Nancy Terrell and her brother Jim were products of both Clendenin andTerrell genes - for this reason I put the Clendenins in the middle as this website mainly concerns Terrell Genealogy.


I see so many traits of each family in both of us so to nan & emmett - my wonderful, gracious and loving parents - these pages are really dedicated to you - with all of my love and gratitude for a wonderful childhood and the good genes that have brought me success, happiness and a great deal of love.


Thank You

This was their last photo taken together in the fall of 1966

They were really beautiful people - inside as well as out.  They instilled excellent values in me that have stood me well and I truly thank them for loving me as they did when they were alive.


Southerners to the core, I lost their portraits in Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and it really, really saddened me as they had been in our homes my entire life.  


Below is Mama's portrait in the backgroud with John Rumley and me in the front - 1953