Taylor is Michael's only child so whenever he comes to visit it is really wonderful.  He spent his Spring Break with us on Swan Song a year ago.  How much fun we had- he loved driving the dinghy (right) and we visited lots of  islands... He seems so happy !  Taylor is now a freshman in college and lives in MA.  We have really missed his visit this year as his studies and working just make his schedule too busy to leave the country.

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We went, via dinghy, to Peter Island (above) which is probably the nicest resort in the BVI and spent a lovely afternoon at The Caves and the Willy T, both on Norman Island (below).  We visited the Jolly Roger Restaurant in Sophers Hole and generally every other watering hole.  But mostly we visited, Taylor played his guitar, we played computer games and just enjoyed each other's company.  He is more than just a special grandson - he is an awesome person. How lucky we are to have him in our family.  We love you, Taylor!!!

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We are looking forward to meeting Marionthe, Taylor's

girlfriend this summer.  Here is here latest picture.  Isn't she gorgeous?   She is hang gliding below with her friend.