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Taylor is Michael's son, born on July 10, 1989.  Taylor and I have always had an extra special bond.  I think this is because he spent most of his first year with me when Michael and Tina were living down the street from me in Coral Bay, St. John in the United States Virgin Islands.  As they were both working, I had the delight of taking care of Taylor.  Taylor was the sweetest baby and  has held that trait as he has grown into manhood.  It really meant a lot to our family to have him in Hawaii for his 16 th  birthday.  We had such a great time together.  His cousins - Terrell, Hannah and Lauren all just adore him as you can see by the pictures.  To them Taylor is like a "big brother" - Terrell especially loves doing things with Taylor and it brings  me such a special joy to see them all together.  We went parasailing and jet skiing and had many outings, on the beautiful island of Oahu, together.  


Taylor and I even managed to get lost during an island tour in Mike's old BMW  that I was given to drive while there.  Never mind that I have been driving on the other side of the road for the last 20 years - getting used to a stick shift again in Honolulu traffic was something else.  Taylor  just kept encouraging me and even tho we never arrived at our destinations we certainly did have a lot of fun - and did we ever get to know Oahu.  

Taylor's birthday party was so very special.  Terrell made everyone hats, as you can see on his page, with Hannah and Lauren making Taylor a beautiful lei that doubled as a crown and a necklace.  He really enjoyed this and we all had a very special day.  It is nice to have these pictures in remembrance of such a happy event.

Taylor is an excellent musician and artist.  He is a quiet and thoughtful young man and is a delight to be around.  He loves the countryside and rural life and really enjoys the beauty of Hawaii.  He is also very loving with Little Luke and his other cousins.

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