Here are some cute pictures of my grandchildren, Terrell and Hannah, on their Wyoming vacation, Christmas '06 and above at their home in Hawaii at Christmas 2007


Hannah, who was 10 this summer is hugged by brother Christian Terrell, who is 11.   Below is mum Stacy with Hannah.  I love the picture of Hannah mimicking the tree - very creative.  And Terrell, your snow-surfing  is great.  I am so proud of all of you and love you so very much.



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The photo of Hannah with the Elk antlers, well there is a story behind that. Wyoming is home to the largest wild Elk Refuge, and in the summer, after all is shed, the county pays the boy scout troops to go through the refuge to pick the antlers up. The refuge is amazing, as in the winter that is about the only place the elk can get their meals, due to the high snow levels. There are approx. 37,000 elk that reside there year round. It is a wonderful thing, the kids love it; in the past 2 years we have taken two tours of the museum. In the state of Wyoming only 8% of the land can be occupied by people, to live. The other 92% is all National Forest and very well protected - I have never seen anything like it. There are only 300,000 residences in the entire state.  I love you, and we love our animals too !!!  Stacy


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