The Cooper Family

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\Dave grew up on a farm in Deering, NH.  They had 100,000 chickens, 100 sheep and 30 cows with lots of home grown vegetables during the season.  Named Chickabiddy Farm, it was a summer resort during the 1950s so all of his siblings learned the value of "work" - and that's putting it mildly.  (top left picture)


They had a large family as is shown in the center top picture with Papa Paul (far right) heading the household.  Mavis was the oldest followed by Deannie, Cynthia, Dave and Larry.  Larry's family - wife Pam & son Christopher - are on the left side of the Cooper family crest.  Dave's oldest daughter, Diane, is on the right.  Larry is an E-Bay wonder, Pam is VP of the Concord Bank and Diane is one of the few women in the United States who is an airport manager - a totally male dominated field - so we're very proud of all of them all.


Deannie's family "The Carons" are on the bottom left.  USE THE ARROW AT LEFT

Dave's son, Adam, is in the center photo.  He is a business major at Boston University and comes to visit often as shown in the picture with Foxy & family, taken several years ago when he was younger.  John is on the far right and is a straight A student at Bates College who is an exchange student in East Berlin in 2004.  Tina lives in New Hampshire where she works for an insurance agency.


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DAVE & MAMA MYRTLE COOPER - she made us the

most beautiful quilt for our guest stateroom.  A very

talented lady!

Clockwise from top left - the Cooper Men - Larry and his son

Christopher; Dave and son Adam; Larry, Dave & Cynthia; Adam, Diane, Chris, Pam, Larry & Dave: below - Grandchildren Devon & John; son Adam and daughter Tina; far left - Dave and son Doug

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