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Terrell loves music and loves to dance, sing and play the piano.  He also loves to ski (on right at Jacksoin Hole)  He is also quite artistic as you can see below.  To celebrate Taylor's 16th birthday he made everyone hats to wear.  Considering that his only materials were sissors, construction paper and scotch tape, he really did well.


We all love Christian Terrell very much.

Terrell, as I call him, is Greg's oldest son.  He is very special to me as he was born seven years, to the day, that my brother Jim died and looks just like him as you can see in the two photos.  Terrell's (left) was taken in 2003.  His great uncle Jim's was taken in 1953.  The likeness is amazing !

He is named after both Jim and me and is the only one in our family to carry on the Terrell name.  He is just full of energy and is a "water rat" if I ever saw one.  He swims like a fish and is even able to crew for his father on the parasail boats.  Below he is with his mother, Stacy, in front of the Turtle Bay Resort in 2006.  Terrell is also an excellent artist as you can tell below.  He is exceptionally creative - as was his uncle.


We are really proud of Christian Terrell as he is a very loving young man and shares really well with his sisters.

Hey - dig these really cool hats !!!

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