The Dogon & Nummo

According to Shannon Dorey in "The Master of Speech", The Masonic symbols on the Shugborough monument (above left) are related to an ancient pagan religion associated with the Merovingians. According to legend, the Merovingians traced their ancestry back to Merovée, a semimythical person who was born of two fathers. One was a king named Clodio and the other a sea monster that seduced his mother when she was swimming in the sea. The Merovingians were supposed to have been descended from aliens, who were the offspring of "nephilim" or fallen angels. Because of their ancestory, Merovée and his descendants were reputed to have supernatural powers and unnaturally long lives.24d


The Merovingian bloodline appeared in the Da Vinci Code, where the Frankish royal family was supposed to be descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene. According to my research, the Merovingian bloodline is much older than the biblical Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It predates these myths by thousands of years.


Through my research of the ancient African Dogon religion, I have found links between the fish-like alien Nummo, the Shugborough Monument, the Masonic symbols and the Merovingians. My research indicates the Dogon religion is the pagan mystery religion thought to have been lost to humanity. According to the Dogon, the serpent and fish like alien beings known as Nummo came to Earth from another star system. They were associated with both the Sirius and Pleiades star systems. These green amphibious beings were identified with the Philistine god Dagon, which is likely the root of the Merovingian name Dagobert.


Research indicates that Poussin was well aware of the fish and serpent like alien beings connected to the Merovingians. In the "Et in Arcadia Ego" he painted the river god Alpheus who was identified with the "source" or the "Alpha" relating him to the garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. The river Alpheus is a central river in the actual geographical Arcadia in Greece, which flows underground and is said to surface at the Fountain of Arethusa in Sicily and is deemed to be sacred." 24e The River god is also associated with the alien Nummo and the Merovingians.


According to the Dogon, these androgynous and immortal aliens procreated with the animals of Earth to create humanity. Even though they were androgynous, they were identified as being females and later evolved into the mythology of the goddess. The Dogon had knowledge of DNA and in the Dogon religion the two "V's", which later became associated with the Masonic Society, represented dual chromosomes and was said to be "Amma forming two points." 24f The Dogon also had advanced knowledge of the solar system and spoke of the red dwarf star Sirius B to anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen 50 years before it was discovered by modern day astronomers in 1995.24g


In the Dogon religion, the red dwarf star was identified with the serpent goddess and hermaphroditic pagan Christ figure known as "The Master of Speech". This individual's DNA was supposed to provide hope for humanity and eventually allow all humans to evolve into spiritual and immortal beings.24h I believe this serpent goddess figure is the source of the symbolism associated with the document, Le Serpent Rouge that was found in October 1997 in Rennes-le-Château and produced by Pierre Jarnac. Marcus Williamson and Corella Hughes first became aware of the existence of Le Serpent Rouge in an appendix to the book Genesis by David Wood.24i The Dogon religion is in fact an earlier version of the biblical Genesis.


Many of the Masonic symbols appear in the Dogon religion, including the black and white chequered blanket known as the pall of the dead. In the Dogon religion, Lébé was represented as the ancestor of humanity and was born from two of the serpent fish like Nummo/human mothers.24j This may have been the source of the Merovingian myths relating to Merovée having been born of two fathers.


Symbols relating to the sacred feminine were later reversed by patriarchal societies and figures like the sun goddess became the sun god. In the same instance the two mothers may have been turned into the two fathers. This individual is also the probable source of the Merlin myths. Merlin was said to have had no mortal father.24k


According to the Dogon, the alien Nummo lived high in the mountains in caves as well as underground because the sunlight dried out their skin. Because they were amphibious, they needed to keep moist in order to stay alive. The "underground stream" associated with the mythology of the Rosicrucians, and the River God Alpheus found in Poussin's painting, "Et in Arcadia Ego", are related to the Nummo. The Nummo were described as being green serpent like beings with horns or casques on top of their heads.24l I believe the figure of Baphomet and worshipped by the Templars was a representation of the Nummo.24m


Not only did Poussin know about the alien beings relating to the Merovingians but he was also associated with this secret Masonic political group identified with the exiled Stuarts who had been in France since the execution of Charles I in 1649. The connection is important because the Stuarts were part of the Merovingian bloodline.24n


This theory connects both Poussin and Guercino with the Masons, this political group, and the pagan religion related to the Merovingians. The secrets involved with these groups could have been misconstrued by Louis XIV of France, who might have felt his own throne threatened in lieu of what had happened to Charles I. It could explain why he had Nicholas Fouquet arrested and later imprisoned. Poussin was known as a keeper of secrets and signed his work "Tenet Confidentiam".24o Both Poussin and Guercino would have chosen death emulating their hero Hiram Abiff, than to reveal the secrets they knew relating to the Merovingians and the Stuarts.

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