Spanish Lineage



Our Early Spanish Ancestors


1. Spanish Kings to Edward I of England - our lineage follows his daughter Joan of Acre

Ref: "Historia de Asturias, Alta Edad Media" Vol I. (1979)

Ref: Soldevila, F., "Historia de Espana" Vol. I. (1962)

Ref: Merriman, Roger B., "The Rise of the Spanish Empire" Vol. I. (Middle Ages) (1918)

The Iberian Peninsula was conquered by the Arabs in 711. Pelayo, leader of the revolt against the Muslims; was elected King of Asturias, 718. He reigned from 718 to 737. He had a son and a daughter as follows:

• 1. Fafila, successor to his father, Pelayo, King of Asturias, 737-739.

• 2. Ermisenda, a daughter, married Afonso I, the Catholic, King of Asturias, 739-757. They had the following children:

o 1. Fruela I, King of Asturias, 757-768. He was succeeded by Aurelio (Aurelius), nephew to Afonso I. Aurelio reigned from 768 to 774. Fruela had a son, Afonso II, the Chaste, who ruled from 792 to 842.

o 2. Adosinda, a daughter, married to Silo, King of Asturias, 774-783.

Afonso I also had a bastard son, Mauregato the Usurper, King of Asturias, 783-789.


• 1. Vermudo (Veremund) (Bermudo) I., the Deacon, King of Asturias, 789-792. He then abdicated. He was the grandson of Pedro, Duke of Cantabria, son of Fruela, his mother, and a brother of Aurelio. who succeeded Mauregato. See the above description. He had a son, Ramiro I.

• 2. Ramiro I, King of Asturias, 842-850. He had a son, Ordoño I.

• 3. Ordoño I, King of Asturias, 850-866.

• 4. Afonso III., the Great (el Magno), King of Asturias, during the period of 866-910. He abdicated and later died in 910. He had two sons as follows:

o 1. Garcia, King of Leon, 910-914.

o 2. Odoño II, King of Leon, 914-924. See below.

o 3. Fruela II., King of Leon, 924-925.

• 5. Ordoño II, King of Leon, 914-924. He had a two sons as follows:

o 1. Afonso IV., the Monk, King of Leon, 926-931. He had a son, Ordoño IV., the Bad, King of Leon, 958-959, was deposed, and died in 962.

o 2. Ramiro II, King of Leon and Asturias, 931-951. See below.

• 6. Ramiro II, King of Leon and Asturias, ruled from 931 to 951. He abdicated. He had the following children:

o 1. Ordoño III., King of Leon, 951-956. See below.

o 2. Sancho I., the Fat, King of Leon, 956-958. He was deposed, and restored 959-966. He had a son, Ramiro III, King of Leon, 966-985.

• 7. Ordoño III, King of Leon, ruled from 951 to 956. He was succeeded by Sancho I. the Fat, 956-966. He in turn was succeeded by his son, Ramiro III, 966-985.

• 8. Bermudo (Vermudo) II. the Gouty, King of Leon, ruled from 985-999.

• 9. Afonso V. the Noble, King of Leon, ruled from 999 to 1028. He had a son and a daughter as follows:

o 1. Bermudo III. (Vermudo III.), King of Leon, 1028-1037.

o 2. Sancha I, See below.

o 3. Ximenia of Leon, married Diego Rodriquez. Their daughter, Ximenia of Asturias, married El Cid, Roderigo Diaz. See later in this section for the continuation of this lineage.

• 10. Sancha I, Queen and heiress of Leon in 1037. She died in 1067. She married Ferdinand I, Count of Castile, 1029, 2nd son of Sancho III. the Great, King of Castile, Navarre, and Aragon (970-1035), brother of Garcia, King of Navarre (1035-1054), and brother of Ramiro I., King of Aragon (1035-1063). Garcia was the ancestral head of a line of Kings of Navarre for many generations. Ramiro I. was the ancestral head of Kings of Aragon and Counts of Barcelona and Provence. Ferdinand I. ruled from 1033 to 1065. He died in 1065. Sancha I and Ferdinand I had two sons as follows:

o 1. Sancho II., the Strong, King of Navarre and Castile, 1065-1072.

o 2. Alfonso VI See below.

o 3. Garcia of Galicia

• 11. Alfonso VI, King of Leon and Navarre from 1065 to 1109, King of Castile, 1072-1109, King of Galicia. He married (1) Agnes of Aquitaine, daughter of William X., Duke of Aquitaine, divorced in 1079, (2) Constance of Burgundy, died in 1092, daughter of Robert I., Duke of Burgundy, (3) Bertha, died in 1095, daughter of William I., Count of Burgundy, and (4) Isabella, who died in 1103. From the first marriage, Afonso and Agnes had a daughter as follows:

o 1. Urraca. See below.

Afonso also had an illegitimate daughter by a woman, identified as Jimena Munoz in Payne's history, as follows:

? 1. Theresa, died in 1130, married Henry of Burgundy, Count of Portugal, grandson of Robert, Duke of Burgundy, who died in 1112. They were ancestors of the following unbroken line of Kings of Portugal:

Alfonso I. Enrique (1112-1185), Sancho I. (1185-1211), Alfonso II., the Fat (1211-1223), Sancho II. (1223-1245), Alfonso III. (1245-1279), Dinez (1279-1325), Alfonso IV. (1325-1357), Pedro (Peter) I. (1357-1367), Ferdinand (Fernando) I. (1367-1383), John I. (1385-1433), Edward I (1433-1438), Alfonso V. (Africano) (1438-1481), John II. (1481-1495), and Emanuel I. (1495-1521).

From the fourth marriage, Alfonso and Isabella had the following children:

? 1. Sancha, married Roderigo Gonzales, Count of Lara.

? 2. Elvira, died in 1135, married Roger II. of Sicily, who died in 1154.

• 12. Doña Urraca reigned as Queen of Navarre from 1109 to 1126, also Queen of Austurias, Leon, and Castile, 1109-1126. She married (1) Raymond (Raimundo) of Burgundy, son of William, Count of Burgundy, who died in 1107. They had a son as follows:

o 1. Alfonso VII., the Emperor. See below.

She later married (2) Alfonso I., King of Aragon, from whom she was divorced by annulment in 1114, and (3) Peter Gonzalez, Count of Lara, who died in 1130. Sometimes Alfonso I. is identified as Alfonso VII. of Castile and Leon; this makes Afonso the Emperor Alfonso VIII. of Castile and Leon, and Alfonso VIII. of Castile (118-1214) Alfonso IX of Castile.

• 13. Alfonso VII., the Emperor, born in 1103, and after capturing Córdova and other Moorish territory, he died in 1157. He reigned from 1126 to 1157. He married about the year 1124 (1) Berengaria (Berenguela), who died in 1149, daughter of Raymond-Berengar III. of Barcelona, and his wife, Maria. They had two sons as follows:

o 1. Sancho III., the Desired, King of Castile (1157-1158). He married Blanche, who died in 1158, daughter of Garcia V. of Navarre. They had a son,

Afonso, as follows:

? 1. Alfonso VIII, King of Castile (1158-1214), married Eleanor of England, who died in 1214, daughter of Henry II., King of England and sister of John Lackland, King of England. They had the following children:

? 1. Berengaria (Berenguela), who married, as his second wife, Afonso IX, King of Leon, 1188-1230. He had married (1) Teresa, daughter of Sancho I. of Portugal. They were divorced in 1198. Teresa died in 1250. See the continuation of this lineage below.

? 2. Henry I., King of Castile, 1214-1217, d.s.p.

3. Blanche, died in 1252, married Louis VIII. of France, who died in 1226. They had a son, Louis IX. of France.

? 4. Ferdinand, died in 1211.

? 5. Urraca, died in 1220, married Afonso II. of Portugal, who died in 1223.

? 6. Eleanor, married (1) James I. of Aragon, who died in 1276. They were divorced in 1229.

? 2. Sancha died in 1179, married Sancho IV. of Navarre, who died in 1194.

? 3. Constancia, died in 1160, married (2) Louis VII. of France, who died in 1180.

? 4. Ferdinand II See below.

Afonso VII. married (2) Richilda of Poland, daughter of Vladislav II. of Poland. They had a daughter as follows:

? 1. Sancha, wife of Alfonso II, King of Aragon, who died in 1196. This line descends through Raymond Berenger IV., King of Provence to Eleanor of Provence, wife of King Henry III. of England. See elsewhere for this ancestral lineage.

Afonso VII. also had an illegitimate daughter, Urraca, who died in 1179.

• 14. Ferdinand II, King of Leon, 1157-1188. In 1160 he married (1) Urraca of Portugal, daughter of Alfonso I., King of Portugal and Maud of Savoy. See the ancestral lineage of the Kings of Portugal elsewhere in Volume I. They were divorced in 1175 and Urraca died in 1176. They had a son as follows:

o 1. Alfonso IX. See below.

Ferdinand II. married (2) Teresa of Lara, who died in 1180. From this marriage they had a son, Sancho, who died in 1217.

• 15. Alfonso IX, King of Leon, was born in 1166 and died in 1230. He reigned from 1188 to 1230. He married (1) Teresa, daughter of Sancho I. of Portugal, divorced in 1198. He married before 1190 (2) his cousin, Berengaria, Queen of Castile, 1217-1217, daughter of Alfonso VIII., King of Castile, 1158-1214, and his wife, Eleanor, sister of King John of England, and daughter of King Henry II., King of England, and his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. The elder Alfonso VIII., Berengaria's father, King of Castile, was son of the Sancho III., King of Castile, 1157-1158, son of Alfonso-Raimund VII. the Emperor, above. Both Alfonso IX and Berengaria were descendants of Roderigo Diaz, El Cid (Lord), the legendary warrior of Spain. Berengaria and Alfonso had the following children:

o 1. Ferdinand III See below.

o 2. Berengaria, married (2) John (Jean) of Brienne, Emperor of Constantinople, died in 1237, son of Erard II., Count of Brienne, and his wife, Agnes. See the continuation and the ancestral lineage elsewhere in this section of Volume I.

o 3. Alfonso of Molina, died in 1272.

• 16. Ferdinand III (St. Ferdinand), was born in 1191, in whose favor his mother abdicated the throne of Castile in 1217. At his father's death twelve years later he became the King of Leon. Thus he was the King of Castile and Leon. In the following years, until his death, Ferdinand greatly strengthened the Christian influence in Spain, reducing the Moorish nation to little more than a vassal state. He reunited Castile and Leon, pushed the Catholic frontier to Granada, conquered Cordoba 1236, Jaen 1246, made Seville his capital in 1248, the great mosque his cathedral, the Alcazar his residence. He married (1) Beatrice, died in 1234, daughter of Emperor Philip of Swabia. He married (2) Joanna (Jeanne) Dammartin, who died in 1278, daughter of Simon de Dammartin, Count of Aumale and Ponthieu, and his wife, Marie, Countess of Ponthieu. Joanna was descended from Charlemagne through the Counts of Ponthieu. See this lineage elsewhere in Vol. I. Beatrice and Ferdinand III. had two sons as follows:

o 1. Alfonso X., the Wise, King of Leon and Castile, ruled in the period of 1252 to 1284. He was also the King of the Romans in 1257. He was effectively the founder of Spanish and Portuguese literature. He married Yolande, who died in 1300, daughter of James I., King of Aragon. They had the following children:

? 1. Ferdinand de la Cerda, died in 1275, married Blanche, who died in 1320, daughter of Louis IX, King of France.

? 2. Beatrice, who died about 1280, married William VII. of Montferrat, who died in 1292.

? 3. Sancho IV, the Fierce, King of Castile and Leon, 1284-1295, married Mary of Molina, who died in 1322.

? 4. Beatrix, died in 1303, married Alfonso III., King of Portugal, who died in 1279.

From Alfonso X., whose sons were Ferdinand de la Cerda, who died in 1275, and Sancho IV., who reigned as King of Leon from 1284 to 1295. From this family descended many of the kings and queens of Spain, to King Ferdinand V. (1479-1516), who married Isabella, Queen of Castile, the Catholic Queen and King, who were cousins, on to the present King Juan Carlos, born in 1913, who regained the throne after the death of the dictator, Franco, in the late 1980's.

o 2. John Emmanuel of Pennafiel, who died in 1283.

Joanna (Jeanne) Dammartin and Ferdinand III. had a daughter as follows:

? 1. Eleanor of Castile. See below.

Ferdinand III. was canonized in 1671.

• 17. Eleanor of Castile, married in 1254 Edward I, King of England. She died in 1290.  SEE THE PLANTAGENET LINE FOR THIS IS WHERE THE TERRELLS DESCEND

See continuation of this lineage elsewhere in Volume I. in the Kings of England

Ref: Previte-Orton, "The Shorter Cambridge Medieval History, Vol. II., The Twelfth Century to the Renaissance", which contains many detailed genealogical charts.




Ref: Tierney and Painter, "Western Europe in the Middle Ages (300-1475)"

Another line among the Kings of Spain is as follows:

• 1. Sancho Garcia, King of Navarre (905-926). He was the father of Garcia Sanchez.

• 2. Garcia Sanchez, King of Navarre (926-970). He was the father of Sancho Abarca.

• 3. Sancho Abarca, King of Navarre (970-994). He was the father of Garcia Sanchez II.

• 4. Garcia Sanchez II, King of Navarre (994-1000). He was the father of Sancho the Great.

• 5. Sancho the Great, King of Castile, Navarre, and Aragon (1000-1035), married Nunia of Castile. They had three sons, to whom the kingdom was divided, as follows:

o 1. Ferdinand I, King of Castile (1035-1065). See this lineage above.

o 2. Garcia Sanchez III, King of Navarre (1035-1054). See below.

o 3. Ramiro (Ramirez) I, King of Aragon (1035-1063), married Gisberge (Gisberga) of Bigorre. They had a son, Sancho Ramirez, King of Aragon, 1063-1094, and King of Navarre, 1076-1091. He had three sons: Pedro I., King of Aragon and Navarre (1094-1104); Afonso I., the Warrior, King of Aragon and Navarre (1104-1134), married and divorced in 1114 (2) Urraca, Queen of Castile, who died in 1134; and Ramiro II., King of Aragon and Navarre, 1134-1137 (abdicated in 1137), died in 1147. The daughter of this youngest son, Ramiro II. the Monk, was Petronilla, who died in 1172, Queen of Aragon and Navarre (1137-1162), who married Raymond Berengar IV, Count of Barcelona (1131-1162), who died in 1162. Their son was Alfonso II., King of Aragon and Navarre (1162-1196), and his son was Pedro II., King of Aragon and Navarre (1196-1213). This line descends to Ferdinand V. (II.), the Catholic (1479-1516), who ruled with Queen Isabel I, the Catholic (1474-1504), and thence to the modern King, Juan Carlos. See elsewhere for the ancestral line to Raymond Berenger, Count of Provence.

• 6. Garcia Sanchez, King of Navarre (1035-1054). He was the father of Sancho V.

• 7. Sancho V, King of Navarre (1054-1076). He was the father of Ramiro.

• 8. Ramiro. He was the father of Garcia Ramirez IV. The succession of kings of Navarre was broken here, but it was reestablished in the next generation.

• 9. Garcia Ramirez IV, King of Navarre (1134-1150).

• 10. Sancho VII, King of Navarre (1150-1194). He was father of the following son and daughter:

o 1. Sancho VIII. the Strong, King of Navarre (1194-1234), d.s.p.

o 2. Blanche (Blanca) of Navarre, married Thibaut III. (Teobaldo III.), Count of Champagne. See below.

• 11. Blanche (Blanca) of Navarre, married Thibaut (Teobaldo) III, Count of Champagne. They had a son, Thibaut I.

• 12. Thibaut (Teobaldo) I, King of Navarre (1234-1253), married Margaret (Marguerite) of Bourbon. They had the following sons:

o 1. Thibaut (Theobaldo) II., King of Navarre (1253-1270).

o 2. Henry I, King of Navarre (1270-1274), married as her first husband, Blanche of Artois, granddaughter of Louis VIII. Henry and Blanche had a daughter, Juana, who later succeeded her father as Queen Juana I. (1274-1305). Blanche married (2) Edmund Plantaganet, Crouchback which connects with the TERRELL LINE – SEE THE PLANTAGENET PAGE

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