                             |                                             |_ANN de CLARE _________+

                             |                                               (1040 - ....)        

 _HUGH I TIREL Baron of Poix_|

| (1110 - 1159)              |

|                            |                                              _RICHARD GIFFARD ______

|                            |                                             | (1050 - ....)        

|                            |_ADELAIDE GIFFARD ___________________________|

|                              (1080 - 1138)                               |

|                                                                          |_MATHILDE de MORTEMER _

|                                                                            (1050 - ....)        


|--HUGH II "The Grecian Knight" TYRRELL (TIREL) Baron of Castleknock

|  (1140 - 1199)

|                                                                           _______________________

|                                                                          |                      

|                             _ETIENNE de Champagne AUMALE Compte d'Aumale_|

|                            |                                             |

|                            |                                             |_______________________

|                            |                                                                    

|_ADA d' AUMALE _____________|

  (1115 - ....)              |

                             |                                              _______________________

                             |                                             |                      






41.  HUGH I TIREL Baron of Poix

1110 - 1159

ID Number: I41134


 OCCUPATION: Crusader


 BIRTH: 1110

 DEATH: 1159

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]

Father: WALTER III de TIREL Baron of Poix



Family 1 : ADA d' AUMALE

1. +HUGH II "The Grecian Knight" TYRRELL (TIREL) Baron of Castleknock



Sir Hugh Tirel, Fourth Prince of Poix, a Baron in France and England. He was with the second crusade, 1146. Held lands in the New Forest (Pipe Roll).






                                                             _WALTER I TIREL 2nd Lord of Poix_____

                                                            | (1015 - 1044)                      

                                     _WALTER II TIREL ______|

                                    | (1040 - 1069)         |

                                    |                       |_OLGA________________________________

                                    |                         (1020 - ....)                      

 _WALTER III de TIREL Baron of Poix_|

| (1060 - 1136)                     |

|                                   |                        _GILBERT CRISPIN de CLARE Earl of EU_+

|                                   |                       | (1020 - 1066)                      

|                                   |_ANN de CLARE _________|

|                                     (1040 - ....)         |

|                                                           |_GUNMORE d" AINON ___________________

|                                                             (1026 - ....)                      


|--HUGH I TIREL Baron of Poix

|  (1110 - 1159)

|                                                            _____________________________________

|                                                           |                                    

|                                    _RICHARD GIFFARD ______|

|                                   | (1050 - ....)         |

|                                   |                       |_____________________________________

|                                   |                                                            

|_ADELAIDE GIFFARD _________________|

  (1080 - 1138)                     |

                                    |                        _____________________________________

                                    |                       |                                    

                                    |_MATHILDE de MORTEMER _|

                                      (1050 - ....)         |




40.  WALTER III de TIREL Baron of Poix

1060 - 1136

ID Number: I28142


 RESIDENCE: Normandy & ENG

 BIRTH: 1060

 DEATH: 1136, 2nd Crusade in Jerusalem

 RESOURCES: See: Notes [S1014] [S1503]


Mother: ANN de CLARE


Family 1 : ADELIZA de CLARE


1. +HUGH I TIREL Baron of Poix



"SIR WALTER III DE TIREL, Lord of Poix, Laingaham, Kingsworthy and Avon and a Baron of France and England; Castellan of Pontoise 1091. He was present at the siege of Jerusalem, First Crusade, 1096. He accidentally killed William II, Rufus, King of England 1097-1100, by a glancing arrow while hunting in the New Forest.


He married Adeliza, daughter of Richard Fitz-Gilbert, founder of the House of Clare and Rohaise de Bolebec, who was a daughter of Walter Giffard, the elder Count of Longueville, in Normandy, created in 1066 Earl of Buckingham, who was the owner of 107 lordships and commanded the army of King William, Rufus, of England, in Normandy in 1089. Sir Walter Tirel died in the Holy Land in 1136, Second Crusade."


"Sir Walter III Tirel, Third Lord of Poix, Second Lord of Laingaham Kingsworthy and Avon. A Baron of France and England, Castellon of Pontoise, 1091. Joined the first Crusade and was at the seige of Jerusalem, 1096. Reputed to have accidently slain William Rufus, 1100. Founded the Priory of St.Denis, 1116, and the Monestary of Selincourt 1131. Died on a pilgramage to the Holy Land about 1136."




[S1014] [S1503]




                       _WALTER I TIREL 2nd Lord of Poix_____|

                      | (1015 - 1044)                       |

                      |                                     |_________________________________________________



| (1040 - 1069)       |

|                     |                                      _________________________________________________

|                     |                                     |                                                

|                     |_OLGA________________________________|

|                       (1020 - ....)                       |

|                                                           |_________________________________________________



|--WALTER III de TIREL Baron of Poix

|  (1060 - 1136)

|                                                            _GISLEBERT (Gilbert) de NORMANDY of Brionne & EU_+

|                                                           | (1000 - 1040)                                  

|                      _GILBERT CRISPIN de CLARE Earl of EU_|

|                     | (1020 - 1066)                       |

|                     |                                     |_________________________________________________

|                     |                                                                                      

|_ANN de CLARE _______|

  (1040 - ....)       |

                      |                                      _________________________________________________

                      |                                     |                                                

                      |_GUNMORE d" AINON ___________________|

                        (1026 - ....)                       |



39.  ANN de CLARE  married WALTER TIREL II

ABT 1040 - ____

ID Number: I41131



 BIRTH: ABT 1040

 RESOURCES: See: [S1503]





1. +WALTER III de TIREL Baron of Poix


                                                                                         _GODFREY de NORMANDY of Brionne & EU_+

                                                                                        | (0953 - 1015)                      

                                       _GISLEBERT (Gilbert) de NORMANDY of Brionne & EU_|

                                      | (1000 - 1040)                                   |

                                      |                                                 |_____________________________________



| (1020 - 1066)                       |

|                                     |                                                  _____________________________________

|                                     |                                                 |                                    

|                                     |_________________________________________________|

|                                                                                       |

|                                                                                       |_____________________________________




|  (1040 - ....)

|                                                                                        _____________________________________

|                                                                                       |                                    

|                                      _________________________________________________|

|                                     |                                                 |

|                                     |                                                 |_____________________________________

|                                     |                                                                                      

|_GUNMORE d" AINON ___________________|

  (1026 - ....)                       |

                                      |                                                  _____________________________________

                                      |                                                 |                                    


38.  Count GODFREY de NORMANDY of Brionne & EU

0953 - ABT 1015

ID Number: I2995


 TITLE: Count

 RESIDENCE: Brionne, FR

 BIRTH: 0953

 DEATH: ABT 1015

 RESOURCES: See: [S11] [S590] [S2182]

Father: RICHARD I "The Fearless" de NORMANDY 3rd Duke of Normandy

Mother: GUNNORA de CRÊPON of Denmark


Family 1 :

1. +GISLEBERT (Gilbert) de NORMANDY of Brionne & EU



says mother is Unknown, 1st Concubine. [S2182]

37.  RICHARD I "The Fearless" de NORMANDY 3rd Duke of Normandy

28 Aug 0933 - 20 Nov 0996

ID Number: I3041


 OCCUPATION: Reigned 942-996 3rd Duke

 RESIDENCE: Normandy, France

 BIRTH: 28 Aug 0933, Recamp, S-Infra, France

 DEATH: 20 Nov 0996, Fecamp, Seine-Inferieure, France

 BURIAL: Fecamp, Seine-Inferieure, France

 RESOURCES: See: Notes [S11] [S137] [S596] [S790]

Father: WILLIAM I "Longsword" de NORMANDY 2nd Duke of Normandy



Family 1 : GUNNORA de CRÊPON of Denmark

 MARRIAGE: ABT 0952, France

1. +RICHARD II "The Good" de NORMANDY 4th Duke of Normandy

2. +GODFREY de NORMANDY of Brionne & EU

3. +ROBERT de Normandy de EVEREUX Count of Rouen

4. +ALFFAED de NORMANDY of Normandy

5. +HAVOISE "HAWISE" de NORMANDY La Bonne Normande

6. +WILLIAM de EU Count of Hiemes & Eu


 MARRIAGE: AFT 0961, France

1. +EMMA Beauclerc de NORMANDY of England



His daughter EMMA wed two English Kings, first ETHELRED and second, CANUTE; two of her sons, HARDECANUTE and EDWARD THE CONFESSOR became Kings of England. Richard I, "The NORMANDY"


*** Richard I the Fearless of Normandy. He was the son of William I Longsword of Normandy and Adela of Senlis. He married Gunnor of Crêpon.

Children of Richard Normandy and Gunnor Crêpon are:

i. Godfrey of Brionne & Eu.

ii. Richard II, died August 1027; married Judith of Brittany 1000-1008.




Father: Guillaume (Longespee) I NORMANDY Mother: Sprote de BRETAGNE

Family 1: Gonnora de CREPON MARRIAGE: ABT 952, France

1.Geoffrey de Brionne NORMANDY

2.Richard II (The_Good) NORMANDY

3.Robert D'EVEREUX

Family 2: Emma ROBERTIN MARRIAGE: AFT 961, France

1.Emma de NORMANDY


_Rollon Rognvaldsson Gongen_Hrolfr SVERIGE _

_Guillaume (Longespee) I NORMANDY _|

| |_Gisele CAROLING ___________________________


|--Richard I (The_Fearless) NORMANDY


| _Hubert de BRETAGNE ________________________

|_Sprote de BRETAGNE _______________|


Named Duke of Normandy in 942-996; Count of Normandy; (The Fearless)

Source: LDS Ancestral File; Haydn's Book of Dignities, p 30; (Compuserve); Kings, Rulers and Statesmen, p 132; Ahnentafel for Edward III of England; Ancestral Routes of Sixty Colonists, p 107.


Richard I ("The Fearless") of NORMANDY

Father: William Longsword, Duke of NORMANDY Mother: Sprota

Family 1:

1.Godfrey, Count of Eu & BRIONNE

2.Mauger, Count of CORBIEL

Family 2: Gonnor DE CREPON

1.Aelfgifu ("EMMA")

2.Robert, Archbishop of ROUEN

3.Richard II "The Good", Duke of NORMANDY

4.Beatrice of NORMANDY

5.William I, Count of EU

6.Hawise of NORMANDY

7.Maude of NORMANDY [S596] [S783]


                                                                                                                _Rognvald Eysteinsson (The Wise) SVERIGE Earl of Maer_+

                                                                                                               | (0830 - 0894) m 0868                                

                                                          _ROLLO (Hrolfr) "The Dane" Robert I SVERIGE of Rouen_|

                                                         | (0854 - 0930) m 0886                                |

                                                         |                                                     |_Ragnhild Hrolfsson Hilda NORGE ______________________+

                                                         |                                                       (0840 - ....) m 0868                                

 _WILLIAM I "Longsword" de NORMANDY 2nd Duke of Normandy_|

| (0913 - 0943) m 0932                                   |

|                                                        |                                                      _HUBERT BERENGER de VERMANDOIS of Bayeux & Senlis_____+

|                                                        |                                                     | (0850 - ....) m 0872                                

|                                                        |_LADY POPPA de SENLIS de VERMANDOIS of Normandy______|

|                                                          (0872 - ....) m 0886                                |

|                                                                                                              |_Daughter de RENNES __________________________________

|                                                                                                                (0847 - ....) m 0872                                


|--RICHARD I "The Fearless" de NORMANDY 3rd Duke of Normandy

|  (0933 - 0996)

|                                                                                                               ______________________________________________________

|                                                                                                              |                                                      

|                                                         _HUBERT de BRETAGNE Count of Senlis & St. Liz________|

|                                                        | (0880 - ....)                                       |

|                                                        |                                                     |______________________________________________________

|                                                        |                                                                                                            

|_SPROTE de BRETAGNE ____________________________________|

  (0915 - 1005) m 0932                                   |


36.  King CHARLES II "The Bald" CAROLINGIENS of The West Franks

13 Jun 0823 - 6 Oct 0877

ID Number: I29181


 TITLE: King


 OCCUPATION: Roi d'Aquitaine (844), roi de Francie occidentale (840-877) Emp. (875)


 BIRTH: 13 Jun 0823, Frankfurt, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia, Frankfort-on-Main [S1158]

 DEATH: 6 Oct 0877, Cenlis,(in the Alps) or Brides Les Bains, Bourgogne [S1158]

 RESOURCES: See: [S1128] [S1158] [S2016] [S2294]

Father: LOUIS I "The Pious" de AQUITAINE CAROLINGIENS of The West

Mother: JUDITH "The Fair Maid" of Bavaria


Family 1 : ERMENTRUDE de ORLEANS of the West Franks

 MARRIAGE: 13 Dec 0842, Crecy, France

1. +JUDITH of The West Franks

2. +LOUIS II "The Stammerer" of France

3. CHARLES of Aquitaine

4. CAROLMAN Prince of France

5. LOTHAR Prince of France

6. ROTRUDE Princess of France

7. HILDEGARD Princess of France

8. GISELE Princess of France

9. +ABERNADE (Hersent) Duchess of Lorraine



Family 2 : RICHILDIS of Metz

 MARRIAGE: 25 Nov 0870





Aka: Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Charles II Le Chauve CAROLINGIENS. "King Athelwulf (839-58), West Saxon Monarch, went to Rome himself, taking his son Alfred with him, in 855 (ASC; Annals of Saint-Bertin, in Nelson (B606),pp. 80-3; Liber Pontificalis, in Davis, Lives of the Ninth-Century Popes (B600), pp. 186-7), and married Judith, daughter of Charles the Bald, on the way back."


"J.L. Nelson, Charles the Bald (1992), and J.L. Nelson, 'The Frankish Empire', The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings, ed. P. Sawyer (1997), pp. 19-47; see also S. Coupland, 'The Fortified Bridges of Charles the Bald', Journal of Medieval History 17 (1991), pp. 1-12; see also S. Coupland and J. Nelson, 'The Vikings on the Continent', History Today 38 (December 1988), pp. 12-19." [S1128]


                                                                                                                        _PEPIN III "The Short" CAROLINGIENS of The Franks_+

                                                                                                                       | (0715 - 0768) m 0740                            

                                                             _CHARLEMAGNE "Charles The Great" CAROLINGIENS of The West_|

                                                            | (0742 - 0814) m 0771                                     |

                                                            |                                                          |_BERTRADA "Broadfoot" de LAON of The Franks_______+

                                                            |                                                            (0720 - 0783) m 0740                            


| (0778 - 0840) m 0819                                      |

|                                                           |                                                           _GEROLD Duke of Swabia I__________________________+

|                                                           |                                                          | (0726 - 0779)                                    

|                                                           |_HILDEGARDE of Swabia of The West_________________________|

|                                                             (0758 - 0783) m 0771                                     |

|                                                                                                                      |_EMMA of Alamannia of Swabia______________________+

|                                                                                                                        (0720 - 0790)                                    


|--CHARLES II "The Bald" CAROLINGIENS of The West Franks

|  (0823 - 0877)

|                                                                                                                       _ISEMBERT Lord of Altorf__________________________+

|                                                                                                                      | (0760 - ....)                                    

|                                                            _WELF I Of Alemannia of Bavaria & Swabia__________________|

|                                                           | (0780 - 0819)                                            |

|                                                           |                                                          |_IRMINTRUDUS______________________________________+

|                                                           |                                                            (0760 - ....)                                    

|_JUDITH "The Fair Maid" of Bavaria_________________________|

  (0800 - 0843) m 0819                                      |

                                                            |                                                           __________________________________________________

                                                            |                                                          |                                                  

                                                            |_HEILWIG of Saxony________________________________________|

                                                              (0780 - 0826)                                            |


35.  Emperor LOUIS I "The Pious" de AQUITAINE CAROLINGIENS of The West

Aug 0778 - 20 Jun 0840

ID Number: I14227


 TITLE: Emperor


 OCCUPATION: King Of Aquitaine 781; King Of France; Emperor 814-840


 BIRTH: Aug 0778, Chasseneuil, France

 DEATH: 20 Jun 0840, Near Ingelheim, Germany (Rhinehessen, Hesse)

 RESOURCES: See: (LDS) [S414] [S2016] [S2144]

Father: CHARLEMAGNE "Charles The Great" CAROLINGIENS of The West

Mother: HILDEGARDE of Swabia of The West


Family 1 :


2. ARNULF Count of Sens

Family 2 : IRMENGARDIS de HESBAYE of Hasbania





4. +LOUIS II "The German" CAROLINGIENS of The East Franks



Family 3 : JUDITH "The Fair Maid" of Bavaria

 MARRIAGE: ABT 0819, Aix La Chapelle, Austrasia


2. +CHARLES II "The Bald" CAROLINGIENS of The West Franks



Aka: Louis Ier le Pieux ou le Débonnaire CAROLINGIENS. "Louis I, le Debonnaire, or the Gentle, Roman Emperor 814 to 840. Louis I, his elder brothers having died, succeeded his father Jan 28, 814, and the first years of his government were quite successful; but in 817 he yielded to the wishes of his sons and gave each of them a share of his dominions, and hence arose complications which he was incapable of managing and from which resulted the dissolution of the Empire.


CONFLICT: By his first wife, Irmingardis, (others show Judith as mother of Gisela) daughter of Ingram, Count of Hasbania in Saxony, who d. 818, he had Ludovicus Germanicus (Louis the German) b 800, King of Bavaria; Gisela, wife of Eberhard, Count of Burgundy; and Adelheid; wife of Robrt Fortis, Count of Burgundy, Duke of France. By his second wife, Judith the Fair Maid of Bavaira, he had Charles II, The Bald, b 823, King of France, 840, Emperor 875 d. 878.


Western Frankish King 843-877

Frankish Emperor 875-877

Louis the Pious became Frankish Emperor in 814 with no rivals to the throne. He had three sons, Lothar, Pepin, and Louis. In 817, Lothar was made co-Emperor with his father and King of Italy to replace Bernard, Pepin made King of Aquitaine, and Louis made King of Bavaria. In 823, Louis had another son, Charles, this one by a new wife (the mother of the 3 brothers had died). Louis tried desperately to work Charles in as a successor, but the three brothers fought him everytime he tried to reform his will. After much conflict, Emperor Louis dropped Lothar's imperial title in 829 and sent him off to Italy. The next year the brothers attacked,

reinstated Lothar with his imperial title, and had Judith, the mother of Charles, sent off to a nunnery. By 831, Louis had regained his power, brought back his wife, and again dropped Lothar's titles, this time all of them, and refused him to return to court ever again without permission. That year Pepin revolted. In 832, Louis of Bavaria joined Pepin, and the Emperor Louis declaired Pepin deposed of all royal titles but he had no power to enforce this declairation, so Pepin continued to rule. In 833, the three again attacked with support from Louis's own generals and from Pope Gregory IV himself. They imprisoned their father and brother, and exiled Judith to Italy under watch of Lothar, and Louis and Pepin gained territory. The next year, however, Louis and Pepin released their father and brother, brought back his wife, and peace was made. In 835, Louis was re-crowned Emperor with great pomp. Pepin died in 838, and while Louis tried to have Charles crowned king in Aquitaine, the nobles crowned Pepin's son Pepin II. Neither had the authority to rule in the country. In 840, Louis the Pious died, and the three surviving brothers began a civil war for the division of the Empire. In 841, Charles and Louis of Bavaria ganged up on their brother Lothar, who had the support of Pepin II, who were defeated at Fontenay, France. In 842, Charles and Louis made a formal alliegance, and together put down a Saxon revolt that year and a revolt in Aquitaine under Pepin II. In 843, the Treaty of Verdun was made between the three brothers, by which Charles would rule the Western Frankish Kingdom (France), with Pepin's Aquitaine a subkindom under the ultimate authority of Charles, Lothar would rule the Middle Frankish Kingdom (Italy, Provence, and Lorraine) with the imperial title, and Louis would rule the Eastern Frankish Kingdom (Germany).


During his reign in France, Charles suffered the awesome attacks of the Danes, starting in 853. In 846, he ceded Brittany to its Breton inhabitants, and due to force he had to give to them the Breton March in 851 and Maine in 857. In 853 and 855, he was forced to allow Danish immigration into his kingdom. Another Danish army invaded in 856-9, destroying many French cities. In 858, Charles met with King Lothar II, who controlled the area near Denmark, to discuss a formal defense. Two years later, Louis the German invaded France on the invite of Pepin II and the Burgundian nobles, and Charles had so little authority that he couldn't even

raise an army. The clergy finally pushed him out. In 868, Lothar died, and Louis the German and Charles the Bald divided up Lotharingia between them, just as they had done on the death of Charles of Provence in 863. 865-6 saw more Danish invasions into France. In 866, Charles finally bribed them to leave, and the East Frankish noble Hugh was made Duke to fight off the Norse. In 875, Emperor Louis II, died and on Christmas Day Pope John VIII crowned Charles Emperor in Rome. Two years later, Charles died and the French throne went to his son Louis II.


                                                                                                               _CHARLES MARTEL "The Hammer"___+

                                                                                                              | (0676 - 0741)                

                                                            _PEPIN III "The Short" CAROLINGIENS of The Franks_|

                                                           | (0715 - 0768) m 0740                             |

                                                           |                                                  |_ROTRUDE of Alemania___________+

                                                           |                                                    (0690 - 0724)                

 _CHARLEMAGNE "Charles The Great" CAROLINGIENS of The West_|

| (0742 - 0814) m 0771                                     |

|                                                          |                                                   _CHARIBERT de LAON of Laon_____+

|                                                          |                                                  | (0690 - 0747)                

|                                                          |_BERTRADA "Broadfoot" de LAON of The Franks_______|

|                                                            (0720 - 0783) m 0740                             |

|                                                                                                             |_BERTRADA MÉROVINGIENS of Laon_+

|                                                                                                               (0690 - ....)                



|  (0778 - 0840)

|                                                                                                              _GEROLD of Mayence_____________

|                                                                                                             | (0690 - ....)                

|                                                           _GEROLD Duke of Swabia I__________________________|

|                                                          | (0726 - 0779)                                    |

|                                                          |                                                  |_______________________________

|                                                          |                                                                                  

|_HILDEGARDE of Swabia of The West_________________________|

  (0758 - 0783) m 0771                                     |

                                                           |                                                   _HNABI Duke of Alamanni________+

                                                           |                                                  | (0697 - 0724)                

                                                           |_EMMA of Alamannia of Swabia______________________|

                                                             (0720 - 0790)                                    |




34. Emperor CHARLEMAGNE "Charles The Great" CAROLINGIENS of The West

2 Apr 0742 - 28 Jan 0814

ID Number: I3051


 TITLE: Emperor


 OCCUPATION: Emperor Of West; KING OF FRANCE; Reigned 43 Yrs From 0768


 BIRTH: 2 Apr 0742, Aix-La-Chapelle Or Aachen

 DEATH: 28 Jan 0814, Aix-La-Chapelle Or Aachen

 RESOURCES: See: (LDS) [S11] [S137] [S414] [S443] [S590] [S759] [S1114] [S1115]

Father: PEPIN III "The Short" CAROLINGIENS of The Franks

Mother: BERTRADA "Broadfoot" de LAON of The Franks




Family 2 : HILDEGARDE of Swabia of The West

 MARRIAGE: ABT 0771, Aix-la-Chapelle, Aachen, Germany

1. +PEPIN I (Carloman) of Lombardy of Italy

2. CHARLES "The Younger" of Neustria

3. ADELAIDE of The Holy Roman Empire

4. ROHTRUD of The Holy Roman Empire



7. +BERTHA of the Holy Roman Empire





1st Emporer in 300 years-created a struggle between church and state. In addition the crowning of Charlemagne by Pope Leo caused resentment by Constantinople Byantines who believed only one Emporer should rule in the world at any one time.

Roi des Franc (768-814), Empereur d'Occident (800-814)


CHARLES THE GREAT, or in latin CAROLUS MAGNUS was not only a great warrior but was interested in spreading culture and education in his empire. He was an eloquent speaker and of impressive size, some historians say over seven feet tall. Roi des Francs 768-800, empereur 800-814. He was wed at least five times. 1st to HIMILTRUDE, a Frankish noblewoan and mother of his first son, PEPIN the HUNCHBACK; 2nd to the daughter of DESIDERIUS, KING OF LOMBARDY, but soon sent her back to her father. His 3rd wife, HILDEGARDE OF SWABIA, was the mother of his sons, CHARLES, CAROLMAN (changed to PEPIN) and LOUIS. After her death he married 4th FASTRADA and when she died, 5th LIUTGARD.


CHARLES passed over his 1st son because of the deformity. When PEPIN THE HUNCHBACK rebelled he was sent to a monastery. (Conflict as to 1st son-see)


He died at the age of 72 and had reigned for 46 years; he survived all his sons except LOUIS, who later became known as LOUIS THE PIOUS and who succeeded him as Emperor.


Charles The Great or Charlemagne b 2 Apr 742, Aix-la-Chapelle or Aachen 28 Jan 814, Aix-la-Chapelle or Aachen


Family 1: Hildegard oo 771; Family 2: Himiltrud oo c. 768 CONFLICT: 1.Pepin (The Hunchback); Family 3: Desiderata oo 770; Family 4: Fastrada oo 783 1.Theodrada; Family 5: Liutgard oo C. 796; Family 6: Madelgard 1.Ruothild; Family 7: Gersvind; Family 8: Regina 1.Drogo and 2.Hugh; Family 9: Adalind 1.Theodoric 2.Richbod


"Charlemagne (Charles I), King of the Franks and Roman Emperor, b 2 April 742, probably at Aix-La-Chapelle; after his father's death, in 768, reigned over the Franks jointly with his brother Carolman until the death of the latter, in 772; from that time, sole ruler during a reign of forty-three years, he carried on incessant wars on all his borders, extending his domains and at the same time spreading Christianity, subduing rebellions and building up the vast dominions over which he was crowned a successor of the Roman Caesars by Pope Leo III in 800.


In 772 he began a thirty year war with the determined Saxons, after the successful opening of which Charlemagne was called to the assistance of Pope Hadrian I against Desiderius, King of the Lombards, who had demanded the banning of Charlemagne and the coronation of the sons of Carloman because the former had put away the daughter of Desiderius on account of sterility ( Desideria) and m. the Swabian Princess Hildegard of Savoy.


Charlemagne marched two armies over the Alps and conquered Lombardy in 771; returned and beat the Saxons again and hastened into Spain in 778, to help the Arabian rulers of the country against the Osman Caliph of Cordova. It was in this war the the hero of romance, Roland, fell in the pass of Roncesvalles.


The extensive domain of Charlemagne was only rendered secure by ceaseless vigilance and warfare. In 799 the Romans revolted against Pope Leo III, and were again brought into subjection by Charlemagne, who, in return, while he was praying on the steps of St. Peter's Church, was crowned by Leo with the iron crown of the Western Empire, unexpectedly to him, as he pretended, on Christmas Day 800.


Charlemagne laid the foundation of his empire securely. he was sagacious, energetic and vigilant as a ruler and commander alike. he watched over and fostered agriculture, trade, arts and letters with untiring zeal, clearing away forests, draining swamps, founding monasteries and schools, building up cities, constructing splendid palaces, as at Aix, Worms, and Ingelheim, and drawing to his court scholars and poets from all nations, as Alouin, Paulus, Diaconus, and Turpin. He was himself proficient in science, as well as all hardy accomplishments, speaking Latin and knowing Greek. He was tall and stately, measuring seven feet of his own foot-lengths, simple in his life, "excelling all men of the time, to all alike dread and beloved, by all alike admired", according to the historian Nithard, His fame spread through all the land. The Caliph Haroun-al-Rashid sent an embassy to the Court of Charlemagne with gifts in token of good will.


He had three sons; Pepin, Charles, and Louis. In 813 he associated his only surviving son, Louis Le Debonnaire, with himself in the empire. He d. at Aix-La Chapelle January 28, 814, and was succeeded by his son Louis. his descendants are called Carlovingians."


Charlemagne Emperor of the West, King of Franks, Born: 2 APR 742, Ingolheim Acceded: 768 Died: 28 JAN 814, Aachen. aka Charles the Great. Had two more mistresses:

Adalind, son Theodric (807-818) a cleric. unknown, son Richbod (800-844) abbott of St-Riquier. King of the Lombards 774. Holy Roman Emperor.


Married CIR 768 to Himiltude: Child 1: Pepin the Hunchback, Monk at Prüm. Born: CIR 769 Acceded: AFT 792 Died: 811


Married 770 ANNULMENT 771 to Desideria


Married 771, Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen) to Hildegarde of Vinzgau

Child 2: Pepin I of Italy, King of Italy, b. APR 773

Child 3: Charles the younger, Duke of Ingelheim, b. 772

Child 4: Louis I the Pious of Aquitaine, King of France, b. AUG 778

Child 5: Bertha, b. 779

Child 6: Rotrud, b. CIR 755

Child 7: Adelaide, b. 773

Child 8: Lothar, b. 778

Child 9: Gisela

Child 10: Hildegard


Married 783 to Fastrada

Child 11: Theodrada of Argenteuil, Abbess of Argenteuil

Child 12: Hiltrude


Married 794 to Luitgard


Associated with Madelgard

Child 13: Ruothild of Faremoutiers, Abbess of Faremoutiers


Associated with Gersvind

Child 14: Adaltrude


Associated with Regina

Child 15: Drogo of Metz, Bishop of Metz, b. 801

Child 16: Hugh of St. Quentin, Abott of St. Quentin, b. 802


[S414] [S11] [S414] [S443]


                                                                                    _PEPIN II d' HERISTAL Duke of Austrasi_+

                                                                                   | (0635 - 0714)                        

                                                    _CHARLES MARTEL "The Hammer"___|

                                                   | (0676 - 0741)                 |

                                                   |                               |_ALPAIDA (CHALPAIDA ) of Heristal______

                                                   |                                 (0654 - ....)                        

 _PEPIN III "The Short" CAROLINGIENS of The Franks_|

| (0715 - 0768) m 0740                             |

|                                                  |                                _LEUTWINUS Saint of Treves_____________+

|                                                  |                               | (0660 - 0713)                        

|                                                  |_ROTRUDE of Alemania___________|

|                                                    (0690 - 0724)                 |

|                                                                                  |_Daughter of Chrodobert or Rodobertus__+

|                                                                                    (0660 - ....)                        


|--CHARLEMAGNE "Charles The Great" CAROLINGIENS of The West

|  (0742 - 0814)

|                                                                                   _MARTIN of Laon________________________+

|                                                                                  | (0660 - ....)                        

|                                                   _CHARIBERT de LAON of Laon_____|

|                                                  | (0690 - 0747)                 |

|                                                  |                               |_BERTRADA Or BERTHA of Laon____________

|                                                  |                                 (0670 - ....)                        

|_BERTRADA "Broadfoot" de LAON of The Franks_______|

  (0720 - 0783) m 0740                             |

                                                   |                                _THIERRY III MÉROVINGIENS _____________+

                                                   |                               | (0654 - 0691)                        

                                                   |_BERTRADA MÉROVINGIENS of Laon_|

                                                     (0690 - ....)                 |

                                                                                   |_CROTILDE CONJOINT ____________________

                                                                                     (0650 - ....)                        


33.  King PEPIN III "The Short" CAROLINGIANS of The Franks

ABT 0715 - 24 Sep 0768

ID Number: I3052


 TITLE: King


 RESIDENCE: Of, Lorraine, France

 BIRTH: ABT 0715, Frank Kingdom Of Austrasia

 DEATH: 24 Sep 0768, St. Denis, France

 RESOURCES: See: (LDS) [S11] [S137] [S414] [S590] [S759] [S1114] [S1115]

Father: CHARLES MARTEL "The Hammer"

Mother: ROTRUDE of Alemania


Family 1 : BERTRADA "Broadfoot" de LAON of The Franks


1. +CHARLEMAGNE "Charles The Great" CAROLINGIENS of The West

2. CARLOMAN of Franks



aka: Pepin "The Younger"; Pipin le Bref, Roi des Francs 751-768. Pepin_III c. 715, Austrasia d. 24 Sep 768. Father: Charles Martel; Mother: Chrotrud or Rotrou

Family 1: Bertrada "Broadfoot" of Laon oo C. 740

1.Charles The Great or Charlemagne

2.Carloman d. abt 771



"Pepin Le Bref, b in 714, m. Lady Bertha, daughter of Charibert, Count de Leon.

(Another account says she was daughter of a son of one of the Eastern emperors).

He became in 741 Major Domus of Neustrasia and Burgundy under Childeric III, a Faineant, and in 747 succeeded his brother Carolman as Major Domus of Austrasia and the Rhine country, including Thuringia and Swabia. In 749 he defeated the Bavarians and in 752 was crowned King of the Franks by St. Boniface by authority of Pope Zachary; conquered Septimania from the Saracens 752-760; was again crowned by Pope Stephen III, 754. Broke the power of the Ravenna and the Pentapolis to the Holy See, the origin of the temporal power of the Popes; overcame the Saxons 757; took Marbonne from the Saracens 759; waged a stubborn war with Guifar, Duke of Aquitainia, 760-768; and in the latter year procured the assassination of his valorous enemy. Died September, 768. His title Le Bref (the "Short") was given on account of his small stature. He first established Parliaments in France 18 January, 757."


Pepin III "The Short" of the Franks, King of Franks; Born: 715 Acceded: 751 Died: 24 SEP 768, St. Denis; Father: Martel, Charles, "The Hammer" of Franks, King of Franks, b. 676

Mother: Chrotrud; Married 740 to Bertrada II of Laon.

Child 1: Charlemagne Emperor of the West, King of Franks, b. 2 APR 742

Child 2: Carloman of the Franks, King of Franks, b. ABT 751

Child 3: Gisela of Chelles, Abbess of Chelles

Child 4: Pippin [S443]


                                                                       _ANSEGISEL (Anchises, Andecisus) of Laon_+

                                                                      | (0602 - 0685)                          

                               _PEPIN II d' HERISTAL Duke of Austrasi_|

                              | (0635 - 0714)                         |

                              |                                       |_BEGGA (BEQQUE) von HERISTAL of Laon_____+

                              |                                         (0613 - 0698)                          

 _CHARLES MARTEL "The Hammer"_|

| (0676 - 0741)               |

|                             |                                        _________________________________________

|                             |                                       |                                        

|                             |_ALPAIDA (CHALPAIDA ) of Heristal______|

|                               (0654 - ....)                         |

|                                                                     |_________________________________________



|--PEPIN III "The Short" CAROLINGIENS of The Franks

|  (0715 - 0768)

|                                                                      _GUERIN I of Warinus_____________________+

|                                                                     | (0630 - 0677)                          

|                              _LEUTWINUS Saint of Treves_____________|

|                             | (0660 - 0713)                         |

|                             |                                       |_GUNZA Or KUNZA__________________________

|                             |                                         (0630 - ....)                          

|_ROTRUDE of Alemania_________|

  (0690 - 0724)               |

                              |                                        _CHRODOBERT II of Palatine_______________+

                              |                                       | (0630 - 0678)                          

                              |_Daughter of Chrodobert or Rodobertus__|

                                (0660 - ....)                         |


                                                                        (0630 - ....)                          


32.  CHARLES MARTEL "The Hammer"

ABT 0676 - 22 Oct 0741

ID Number: I3055


 OCCUPATION: Mayor Of the Palace in Austrasia

 RESIDENCE: Beligum & France; Of,Lorraine, France

 BIRTH: ABT 0676, Heristal, Liege (Belgium)

 DEATH: 22 Oct 0741, Quirzy, Aisne, France

 RESOURCES: See: (LDS) [S11] [S137] [S414] [S759] [S1114] [S1115] [S1158]

Father: PEPIN II d' HERISTAL Duke of Austrasi

Mother: ALPAIDA (CHALPAIDA ) of Heristal


Family 1 : ROTRUDE of Alemania

1. +PEPIN III "The Short" CAROLINGIENS of The Franks

2. +ALDA of Austrasia

3. +ROTRUDE of Austrasia

Family 2 : ROTHAIS


Family 3 : SUNNICHILD of Bavaria





Duc des Francs 717-741. Charles Martel c. 676, Heristal, Liege (Belgium) d. 22 Oct 741, Quirzy, Aisne, France. Father: Pepin of Heristal or Pepin_II; Mother: Chalpaida or Alpaida

Family 1: Chrotrud or Rotrou

1.Pepin_III (The_Short)

Family 2: Sunnichild




"Charles Martel, King of the Franks, b A.D. 690; m. Lady Bothrude. He succeeded his father as Mayor of the Palace in 714, and obtained royal power while Chilperic was the nominal King. he gained near Poitiers, in 732, a most important victory over a large army of Saracens who had invaded the Kingdom. This is known as the Battle of Tours and is regarded as one the decisive battles of the world's history. For this victory he was surnamed MARTEL (i.e., the Hammer). He d. in 741, at Quierzy-Sur-Oise, and was succeeded by his son."


Martel, Charles, "The Hammer" of Franks, King of Franks

Born: 676 Died: 22 OCT 741, Ciersy

Father: d'Heristal, Pepin II of Austrasia, Duke of Austrasia; Mother: Elphide (Chalpaida)

Married to Chrotrud

Child 1: Jerome

Child 2: Carloman

Child 3: Pepin III "The Short" of the Franks, King of Franks, b. 715

Married 725 to Sunnichild

Child 4: Grifo

Child 5: Chiltrud


Weis" "Ancestral Roots. . ." (50:11), (190:11), (191:11). In 732, he defeated the Saracens at the Battle of Tours, ensuring that Europe would develope as a Christian, rather than an Islamic, continent. This was one of the most important battles faught in all the history of mankind.

Family 1: Rotrude




Landrada of_Austrasia

Alda of_Austrasia


Family 2: Rothais



Family 3: Swanhild* Marriage: 725


Family 4: Marriage: NOT MARRIED




[S443] [S1158]


                                                                                   _ARNULF of Metz__________________________________+

                                                                                  | (0582 - 0641) m 0611                            

                                         _ANSEGISEL (Anchises, Andecisus) of Laon_|

                                        | (0602 - 0685)                           |

                                        |                                         |_DODA of Metz____________________________________

                                        |                                           (0580 - ....) m 0611                            

 _PEPIN II d' HERISTAL Duke of Austrasi_|

| (0635 - 0714)                         |

|                                       |                                          _PIPEN "The Elder" de LANDIS 1st Duke of Brabant_

|                                       |                                         | (0580 - 0639)                                  

|                                       |_BEGGA (BEQQUE) von HERISTAL of Laon_____|

|                                         (0613 - 0698)                           |

|                                                                                 |_ITTA (ITTE,ITHA, IDA) of Mentz__________________+

|                                                                                   (0592 - 0652)                                  


|--CHARLES MARTEL "The Hammer"

|  (0676 - 0741)

|                                                                                  _________________________________________________

|                                                                                 |                                                

|                                        _________________________________________|

|                                       |                                         |

|                                       |                                         |_________________________________________________

|                                       |                                                                                          

|_ALPAIDA (CHALPAIDA ) of Heristal______|

  (0654 - ....)                         |

                                        |                                          _________________________________________________

                                        |                                         |                                                  

32.  PEPIN II d' HERISTAL Duke of Austrasi

ABT 0635 - 16 Dec 0714

ID Number: I14824


 OCCUPATION: Mayor Of the Palace

 RESIDENCE: BELGIUM (Frank Kingdom Of Austrasia)

 BIRTH: ABT 0635, Heristal, Liege (Belgium)

 DEATH: 16 Dec 0714, Jupile On The Muse

 RESOURCES: See: (LDS) [S414] [S759] [S1114] [S1115]

Father: ANSEGISEL (Anchises, Andecisus) of Laon

Mother: BEGGA (BEQQUE) von HERISTAL of Laon


Family 1 : ALPAIDA (CHALPAIDA ) of Heristal

1. +CHARLES MARTEL "The Hammer"

2. CHILDEBRAND of Heristal

3. +CARIBERT Hardrad de LAON Comte de Laon



Pipin d'Herstal, Maire du Palais 688/90-714. m. Alpaide

Pepin of Heristal or Pepin_II c. 635, Heristal, Liege (Belgium) d. 16 Dec 714, Jupile on the Muse. Father: Ansegisel; Mother: St. Begga.


"Pepin of Heristal, or Crassus, founder of Carlovingian line of Frankish Kings, became Duke of Austrasian Franks 680, Duke of Brabant 685, Major Domus in the time of Theodoric III, Clovis III and Childebert III, Kings of France. In 687, in battle of Sestri, conquered Burgundy and Neustria. He d. 16 Dec 714."


Married to Plectrud

Child 1: Drogo of Champagne, Duke of Champagne

Child 2: Grimoald II of Austrasia, Mayor of Austrasia


Married to Elphide (Chalpaida)

Child 3: Martel, Charles, "The Hammer" of Franks, King of Franks, b. 676

Child 4: Childebrand


Pepin of Hiristal, son of Ansigise and Begga, was born in 631. He was Mayor of the Palace in Austrasia under Clovis III. He married Chrotrude, and died December 16th, 714. Pepin inherited the whole of tile family estates, and held the ancestral office of Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia from 688 until his death. By his wife, Chrotrude, lie had four children, the eldest being Charles Martel, born in 690.


                                                                                             _BODIGISEL II of Carthage_____+

                                                                                            | (0562 - 0588)                

                                           _ARNULF of Metz__________________________________|

                                          | (0582 - 0641) m 0611                            |

                                          |                                                 |_ODA de SAVOY of Carthage_____


 _ANSEGISEL (Anchises, Andecisus) of Laon_|

| (0602 - 0685)                           |

|                                         |                                                  ______________________________

|                                         |                                                 |                              

|                                         |_DODA of Metz____________________________________|

|                                           (0580 - ....) m 0611                            |

|                                                                                           |______________________________



|--PEPIN II d' HERISTAL Duke of Austrasi

|  (0635 - 0714)

|                                                                                            ______________________________

|                                                                                           |                              

|                                          _PIPEN "The Elder" de LANDIS 1st Duke of Brabant_|

|                                         | (0580 - 0639)                                   |

|                                         |                                                 |______________________________

|                                         |                                                                                

|_BEGGA (BEQQUE) von HERISTAL of Laon_____|

  (0613 - 0698)                           |

                                          |                                                  _ARNOALDUS Markgrave of Mentz_+

                                          |                                                 | (0560 - 0601)                

                                          |_ITTA (ITTE,ITHA, IDA) of Mentz__________________|

                                            (0592 - 0652)                                   |

                                                                                            |_ODA of Swabia________________

                                                                                              (0570 - ....)                

31.  Count ANSEGISEL (Anchises, Andecisus) of Laon

0602 - 0685

ID Number: I14811


 TITLE: Count

 OCCUPATION: Major Domus Of King Childeric II

 RESIDENCE: Laon & Duke Of Brabant & Of, Lorraine, France

 BIRTH: 0602

 DEATH: 0685

 RESOURCES: See: CONFLICT Notes [S414] [S445] [S1015] [S1114] [S1115]

Father: ARNULF of Metz

Mother: DODA of Metz


Family 1 : BEGGA (BEQQUE) von HERISTAL of Laon

1. +MARTIN of Laon

2. +PEPIN II d' HERISTAL Duke of Austrasi



"Anchises, or Andecisus, Markgrave of the Schelde and in his wife's right Duke of Bradant after his brother-in-law Grimoaldus 658, was also Major Domus of King Childeric II, and was slain 685. wife Begga, heiress of Brabant, 658-698, daughter of Pipin de Landis, the first Duke or Count or Lord of Brabant, A.D. 615, d. 647, reigned 32, and his wife Itta, (Itha, or Ida), daughter of Arnoaldus, Markgrave of the Schelde (see ante)."


Anchises (Ansegisel) Died: 629, while hunting. Some sources say 640. The Calendar of Saints says 692. Father: Arnold (St. Arnulf) of Metz, Bishop of Metz Married to Doda (St. Begga)

Child 1: d'Heristal, Pepin II of Austrasia, Duke of Austrasia



Ansigise (Mayor o/t Palace) BIRTH: Abt 605, Of Lorraine, France DEATH: 678 TITLE: Mayor o/t Palace; Father: Arnoul Mother: Dode

Family 1: Beqque

Child: Pepin D'HERISTAL


                                                  _ST. GENDOLFUS of Tongre_+

                                                 | (0535 - ....)          

                       _BODIGISEL II of Carthage_|

                      | (0562 - 0588)            |

                      |                          |_________________________


 _ARNULF of Metz______|

| (0582 - 0641) m 0611|

|                     |                           _________________________

|                     |                          |                        

|                     |_ODA de SAVOY of Carthage_|

|                                                |

|                                                |_________________________



|--ANSEGISEL (Anchises, Andecisus) of Laon

|  (0602 - 0685)

|                                                 _________________________

|                                                |                        

|                      __________________________|

|                     |                          |

|                     |                          |_________________________

|                     |                                                    

|_DODA of Metz________|

  (0580 - ....) m 0611|


30.  Saint ARNULF of Metz

0582 - 18 Jul 0641

ID Number: I14813


 TITLE: Saint

 OCCUPATION: Bishop Of Metz - Feast Day, 19 August

 RESIDENCE: Metz & Remiremont

 BIRTH: 0582, Near Nancy

 DEATH: 18 Jul 0641, Near Remiremont

 RESOURCES: See: CONFLICT Notes [S414] [S1114] [S1115]

Father: BODIGISEL II of Carthage

Mother: ODA de SAVOY of Carthage


Family 1 : DODA of Metz


1. +ANSEGISEL (Anchises, Andecisus) of Laon



SEE CONFLICT BELOW: Arnulf of Metz b, 582, near Nancy d. 18 July 641, near Remiremont, Feast day, 19 August. This Arnulf (Arnoul) passed his earlier life at the court of Theodebert II, King of Austrasia; through the marriage of his elder son with a daughter of Pepin of Landen (St. Begga), he became an ancestor of the Carolingian dynasty. At the age of thirty, he wanted to retire from public life, but instead in 614 he was chosen Bishop of Metz, though still a layman. He continued to act as adviser to King Chlotar II, whom he had helped to the Frankish throne, and was tutor to his son Dagobert. Arnulf made further attempts to resign his offices, but it was not till 629 that he was able to retire to the Vosges mountains. Here his friend St. Romaric had preceded him and begun the monastic community at Habend that was later called Remiremont. St. Arnulf settled near by, and lived there till his death twelve years later.


The Avenel Dictionary of the Saints, Donald Attwater (New York; Avenel Books, 1965)

mytical: Father: Bodigisel II; mytical: Mother: Oda de Savoy


"St. Arnolph, the first Major Domus of Clothary II, after his wife's death was Bishop of Mentz, d. a hermit 641, and afterwards canonized. he is the common patriarch of the Carolingian and Capetian Kings. Wife Dodo, a Saxon Lady, their son, Anchises, or Andecisus."


Arnold (St. Arnulf) of Metz, Bishop of Metz Died: 16 AUG 641. See Europäisch Stammtafeln Bund I tafel 2.

Child 1: Anchises (Ansegisel)

Child 2: Chlodulf

Child 3: Martin


LDS: Arnoul (Bishop of Metz); BIRTH: Abt 582, Of Metz,Lorraine,France; DEATH: 16 AUG 640; TITLE: Bishop of Metz; Father: Arnouldus

Family 1: Dode +Ansigise


Father: Ausbert

Family 1:+Arnoul



Father: Wambert

Family 1: Arnouldus



Father: Adelbert

Family 1: +Ausbert


Adelbert DEATH: 491

Father: Clodius

Family 1: +Wambert



Father: Dagobert

Family 1: +Adelbert



Father: Genebald

Family 1: +Clodius



Father: Dagobert

Family 1: +Dagobert



Father: Walter

Family 1: +Genebald



Father: Clodius

Family 1: +Dagobert



Father: Bartherus

Family 1: +Walter



Father: Hilderic

Family 1: +Clodius



Father: Sunno

Family 1: +Bartherus



Father: Farabert

Family 1: +Hilderic



Father: Clodomir

Family 1: +Sunno



Father: Marcomir

Family 1: +Farabert



Father: Odomir

Family 1: +Clodomir



Father: Richemer

Family 1: +Marcomir



Father: Ratherius

Family 1: +Odomir



Father: Antenor

Family 1: +Richemer



Father: Clodomir

Family 1: +Ratherius



Father: Marcomir

Family 1: +Antenor



Father: Clodius

Family 1:+Clodomir



Father: Francus

Family 1:+Marcomir


Francus (King of W Franks)

TITLE: King of W Franks

Father: Antharius

Family 1:+Clodius



Father: Cassander

Family 1:+Francus



Father: Merodochus

Family 1:+Antharius



Father: Clodomir

Family 1:+Cassander



Father: Antenor

Family 1:+Merodochus



Father: Clodius

Family 1:+Clodomir



Father: Marcomir

Family 1:+Antenor



Father: Nicanor

Family 1:+Clodius



Father: Clodomir

Family 1:+Marcomir



Father: Bassanus

Family 1:+Nicanor



Father: Diocles

Family 1:+Clodomir



Father: Helenus

Family 1:+Bassanus



Father: Priam

Family 1:+Diocles



Father: Antenor

Family 1:+Helenus



Father: Marcomir

Family 1:+Priam


on back to Isaac

Father: Abraham

Mother: Sarah

Family 1: Rebekah +Jacob (Israel)



Father: Terah


Family 1: Sarah +Isaac

----------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------


_Nahor _

_Terah _|

| |________







2.Pepin the younger

3.Bertrada/Berta the Younger/Berta of Laon


4.Charles Martell



6.Heribert/Caribert, Count of Laon






13.Berta the Elder, on 23 June 721 (with her son 6) founded the first

convent/monastery at Pruem





26.Hugobert, died 697/698 Seneschall in 693, 694; Pfalzgraf in 697

27.Irmina, died before 710 died as Abbess of Convent Oeren (Trier)


54.NN brother of a Dux Theotaris who owned property in Echternach and ca.682 made gifts to the monastery of Weissenburg i.E. and died before 706.

Sadly, I don't see any Merovingian links.

Best wishes

Leo van de Pas


This is what Settipani tells us in his "Les ancˆtres de Charlemagne". So if

Settipani is correct, Berthe de Prum is a Merovingian Princess.


1. Charlemagne, Roi des Francs 768-800, empereur 800-814.


2. Pepin le Bref, Roi des Francs 751-768.

3. Berthe de Laon, Reine 751-783.


4. Charles Martel, Duc des Francs 717-741.

5. Rotrude


6. Caribert Hardrad de Laon, Comte de Laon.

7. Gisele (?)


8. Pipin d'Herstal, Maire du Palais 688/90-714.

9. Alpaide


10. saint Lievin, eveque de Treves.

11. Willigarde


12. N.N.

13. Berthe de Prum


16. Ansegisel, domestique.

17. Begga, abbesse d'Andenne.


18. Childebrand, dignitaire.


20. Guerin, Comte de Paris 654-676.

21. Gunzie, soeur de Basin ‚eveque de Treves.


22. Theodon, Duc de Baviere 682/690-716.

23. Folchaide, Duchesse de Baviere.


24. Hugobert, s‚n‚chal 693, comte du Palais 697.

25. Irmine, abbesse d'Oeren.


26. Thierry III, Roi de Bourgogne (670 & 673), Roi de France (690-691).

27. Clothilde Dode, Reine des Francs, r‚gente 690/1 - 5 juin 692.


51. N.N.


52. Clovis II, Roi des Francs de Neustrie 640-657.


102. Dagobert I, Roi des Francs 629-639.

103. Ragentrude


104. Dagobert I, Roi des Francs 629-639.

105. Nantilde


The line from Settipani's book is:

1. Sigebert the lame, King of Cologne, dec. 508.

2. Chloderic the parricide, King of Cologne, dec. 509 (got his due).

3. Munderic, Austrasian Pretender, c. 532.

4. Mummolin, at Neustria, 566.

5. Bodogisel, ambassador to Byzantium, 589.

6. Arnulf, dec. 629.

All those people are historically attested. For the construction of the line, see C. Settipani, Les Ancˆtres de Charlemagne_, 1989.


There are two possible positions here: either (as Spencer said) you reject everything beyond Arnulf as unwarranted speculation or you carefully try to look for his ancestors, on the supposition that such a grand person couldn't be a _homus novus_. I take this latter viewpoint and accept Settipani's reconstruction - which he never tried to present as `established fact,' on the cintrary; he even rejects Arnulf as certain, for that! chico



                                                      _MUNDERIC of Vitry___+

                                                     | (0505 - ....)      

                            _ST. GENDOLFUS of Tongre_|

                           | (0535 - ....)           |

                           |                         |_ARTHEMIA?___________

                           |                           (0500 - ....)      

 _BODIGISEL II of Carthage_|

| (0562 - 0588)            |

|                          |                          _____________________

|                          |                         |                    

|                          |_________________________|

|                                                    |

|                                                    |_____________________



|--ARNULF of Metz

|  (0582 - 0641)

|                                                     _____________________

|                                                    |                    

|                           _________________________|

|                          |                         |

|                          |                         |_____________________

|                          |                                              

|_ODA de SAVOY of Carthage_|



29. BODIGISEL II of Carthage

ABT 0562 - 0588

ID Number: I14815



 BIRTH: ABT 0562

 DEATH: 0588, Carthage

 RESOURCES: See:CONFLICT [S414] [S1115]

Father: ST. GENDOLFUS of Tongre


Family 1 : ODA de SAVOY of Carthage

1. +ARNULF of Metz



Bodogisel, ambassador to Byzantium, 589. CONFLICT: Is he real person?

Bodigisel II (Mythical Person) c. 562 588, Carthage; Father: Bishop of Tongres St. Gendolfus

Family 1: Oda de Savoy

1.speculative: Arnulf of Metz


"Arnoaldus, Markgrave of the Schelde, after his wife's death turned monk and went into the monastery of St. Martin in Villa Longa, which he himself had built, succeeded as Bishop of Mentz, d. 601; m. Oda, a Swabian lady, and had Itta (Itha, or Ida who m. Pipinus de Landis, the first Duke of Brabant, 615, Major Domus of clothary II, d. 647." [S1115] [S414]


                                                 _CLODERIC " The Parricide" of Cologne_+

                                                | (0475 - 0509)                        

                           _MUNDERIC of Vitry___|

                          | (0505 - ....)       |

                          |                     |______________________________________


 _ST. GENDOLFUS of Tongre_|

| (0535 - ....)           |

|                         |                      ______________________________________

|                         |                     |                                      

|                         |_ARTHEMIA?___________|

|                           (0500 - ....)       |

|                                               |______________________________________



|--BODIGISEL II of Carthage

|  (0562 - 0588)

|                                                ______________________________________

|                                               |                                      

|                          _____________________|

|                         |                     |


28.  Bishop ST. GENDOLFUS of Tongre

ABT 0535 - ____

ID Number: I14816


 TITLE: Bishop


 BIRTH: ABT 0535

 RESOURCES: See: CONFLICT [S414] [S1115]

Father: MUNDERIC of Vitry



Family 1 :

1. +BODIGISEL II of Carthage



CONFLICT: Mummolin, at Neustria, 566. Saint, Bishop of Tongres Gendolfus c. 535

Father: Munderic of Vitry Mother: Arthemia?

Family 1:

1.Bodigisel II [S1115] [S414]


                                                              _SIGISBERT "The Lame" of Cologne_+

                                                             | (0445 - 0509)                  

                       _CLODERIC " The Parricide" of Cologne_|

                      | (0475 - 0509)                        |

                      |                                      |_________________________________


 _MUNDERIC of Vitry___|

| (0505 - ....)       |

|                     |                                       _________________________________

|                     |                                      |                                

|                     |______________________________________|

|                                                            |

|                                                            |_________________________________



|--ST. GENDOLFUS of Tongre

|  (0535 - ....)

|                                                             _________________________________

|                                                            |                                

|                      ______________________________________|

|                     |                                      |

|                     |                                      |_________________________________

|                     |                                                                        


  (0500 - ....)       |

                      |                                       _________________________________

                      |                                      |                                











27. MUNDERIC of Vitry

ABT 0505 - ____

ID Number: I14817



 OCCUPATION: Austrasian Pretender

 BIRTH: ABT 0505, Vitry-En-Perthois, France

 RESOURCES: See: [S414]

Father: CLODERIC " The Parricide" of Cologne


Family 1 : ARTHEMIA?

1. +ST. GENDOLFUS of Tongre



Munderic, Austrasian Pretender, c. 532. Munderic of Vitry c. 505, Vitry-en-Perthois, France. Father: Cloderic the Paricide

Family 1: Arthemia?

1.Bishop of Tongres St. Gendolfus [S1115]


                                                                          _CHILDEBERT of Cologne_+

                                                                         | (.... - 0450)        

                                        _SIGISBERT "The Lame" of Cologne_|

                                       | (0445 - 0509)                   |

                                       |                                 |_______________________


 _CLODERIC " The Parricide" of Cologne_|

| (0475 - 0509)                        |

|                                      |                                  _______________________

|                                      |                                 |                      

|                                      |_________________________________|

|                                                                        |

|                                                                        |_______________________



|--MUNDERIC of Vitry

|  (0505 - ....)

|                                                                         _______________________

|                                                                        |                      


26.  King CLODERIC " The Parricide" of Cologne – MEROVINGIAN KING

0475 - 0509

ID Number: I14818


 TITLE: King

 BIRTH: 0475

 DEATH: 0509

 RESOURCES: See: [S414] [S1115]

Father: SIGISBERT "The Lame" of Cologne


Family 1 :

1. +MUNDERIC of Vitry



Chloderic the parricide, King of Cologne, dec. 509 (got his due). Cloderic the Paricide c. 475 - 509. Father: Sigisbert The Lame. Family 1: 1.Munderic of Vitry. [S1115] [S414]


                                                           _CLOVIS "The Riparian" of Ripuarian Germans_

                                                          | (.... - 0420)                              

                                   _CHILDEBERT of Cologne_|

                                  | (.... - 0450)         |

                                  |                       |____________________________________________


 _SIGISBERT "The Lame" of Cologne_|

| (0445 - 0509)                   |

|                                 |                        ____________________________________________

|                                 |                       |                                            

|                                 |_______________________|

|                                                         |

|                                                         |____________________________________________



|--CLODERIC " The Parricide" of Cologne

|  (0475 - 0509)

|                                                          ____________________________________________

|                                                         |                                            


25.  King SIGISBERT "The Lame" of Cologne – MEROVINGIAN KING

ABT 0445 - 0509

ID Number: I14819


 TITLE: King

 BIRTH: ABT 0445

 DEATH: 0509

 RESOURCES: See: [S414] [S1115]

Father: CHILDEBERT of Cologne


Family 1 :

1. +CLODERIC " The Parricide" of Cologne



Sigebert the lame, King of Cologne, dec. 508.

Sigisbert The Lame c. 445 - 509; Father: Childebert King of Cologne

Family 1: 1.Cloderic the Paricide [S1115] [S414]




                         _CLOVIS "The Riparian" of Ripuarian Germans_|

                        | (.... - 0420)                              |

                        |                                            |__


 _CHILDEBERT of Cologne_|

| (.... - 0450)         |

|                       |                                             __

|                       |                                            |  

|                       |____________________________________________|

|                                                                    |

|                                                                    |__



|--SIGISBERT "The Lame" of Cologne

|  (0445 - 0509)

|                                                                     __

|                                                                    |  

|                        ____________________________________________|

|                       |                                            |

|                       |                                            |__

|                       |                                              





____ - AFT 0450

ID Number: I14820


 TITLE: King


 DEATH: AFT 0450

 RESOURCES: See: [S414] [S1115]

Father: CLOVIS "The Riparian" of Ripuarian Germans


Family 1 :

1. +SIGISBERT "The Lame" of Cologne



Childebert King of Cologne d. after 450; Father: Clovis The Riparian

Family 1:

1.Sigisbert The Lame

mentioned in Gregory of Tours





                                             |  |

                                             |  |__


 _CLOVIS "The Riparian" of Ripuarian Germans_|

| (.... - 0420)                              |

|                                            |   __

|                                            |  |  

|                                            |__|

|                                               |

|                                               |__



|--CHILDEBERT of Cologne

|  (.... - 0450)

|                                                __

|                                               |  

|                                             __|

|                                            |  |

|                                            |  |__

|                                            |    



                                             |   __

                                             |  |  





Family 1 :

1. +CHILDEBERT of Cologne



Weis give this Carolingian line, apparently based on the works of David Kelley: Clovis the Riprurian Clovis King of the Ripuarian Germans.

Clovis The Riparian d. after 420

Family 1:

1.Childebert King of Cologne [S414]




The Sicambrian Franks later lived in an area west of the River Danube and settled in Germania (named by the Romans after the Scythian 'genuine ones') and their centre was Cologne. It was from the time of King Meroveus, who was named Guardian of the Franks in 338,that this line became known as the Merovingians. These were the sorcerer kings who were noted for their esoteric knowledge and magical powers, which they inherited from the royal bloodline streams of secret groups and initiations. Francio, the founder of the Franks, claimed to be a descendant of Noah and his ancestors once resided in ancient Troy.


I think myself that the story of Noah is symbolic of the crossbreeding of bloodlines that survived the flood and afterwards returned the dove and the olive branch (Semiramis-Nimrod) to power. Descendents of Noah = human-Annunaki crossbreeds, or at least those who have interbred enough to maintain that genetic structure. The Sicambrian Franks named the French city of Troyes, where the Templars were officially formed, after their former home. They established the City of Paris in the 6trh century after they became known as the Merovingians and it was named after Prince Paris, the son of King Priam of Troy. It was the relationship between Prince Paris and Helen of Sparta which supposedly caused the Trojan War in which the Trojan Horse infiltration assured victory for the Spartans. Both the Trojans and the Spartans were offshoots of the same Aryan and Annunaki-Aryan peoples.


The Merovingians established the city of Paris on a major vortex point and used an underground chamber there for their rituals, including human sacrifice to the goddess Diana. Here, kings in dispute over property would settle the issue in combat. Meroveus, the founder of the Merovingian dynasty, followed the Pagan goddess cult of Diana, another symbol for Isis/Semiramis. This is not surprising because the centre for Diana worship was at Ephesus in Asia Minor, not far from the alleged site of Troy.


The location of the ancient underground chamber in Paris where the Merovingians worshipped and sacrificed to the goddess Diana is now called the Pont and Place de L'Alma and it is still, by design, an underground chamber. On the site today is a road tunnel and it was here that the car of Diana, Princess of Wales, crashed in the early morning of Sunday, August 31st 1997. Another offshoot of the Scythian-Sicambrian Franks-Merovingian bloodline emigrated from northern France and Belgium in the 12th century to become the famous 'Scottish' families and some of these were the ancestors of Diana, Princess of Wales.


The Merovingian king, Clovis, had the iris, or fleur-de-lis, as his royal emblem, a flower which grows wild in the Middle East. It is also known as a three-pronged lily and it was used to symbolise Nimrod or rather the Annunaki bloodline of Nimrod. In Latin it means small sword and it became the symbol of the royal bloodline of what is now France and this was because in ancient Sumer the Annunaki bloodline, as passed on through the female, was symbolised by a lily. Hence the main Annunaki gene carriers were given names like Lilith, Lili, Lilutu and Lillette. Another version is Lilibet or Elizabeth and this is why the present British Queen is called Elizabeth (El-lizard-birth) and was known to her family circle as Lilibet. She is a major Annunaki gene carrier who produced a major reptilian full-blood called Prince Charles. Both are shape-shifting reptilians, a fact that will be supported by later evidence. So is the Queen Mother, formerly Elizabeth (El-lizard-birth) Bowes-Lyon. The fleur-de-lis is an ancient symbol and also represents the twin phallic pillars of 'lily work', as described in Kings 7:22.


Today you will see the fleur-de-lis used around them, and in churches. It is, appropriately, on a public gate to the White House in Washington, another home of the bloodlines. The three-leafed shamrock in Ireland is likewise an ancient symbol of the bloodline and the word shamrock comes from the North African term: shamrukh. All these symbols relate to the three-horned depiction of Nimrod in Babylon and to other esoteric principles.


Other Merovingian symbols were the fish (Nimrod again), the lion (Leo, the Sun, authority), and the bee. Three hundred golden bees were found on the burial cloak of King Childeric I, the son of Meroveus, who died in the 5th century. Bees are an ancient symbol of the Love Goddess (Semiramis) and symbolised royalty in Egypt. They also focus on the Queen Bee, symbolic of Isis/Semiramis.


23.  Clovis I, 'The_Great' Franks – MEROVINGIAN KING

b 0465, Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France

d 27 Nov 0511, Church Of Saint, , , France

bur Church Of Saint, , , France Pharamond King Of Franks


c 25 Dec 0496, Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France Clodius 'Long Haired', Franks

Argotta Queen Of France


Merovee King Of Franks

b 0395

| b 0415 Basina De Thuringia Franks


Childeric I King Franks

 d 0457 b 0398

|b 0436 |

|d 26 Nov 0481 Verica Queen Of Franks


| b 0419

Clovis I, 'The_Great' Franks

|Mrs-Clovis I, Concubine Franks-1 +


|m 0492

|, , , France |

Basina (Mrs-Childeric), Queen Franks, [Princess]


 b 0438 |

 d 0470





Clovis I king of the Franks, became the first powerful ruler of the Merovingian dynasty, the founders of the French state. In 481, when Clovis inherited the royal title, he was only one of several Frankish kings. Then, in 486, he defeated the last great Roman army in Gaul. In one campaign after another, he defeated the Alamanni, the Visigoths, and the Burgundians. By 507 he ruled over most of Gaul, western Germany, and the Low Countries of northwestern Europe.

Clovis was the first Germanic king to become an orthodox Christian. Most Germanic rulers either became Arian heretics or remained pagans. By his conversion to Christianity, Clovis won the support of his Catholic subjects, including the clergy.

Source: 'The World Book Encyclopedia', 1968, p Ci563, G150.

Place of death Church Of Saint Pierre,,, France Place of burial Church Of Saint Pierre,,, France

22.  Childeric I King Franks

b 0436, , , Westphalia, Germany Marcomir Duke Of Franks


d 26 Nov 0481, Pharamond King Of Franks

Mrs-Marcomir, Duke Of Franks


Clodius 'Long Haired', Franks

b 0370 Genebald, Duke Of Franks


| b 0395 Argotta Queen Of France

Mrs-Genebald, Duke Of Franks


Merovee King Of Franks

 d 0447 b 0376

|b 0415 |

|d 0457 Basina De Thuringia Franks


| b 0398

Childeric I King Franks

|Basina (Mrs-Childeric), Queen Franks, [Princess]


|m 0465

|, , , Germany |

Verica Queen Of Franks


 b 0419 |







Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion - Descendents from the Merovingians

May 13, 2012 — Dean Henderson

(Excerpted from Big Oil & Their Bankers…: Chapter 5: Persian Gulf Rent-a-Sheik)


The CIA’s worldwide reign of terror on behalf of the Illuminati banker elite is reminiscent of a blue-print for global domination that emerged in the mid 1800’s.  The controversial document – known as the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion – was obtained by the daughter of a Russian general after she paid a bribe of 2,500 French francs to a member of the Mizraim Freemason Lodge in Paris – home to the inner circle of the Knights Templar known as the Priory of Sion.


The Crusader Templars created the Prieure de Sion on Mt. Zion near Jerusalem in the 11th century to guard such relics as the Shroud of Turin, the Ark of the Covenant and the Hapsburg family’s Spear of Destiny, which was used to kill Jesus as he hung on the cross.


The Priory of Sion’s more important purpose was to safeguard the gold which the Templars had looted from beneath Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem and to preserve the Holy Grail bloodline, or Sangreal, of Jesus Christ which they believe is carried forth by the French Bourbon royalty, the Merovingan family.


The Priory of Sion elite believe that Jesus faked his death with the help of certain herbs and married the provider of those herbs Mary Magdalene.  The Priory believes the couple fled to southern France and had numerous children.  During the 5th century, the theory goes, Jesus’ descendents married into the Frank royalty from which France takes its name, thus creating the Merovingan dynasty. [201]


Author Laurence Gardner claims Roman Catholic authorities then wrote the New Testament bible in such a way as to discredit Mary Magdalene as a “sinner”, so as to draw attention away from her true role as the wife of Christ and to preserve the dogma that Christ was a loner who died on the cross. [202]


For the global aristocracy, the Persian Gulf wasn’t the only region where special bloodlines entitled one to a life of leisure.  Past Knights Templar Grand Masters include the son-in-law of the Archbishop of Canterbury.


By the 13th century the Templars used their looted gold to buy 9,000 castles throughout Europe and ran an empire stretching from Copenhagen to Damascus.  They founded modern banking techniques and legitimized usury, also known as interest payments.


Templars’ bank branches popped up everywhere, backed by their new-found gold wealth.  They charged up to 60% interest on loans, launched the concepts of trust accounts and bond markets, and introduced a credit card system for Holy Land pilgrims.


They acted as tax collectors, though themselves exempted by Roman authorities, and built the great cathedrals of Europe, having also found instructions regarding secret building techniques under Solomon’s Temple.  The stained glass used in the cathedrals resulted from a secret Gothic technique known by few.  One who had perfected this art was Omar Khayvam, a good friend of Assassin founder Hasan bin Sabah. [203]


The Templars controlled a huge fleet of ships and their own naval fleet based at the French Atlantic Port of La Rochelle.  They were the first to use magnetic compasses for navigation and were especially cozy with the royals of England.  They purchased the island of Cyprus from Richard the Lion Heart, but were later overrun by the Turks.


On Friday October 13, 1307 King Philip IV of France joined forces with Pope Clement V and began rounding up Templars on charges ranging from necromancy to the use of black magic.  Friday the 13th would from that day forward carry negative connotations.


“Sion” is believed to be a transliteration of Zion, itself a transliteration for the ancient Hebrew name Jerusalem.  The Priory of Sion first came into public view in July 1956.  A 1981 notice in the French press listed 121 dignitaries as Priory members.  All were bankers, royalty or members of the international political jet set.


Pierre Plantard was listed as Grand Master.  Plantard is a direct descendent – through King Dagobert II – of the Merovingan Kings.  Plantard, who owns property in the Rennes-le-Chateau area of southern France where the Priory of Sion is based, has stated that the order has in its possession lost treasure recovered from beneath Solomon’s Temple and that it will be returned to Israel when the time is right.  He also stated that in the near future monarchy would be restored to France and other nations. [204]


The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion was first published in the 1864 French book Dialogue in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu or the Politics of Machiavelli in the Nineteenth Century by a Contemporary.


By the 1890’s Russian Professor Sergei Nilus had published the Protocols… in his book The Great within the Small: The Coming Anti-Christ.  Nilus was arrested and tortured and the Protocols… were suppressed for many more decades.


The Protocols… were a manifesto written by a secret society that claimed itself superior to the rest of mankind, using the Hebrew word goyim (cattle) to refer to the masses.


Anti-Semites, including Hitler, have used the Protocols… to falsely attack a “Jewish conspiracy”.  But the Protocols… authors were hardly religious.


Instead they were intent on a political movement called Zionism which seeks to use Israel as its lynchpin for global hegemony and as guardian of the vast oil reserves of the Middle East region.  The movement has as much to do with the Christian secret society Knights Templar, as is does with the Jewish secret society Cabala and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Its power center has moved from the Roman Empire to the City of London.


The Illuminati nucleus of this movement claims to be Luciferian in orientation.  What follows are excerpts from the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion:


Protocol 4: “In order to give the goyim no time to think and take note, their minds must be diverted towards industry and trade.  Thus, all nations will be swallowed up in the pursuit of gain and…will not take note of their common foe.  But, again, in order that freedom may once and for all disintegrate and ruin the communities of goyim, we must put industry on a speculative basis, the result of which will be that what is withdrawn from the land by industry will slip through their hands and pass into speculation, that is, to our classes.”


Protocol 10:  “It is from us that all-engulfing terror proceeds.  We have in our service persons of all opinions: monarchists, demagogues, socialists…trying to overthrow all established authority.  By these acts all states are in torture; they exhort tranquility, are ready to sacrifice anything for peace.  But we don’t give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international super-government, and with submissiveness…to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by use of torture, by starvation, by inoculation of diseases, by want, so that the goyim see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money.”


Protocol 13: “And how far-seeing were our learned elders when they said that to attain a serious goal behooves not to stop at any means or to count the victims sacrificed…We have not counted the victims of the goy cattle.  In order that the masses themselves may not guess what they are about we must further distract them with amusements, games, pastimes, passions, people’s palaces…these interests will finally distract them from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to oppose them.  Growing more and more disaccustomed to reflect and form opinions of their own, people will begin to talk in the same tone as we, because we alone shall be offering them new directions of thought.”


Protocol 15: “We shall create and multiply Freemasonic Lodges in all countries of the world, absorb into them all who may become or who are prominent in public activity, for in these Lodges we shall find our principle intelligence office and means of influence.  Among the members of these Lodges will be almost all the agents of international and national police since their service is for us irreplaceable in the respect that the police are in a position not only to use its own particular measures with the insubordinate, but also to screen our activities and provide pretexts and disguises.  All these Lodges we shall bring under one central administration, known only to us and to all others absolutely unknown, which will be composed of our learned elders (Illuminati)…The most secret political plots will be known to us and will fall under our guiding hands on the very day of their conception.”


Protocol 16: “…we shall emasculate the first stage of collectivism – the universities…any form of study of ancient history…we shall replace with the study of the program of the future.  We shall erase from the memory of men all facts of previous centuries which are undesirable for us.  Each…life must be trained within strict limits corresponding to its destination and work in life.  The system of bridling thought is already at work in the so-called system of teaching by object lessons (objectivity).  In our program one-third of our subjects will keep the rest under observation…It will be no disgrace to be a spy”


Another section of the Protocols… states, “We are the chosen, we are the only true men.  Our minds give off the true power of the spirit; the intelligence of the rest of the world is merely instinctive and animal.  They can see, but they cannot foresee…Does it not follow that nature herself has predestined us to dominate the world.  Outwardly we…(will) do our best to appear honorable and cooperative.  A statesman’s words do not have to agree with his acts.  If we pursue these principles, the governments and peoples which we have thus prepared will take our IOU’s for cash…the substitution of interest-bearing money…Economic crises have been produced by us…by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation…One day they will accept us as benefactors and saviors of the human race.  If any state dared to resist us, if its neighbors make common cause with it against us, we will unleash global war.”


The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion have been taken seriously by many scholars, along with political and economic leaders including Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm II, Russia’s Czar Nicholas II and American industrialist Henry Ford.


The document refers often to the “Ancient Mysteries”, the “seed of David” and the “symbolic snake”. [205]  Its concluding statement reads, “Signed by the representatives of Sion of the 33rd Degree.”


All the Ancient Mysteries had played out in the Middle East region where Israel was inserted by the Rothschild clan after WWII under the guise of “guardian of the secrets of man’s origins” and “a Jewish homeland”.  The actual role of Israel is as guardian of the energy force which the non-denominational Illuminati bloodline elite control and which they have carefully woven into the fabric of modern life in their quest for control of the global economy, namely crude oil.


Fortress Persian Gulf


Following the Iranian Revolution the US more overtly displayed its willingness to lean on the Saudi monarchy.  During the 1979 border war between North and South Yemen US Secretary of Defense and Trilateralist Harold Brown pressured the Saudis to supply $390 million worth of US weapons to North Yemen where US advisers were running the show.


The conflict underscored the vulnerability of the oilfields of the Kingdom to the kind of nationalist rhetoric coming from the neighboring South Yemen government.


Brown also directed the Saudis finance the sale of twelve F-SE fighters by the US to Sudan.  With the Shah deposed, Brown busied himself selling surplus Iranian-bound weapons to the Saudis, as well as to Israel, Jordan, Oman and Egypt.  In the spring of 1980 the US signed a military pact with Turkey and sent the Turks $1 billion in weaponry. [206]


The Saudis immediately announced an oil production increase when the mullahs took Tehran.  Within two weeks of that announcement the US State Department unveiled a $1.2 billion program to shore up the Saudi National Guard.  The program would be supervised by Vinnell Corporation, a subsidiary of TRW, the San Francisco-based consumer credit reporting giant and leading supplier of NSA spy satellites.  By 1979 Saudi purchases of US weaponry surpassed even those of the Israelis.


Bendix, Raytheon, Grumman, Northrup, Lockheed, TWA and the US Army Corps of Engineers all flocked to Riyadh to exhibit their wares.  The US implemented American Peace Shield, through which tens of billions of dollars in defense contracts would be doled out.  Richard Secord swung an $8.5 billion contract for Boeing to provide AWACs to the Saudis.  An integrated Command and Control Center (C3) was established in Saudi Arabia. [207]


The US, Britain and France pushed for defense offset deals with the Kingdom, under which weapons were paid for in oil.  In 1990 the Saudis bought French Crotale missiles, with the French receiving discounted oil and promised to invest in Saudi industry.


A British program known as AlYamamah was spearheaded by British Aerospace (BAE) and run by a consortium of pan-European interests, whose governments established the Anglo-Saudi Committee.


Under Al Yamamah the Euro governments, along with BP Amoco and Royal Dutch/Shell, receive free oil.  European arms dealers get contracts with the House of Saud and the Saudis receive help from the British in moving their oil operations downstream by investing in old Eastern European oil refineries. [208]


In 1989 BAE contracted to build Prince Sultan Air Base, while also selling Tornado fighters to the Saudis.  BAE bought Ballast Nedam, a Dutch heavy construction firm with Saudi ties, which built the massive bridge that now links the Saudi mainland to Bahrain. BAE netted $60 billion in the largest contract ever received from the Saudis by a Western company. According to a June 27, 2007 Financial Times article, AlYamamah and BAE were being investigated by the US Justice Department.


The militarization of the Gulf Region went beyond the borders of Saudi Arabia.  In 1980 US arms sales and military aid to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) emirates were unprecedented.  The AWAC-monitored C3 defense system, now in place in Saudi Arabia, would be integrated with Hawk missile systems installed in all six GCC nations.


In 1983 the GCC began to conduct joint regional military maneuvers under the watchful eye of US advisers.  The Saudis and Kuwaitis conducted the first such exercises, followed by joint training between Oman and the UAE.  Eventually all six nations were running coordinated military exercises on a regular basis.  In 1984 the GCC established a Joint Chiefs of Staff and developed its own Rapid Deployment Forces (RDF), both modeled after and facilitated by the Pentagon.  The Saudis and Kuwaitis agreed to foot the lion’s share of the bill, including an agreement whereby the two richest GCC monarchies paid for air defense systems for Oman and Bahrain.


In late 1984, with the Iran/Iraq War heating up, the Pentagon coordinated the first Peninsula Shield exercises involving troops from the US, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey and the GCC countries. [209]  The US set up a fallback arc of bases and obtained basing rights for RDF in Oman, Kenya, Somalia and Egypt.  The US B-52 forward base on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia was beefed up.  Egyptian and Pakistani Air Forces, which the GCC nations rely heavily upon, were supplied with new F-16 fighters from Northrup Corporation.  Omani and Egyptian Armies regularly conducted joint military exercises involving US troops.


The French placed Mirage fighters at bases in Djibouti on the Horn of Africa across the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia.  The British added Tornado fighters to its bases in Oman.  And NATO fortified its bases in Turkey, especially at Incirlik Air Base in the south of the country near the Iraqi border.  In 1983, following a trial run invasion of Grenada, President Reagan merged the RDF into the US Central Command.  A US Middle East Forward Command (MIDEASTFOR) component was established at the huge US naval base near Jufair, Bahrain which houses the US 5th Fleet and serves as the biggest ARAMCO customer on the planet.


Since 1973 65% of US arms sales have gone to the Middle East.  Between 1977 and 1987 $34 billion in arms flowed into the Gulf region, more than was supplied to the rest of the entire world combined.  US defense giants sold AWAC’s and F-15’s to Qatar and Kuwait.  After the Gulf War President Bush authorized the sale of Apache attack helicopters to Bahrain and Kuwait.


Saudi Arabia now boasts the highest per capita defense spending in the world.  In 1984 alone the Saudis spent $22.7 billion on US weaponry.  The GCC also “rents” military troops from the best US-trained armies in the region, using aid as payment.  The Saudis have elaborate military assistance arrangements with Pakistan, whereby the Saudis send Karachi aid in return for the services of Pakistani military units.  Kuwait has long received military forces from both Pakistan and Egypt in exchange for billions of dollars in aid.  Pakistan’s best pilots are sent to the UAE to fly the emir’s F-16 fighters.  Similar arrangements exist between the GCC and Turkey. [210]


US-trained militaries in Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey are renowned as the best Muslim forces in the world.  When combined with Israel, the three countries account for one-half of US military aid.  The US once eyed Pakistan as a central command headquarters for its RDF, while Turkey keeps its bases open for US military adventures such as the no-fly zone patrols over northern Iraq.


In effect, the US is defending GCC oil with third country armies which it has trained and over which it holds the purse strings, thus curtailing the power of any potential rogue GCC sheik who may decide to go it alone.  The arrangement dilutes the political power of the Gulf States’ people, whose countries are occupied by foreign troops, ready to dispassionately put down any revolt that might threaten either the emirs or the oilfields.


While Third World grunts provide a standing army, the US is careful not to allow GCC personnel to become proficient in the control of advanced weapons systems.  The most sophisticated systems are monitored by US military officers.  At Riyadh, for example, US CENTCOM is in charge of monitoring AWACs and tanker air traffic. [211]  Key equipment on the AWACs requires US personnel to operate beyond a few days.  The planes contain a digital look-down link so the US can monitor the AWACs from American soil.


There are 6,000 Americans working in the Saudi Arabia arms industry. Many hold key positions.  This figure does not include US troops whose numbers have steadily increased since the mid-1980s and took a quantum leap during the US war with Iraq in 1991.


Another neo-colonial policy disallows licensing of high-tech arms production outside NATO and Pacific Alliance countries.  Spare parts for GCC weapons systems are available only on a strict US schedule.  These technological dependencies insure a perpetuation of the oil for arms quid pro quo which the Four Horsemen, the US defense establishment and the international bankers wish to impose upon the GCC.


There have been voices within US foreign policy circles for some time calling for outright occupation of the oil fields of Saudi Arabia.  The US has planned for this contingency since the 1950’s construction of the first air base at Dhahran, less than five miles from ARAMCO headquarters.  The US Army Corps had made a conscious effort to overbuild the Saudi military infrastructure so that it might later be utilized by the US during a Middle East regional war.


One Saudi agreement allows Saudi bases to accept US F-15’s in a short time period and to instantly integrate the fighters into the existing command and control system.  Similar agreements were signed with the other GCC nations in the climate of fear which followed the 1991 Gulf War.


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Dean Henderson is the author of Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries and Das Kartell der Federal Reserve. Subscriptions to his Left Hook blog are FREE at


The origins and history of the Merovingian Dynasty—also known as the Dragon Dynasty in honor the great red dragon of of Revelation 12 and 13—are revealed in less available insider sources such as Gardner’s Realm of the Ring Lords and “Kenneth Grant and the Merovingian Mythos” published by DragonKey Press.


“...The ancient people of the Tuatha De Danann...were the supernatural tribe of the pre-Achaean agricultural goddess Danae of Argos, or perhaps of the Aegean mother-goddess, Danu. But their true name rendered in its older form was Tuadhe d’Anu. As such, they were the people (or tribe) of Anu, the great sky god of the Anunnaki.” (Gardner, Realm of the Ring Lords: The Myths and Magic of the Grail Quest)


“The Nephilim were banished to the center of the earth for disobeying God by mating with the daughters of men and teaching them the ‘forbidden’ arts. In this publication the Nephilim have been identified as the Fathers of the Merovingians...


“...the Merovingian race was sired by a water beast known as the Quinotaur. This Quinotaur took the form of a sea-bull. Crowley’s personal seal was of a sea goat. Grant, writing of Crowley’s Seal of the Beast, says: ‘The beast is the sea-goat or amphibious monster identical with Cthulhu, the Quinotaure or Bull of the Deep.’ Grant writes as a footnote; ‘The waters under the earth; home of the ‘ancestors’ or subconscious atavisms of the race.’ Is this a reference to the race of the Grail?” (“Kenneth Grant and the Merovingian Mythos”)


Merovingian claims of angelic ancestry may seem too bizarre to be true, however, as mentioned above, such a race of demonic origin is found in Scripture:


“And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.” - Gen. 6:1-7


The Hebrew word nephiyl is properly translated fallen ones and refers to the offspring of fallen angels who mated with human women on Mount Hermon in the land of Canaan.  It may be that “after that” in Gen. 6:4 refers to a second invasion of fallen angels after the flood, which would explain why the Israelites found giants (Nephilim) in Canaan upon entry into the Promised Land: “And there we saw the Nephilim, the sons of Anak, who come of the Nephilim; and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.'” (Num. 13:33, Hebrew Masoretic Text, Hebrew-English JPS 1917 Ed.)  


“Some commentators have speculated that the Nephilim of Numbers 13 belonged to a second eruption of fallen angels, since the earlier Nephilim had been destroyed in the Flood. And they see an allusion to this in Genesis 6:4, where it states that ‘there were Nephilim in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men.’ Could it be that the ‘after that’ was a reference to the Nephilim found in Canaan during the Israelite entry into the land? If so, it could explain why the Lord commanded the total extermination of the Canaanites, as He had earlier ordered the near annihilation of the human race.”  (“Sons of God, Daughters of Men”)


Sodom and Gomorrah were Canaanite settlements that practiced cult prostitution in conjunction with their fertility rites. Jude 7 suggests that the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrha were so depraved that fornication with angels was practiced, as the record of Genesis 19 also attests.  


“And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.” (Jude 6-7)


“And there came two angels to Sodom at even; and Lot sat in the gate of Sodom: and Lot seeing them rose up to meet them; and he bowed himself with his face toward the ground; And he said, Behold now, my lords, turn in, I pray you, into your servant's house, and tarry all night, and wash your feet, and ye shall rise up early, and go on your ways. And they said, Nay; but we will abide in the street all night. And he pressed upon them greatly; and they turned in unto him, and entered into his house; and he made them a feast, and did bake unleavened bread, and they did eat. But before they lay down, the men of the city, even the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young, all the people from every quarter: And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.” (Gen. 19:1-5)


The Canaanite territory of northern Israel was later occupied by the tribe of Dan, whose worship of Baal/Pan involved such fertility rites at Mount Hermon, also called Mount Sion. The Merovingians are the offspring of the tribe of Dan which intermarried with the Canaanite Tuatha De Danann, also known as the Dragon Lords of Anu because they were the offspring of the fallen angels (Anunnaki).


“Through the work of Sir Laurence Gardener we discover that Sumaire in the old Irish language means Dragon. He writes: ‘It is also reckoned that the subsequent culture of the region, phonetically called Sumerian (pronounced ‘Shumerian’) was actually Sidhemurian (Shee-murian). This case is now considerable since the early Ring Lords of Scythia (the Tuatha De Danaan king tribe) were actually called the ‘Sumaire’.’


“During the days of the Biblical Great Exodus, a group separated from Moses and went to the North. This group was the Tribe of Dann. Millions went and settled in the European and Scandinavian areas. From there they spread out to other parts of the world... conquering the countries, spreading their Anunnaki seed and replacing the conquered people’s traditions with their own serpent culture.” (“The Tribe of Dann and the Lost Tribe of Israel”)


The Tribe of Dann said to have “separated from Moses" may have been among the mixed multitude that left Egypt with the Israelites (Exodus 12:38) and "fell a lusting" in Numbers 11:4.  In these verses, the term “mixed multitude” may, in fact, describe the hybrid genetic composition of this group.


“The Nephilim were the fallen angels, cast out of heaven after rebelling against God. The word Nephal means, ‘to fall’ and means ‘the fallen one.’ Their leader was also a fallen Son of God, Lucifer (Satan). The Nephilim came from a class of angels called ‘the watchers’, and not all watchers fell. The souls derived from the union of the Nephilim and mortal women were called the ‘mixed multitude’...” (The Ark of Millions of Years, p. 333)


When God dispersed the northern tribes of Israel for their wickedness, the tribe of Dan migrated to Greece, and later to France and the British Isles where they established pagan priesthoods and royal dynasties of the demonic bloodline:


“The Tuatha De Danann (or Dragon Lords of Anu)...[before settling in Ireland (from about 800 B.C.)]...were the...Black Sea princes of Scythia (now Ukrane). Like the original dynastic Pharaohs, they traced their descent from the great Pendragons of Mesopotamia; from them sprang the kingly lines of the Irish Bruithnigh and the Picts of Scotland’s Caledonia. In Wales they founded the Royal House of Gwynedd, while in Cornwall in the southwest of England, they were the sacred gentry known as Pict-Sidhe.


“So, from a single caste of the original Blood Royal - whether known as the Sangréal, the Albi-gens or the Ring Lords - we discover many of the descriptive terms which sit at the very heart of popular folklore. For here, in this one noble race, we have the ‘elves’, ‘fairies’ and ‘pixies’ - not beguiling little folk, but distinguished Kings and Queens of the Dragon succession.” (Gardner, In the Realm of the Ring Lords, Pt. 1)


In ‘The Psalter of Cashel’ it states that: ‘The Tuatha de Danaan’ ruled in Ireland for about two centuries, and were highly skilled in architecture and other arts from their long residence in Greece.’ The Tuatha de Danaan were the descendants of Danaus, the son of Belus, who went with his fifty daughters to Argos, the home of his ancestrous Io. In Irish legends the Tuatha de Danaan, who were considered to be demi-gods,...were said to have possessed a... Grail-like vessel... These teachers of wisdom...were the founders of the Druidic priesthood.” (Van Buren, The Sign of the Dove, pp. 141-2)


The progenitors of the Tuatha De Danaan, the Dragon Lords of Anu (Anunnaki), still communicate with mankind, however, since the arrival and ascendance of Christianity, they must now resort to various disguises to camouflage their true identity. Among their myriad guises are apparitions of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, gods and goddesses of ancient cultures, angels, dead saints or famous people, extraterrestrials — whatever life form is appropriate to obtain acceptance and a foothold in a given culture or subculture:


“Though communications between the space races and our own continued, they were severely curtailed and went underground... The DANAAN (a collective convention-name to avoid confusion), always jealous of their technology and secrets, were demonized by the various religions that guarded the traditions established by them long ago, since corrupted by man through ignorance.


“From active persecution by the Church of contactees between their race and ours in the Dark Ages, man progressed to the point that he dealt with the problem through ridicule or derision by Science instead, in time ascribing the space races to personifications of psychological projections (archetypes), bedtime fables, and sanitized surrogates such as fairies, the boogeyman and Santa Claus...


“When they interact with man, it is through their dreams and in riddles...and a variety of identical gods in all cultures, seeming to prefer inspiring from behind the scenes to any kind of direct communication. When overt contact is necessary, they assume the guise of the Virgin Mary, the Corn Mother, angels, kachinas, or whatever is appropriate for that culture. There is a strong circumstantial evidence for this race’s continual intervention on a number of levels in man’s development from the crudely physical to the artistic, scientific and esoteric.


“They cover their tracks with hypnosis and probably drugs or some other high technology, to cloud the memories of their visitants. Their rituals and ways of life derive from a worship of the harmony of nature and the mastery of the mind of man over it.


“There has never been a time in mans’ history that these people were absent and nothing occurring in today’s UFO and abduction phenomena has not been recorded throughout. The only difference today is that there is much more evidence of the encounters, and contact is becoming increasingly visible. They mythical record the world over speaks of is a Golden Age in which man and the gods (angels) freely and openly interacted, and all such records have prophesied that a time would come when a new Golden Age would occur, all former secrets being revealed.” (“History of the Red-Haired Race: Tuatha de Danaan”)


Dogon - Shannon Dorey via Suppressed Histories Archives


In Day of the Fish I discuss the Jomon culture because of its association with the Merovingians. The ancestors of the Merovingians were said to be connected with Arcadia’s royal house and the Greek name Arcadia derives from Arkades, which means “People of the Bear.” Some of the Ainu people of Japan, who are descendants of the ancient Jomon, Mesolithic-Neolithic hunters and gatherers in about 14,000 to 300 BCE, are also “Descendants of the bear” (Kimun Kamui sanikiri).”

According to the ancient Greeks, a goddess named Eurynome had a temple in Arcadia in a spot difficult to access. The temple was only open once a year. The cult image of her showed a woman with a fish’s tail and the inhabitants of the region believed her to be Artemis. The Nummo were fish tailed beings and it is through the Dogon religion that we can connect the Japanese Jomon with the Greek culture of Arcadia. Japanese myths are likewise associated with the myths of Celtic Ireland involving an island of immortality that existed in an ocean somewhere near the two countries.

To the Japanese it existed in the Great Eastern Ocean and to the Celtic Irish it was in the Great Western Ocean. The fact that these countries are found on opposite ends of the globe might suggest that the body of water where these islands existed is where the Arctic is today. The name “Arctic comes from the ‘Greek ἀρκτικός (arktikos), near the bear, arctic, northern,’ and from the word ἄρκτος (arktos), meaning bear.” (Day of the Fish, p. 238)

The wide open round mouth, which appears on this dogu mask, is a very important symbol. Not only is it found on a carved anthropomorphic head of stone found in the New Grange tomb sanctuary of Knowth, Ireland dating to 3500-3200 BCE but it appears on a wood carving of the Master/Mistress of Speech from the Dogon religion. In the Dogon religion, the phases of the moon and the opening of the Mistress of Speech’s mouth were connected. The moon increased as she breathed while opening her mouth to “speak.” She made twelve “speeches” per year, representing all the “words” addressed to all the beings in the universe. When the moon was full, she benefited humans the most. The Dogon believed that on the day of the Nummos’ return to Earth their descent would be accompanied by a full moon. (p. 79-80, Day of the Fish) The reason that the full moon was so important was that it reflected sun light. A new moon was considered evil and was associated with humans losing their second sun and hence their immortality. This is because the moon was supposed to have been formed at the same time. (More on Day of theFish can be found at