The month following the article on Stephanie Clayton there was a Letter to the Editor in All At Sea from J.W. Moran in Annapolis criticizing the paper for having an article on modern art in a sailing magazine.  The following month this Letter to the Editor appeared from a fan or art.  I loved it.  We love reader's responses !!!!!


Letter to the Editor  

I really would not have written this letter except to respond to  J.W. Moran from Gypsy who wrote a Letter to the Editor in this month’s All At Sea to criticize an article in your magazine about art and the sea that he described as “puffy”.  I personally await All At Sea’s issue each month simply because it IS so diversified.  I totally enjoyed the article to which he was referring and could not disagree more.  


I too do not know much about abstract art, but I found the statements by Ms. Clayton as to how the sea affects her art and what she produces to be fascinating.  Her art is beautiful and as I finished reading the article I thought to myself that I now know more about the sea and art than I did before I read it.  


I cannot thank the editor and staff enough for giving us all types of articles about the sea, just as your title says “ALL” At Sea.


Personally, I get bored reading about racing and boats, nuts & bolts, and truly enjoy articles as to how the sea affects us all – in culture, as in your interesting articles about the various island cultures; in personalities, as to all of the remarkable people living within our islands and yes in art – as to how the sea inspires those living in our islands with talent.  


This is not “puffy” – this is information and I hope these types of articles will continue in your paper.   Quite frankly, I am aghast that a “writer & publisher” would admit, in front of thousands of readers, that modern art has all of the appeal of alphabet soup.  Maybe he should stop criticizing and learn something.


Keep up the Good Work!


Lizzy Randolph

S/V Aqualair