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Amulf, Bishop of Metz   Pepin I, of Landen,        

c. 580 - 641 A.D.    Mayor of Austrasia, d. 640 A.D.    



Ansegis, Mayor of Austrasia, m. ---------------  ---------------------------- Begga St. Gertrude Grimoald    

d. 678 A.D.    c. 626-659 A.D. Mayor of Autrasia, d. 662 A.D.  


  Pepin II, of Heristal m. 1st Plectude m. 2nd Alpais (Alpaida) of Aupois    

  Mayor of Austrasia          


   Grimoald  Charles Martel      

   Mayor of Neustria  Mayor of all the Kingdoms    

   d. 714  c. 686-741, m. Routrou of Treves    



   Theodald  Carloman Pepin III, le Bref Grifon Bernard (illegitimate)

   d. 775 King of Franks    

   m. Bertrada of Laon    

   c. 714-768    



   Charles I, Charlemagne  Carloman

   King of the Franks, 1st Holy Roman Emperor  King of Franks

   m., 2nd Desiderata of France (9 wives)  m. Gerberga of the Lombards

   c. 742-814    c. 751-771



   Charles Pepin Louis I, (the Pious) (daughter) Berthe m. Angilbert of Ponthieu

      King of Aquitaine      

   Bernard c. 814-840  (the Counts of Ponthieu)



  Lothaire I Pepin I Louis   Charles II (the Bald) 3rd Holy Roman Emperor  

  Emperor of Germany of Aquitaine of Bavaria  m. Ementrude of Orleans  

      c. 840-877    


   Charles the Fat                                     |

   Emperor of Germany  Louis II, (the Stammerer) King of France Charles Judith and Hersent

   c. 884-888  m. 1st Adelaide of Paris of Aquitaine  

   c. 846-879      

        m. 2nd Ansgarde of Burgrundy  


  Charles III, the Simple King of France Ermentrude                                    |

  m. 1st?, m. 2nd ? m. 3rd  of France  Hedwige Louis III King of France Carloman

  c. 879-929 Edgiva of England  c. 863-882 d. 884


  Louis IV, King of France, c. 921-954    

  m. Gerberga of Saxony    



Charles I of Lower Lorraine  Matilda Lothaire I    

m. Bonne D'Ardennes    d. 986    

c. 953-994        

     Louis V,  Last of the Caroligian Rulers of France, c. 967-987  


Gerberga  Ermengarde    

of Lorraine m.  of Lorraine    

Count Lambert I    

of Louvain (d.1015)              


Count Lambert II  Maude de Louvain   Otto de Louvain  Hainaut, Count of Louvain

of Louvain  m. Eustauce I of Boulogne  d. pre-1066  

m. Oda of Lorraine  who was descended from the               |___________

991-1062  Counts of Ponthieu, c. 1000-1049               |  

      Henry Robert de Louvain

      Count of Louvain (de Bruis)



       ______________          Duke of Lower Lorraine

      |         Count of Brabant and Louvain

Eustace II Lambert de Lens  Godfrey of Boulogne Ida of Boulogne  _______|__________  

of Boulogne, m. 1st m. 1st (?) m. 2nd Adele Bishop of Paris m. Baldwin of Bourg      

Goda of England 1025-1054 sister of Duke Chancellor of France  Adeliz of Louvain  Joscelyn de Louvain

m. 2nd Ida of died at Battle of Lille William of Normandy  m. Henry I of England    

Bouillon       | the Conqueror          

      |       |______________          

      |______________        |    Judith de Lens    

      |  Seier de Lens Walter de Lens  m. Waltheof    

Count Eustace III Godfrey & Baldwin (de Seton) (de Bedford)  of Northumbria    

of Boulogne 1st and 2nd  (known as Dougall        

m. Mary sister of Kings of Jerususalem de Seton, 1st) Winemar de Lens      

King David I of Scotland       | (also le Fleming)        

      |        |________________ ______________________ _____ Maud of Huntingdon Alice  

      |        |           | m. (as second wife)    

Matilda  Walter de Lens   Hugh de Lens David I of Scotland    

Countess of Boulogne (de Seton)   (also called le Fleming)    

m. Stephen of Blois of England (also called      

and became  le Fleming)      

Queen of England  (also known as Dougall de Seton, 2nd)    

      |  m. Jonet de Quincy, c. 1106    


Eustace IV of Boulogne          

   Seier (Seher) de  Walter de Seton  2 daughters (?)  

   Seton  (also again called    

   c. 1124-1150  Dougall)    


   Philip de Seton        

   m. Helen (Alice)      

   daughter of Waltheof, 5th Earl of Dunbar and March    

   d. 1179        


   Alexander de Seton (Setoun)    

   m. Jean Barclay (Berkeley)    

   d. 1211      


   Bertrand de Seton (Bertram/Bartine)    

   m. Margaret Comyn      

   daughter of William, Earl of Buchan    

   d. 1230 (?)      




   Adam de Seton (Setoune)  Alexander de Seton (Setoune)  

   m. Margaret Gifford    who witnessed a charter to the Burgh of Glasgow, c. Nov. 22, 1225

   daughter of Hugh, Lord Yester    

   d. 1255 (?)      



   Sir Christopher de Seton  John de Seton  daughter (?)

   (known as Chrystell)    m. Sir William Keith

   m. Maud Percy, daughter    

   of Ingelram Percy, Lord Topcliff    

   d. 1269      



   Christopher Seton      John Seton  

   friend and companion of Sir William Wallace      

   m. Agnes, daughter of Patrick, Earl of March      

   d. 12 June, 1298 at the Battle of Dillicarew      



   Sir Christopher Seton          

   m. Lady Christian Bruce      

   sister of King Robert Bruce      

   faithful friend of King Robert, he was killed (executed)      

   for his presence (consent) of Bruce's killing of the "Red Comyn"      

   d. 1323          


   Sir Alexander Seton of Seton        

   m. Isabel, daughter of Duncan, 10th Earl of Fife      

   d. Aug. 1332 at Wester Kinghorn, Fife, in defense of King Robert Bruce    



   Sir Alexander Seton of Seton      

   Captain and Keeper of Berwick Castle      

   m. Christian Cheyne of Straloch      

   d. 1342 (?)        

         |______________         _________

          |                |                  |               |                  |

   Sir Alexander Seton   John Seton William Thomas son (2?)

   m. Margaret Murray   founder of the    

   sister of Captain   Setons of Parbroath    

   William Murray, Keeper    

   of Edinburgh Castle      

   d. 1345 (?)      


   Margaret Seton (heiress of Seton)        

   m. Alan de Winton c. 1347      

   Alan took the name of Seton and died on a crusade to the Holy Land    



   Sir William Seton of Seton, died 1409   Henry de Winton  Christian Seton

   1st Lord Seton, before 1363   kept his fathers name. m. the Count of Dunbar and March

   m. Catherine St. Clair (Sinclair) of Herdmanston the Winton's of Wrychthouses became Countess in her own right.




   John Seton , 2nd Lord Seton Alexander Seton  6 daughters  

   m. Janet Dunbar, dau. Of the Earl of March m. Elizabeth Gordon    

   d. 1441   heiress of Gordon and became Lord Gordon in 1437  

          |  d. 1449    

          |         |     ________________

          |             |                                |

   William Seton  Alexander Seton  William Seton sons + daughters (?)

   Master of Seton  Lord Gordon  m. Elizabeth Meldrum  

   m. unknown  1st Earl of Huntly  heiress of Meldrum  

   d. at Verneuil, Fr.  he took the name   m. 2nd Margaret of Leuchars

   Aug. 17, 1424  of Gordon  d. 18th May, 1452 at the Battle of Brechin

          |                                        |

          |______________     the Seton's of Meldrum

          |  the Marquess Seton's of Touch        |                         |

          | 2 daughters  + Duke of Gordon             |       V                        |

   George Seton, born 1415, died 1479 (?)              V the Seton's of the Seton's of Pittmedden

   3rd Lord Seton    Abercorn                     |           |

   m.Margaret Stewart                       V          |

   heiress of of John,      the Seton's of Mounie

   Earl of Buchan        


          |  dau. Christian  illeg. Son, slain at Flodden

   John Seton   m. Hugh Douglas      

   Master of Seton   of Corehead  John Seton  

   m. Christian Lindsay        

   daughter of the 1st    Thomas Seton, Priest.  

   Lord Lindsay of Byres    

         |______________         ___________________

          |                                            |

   George Seton, died after 1503. John Seton  Alexander Seton Lady Christian Seton

   4th Lord Seton, purchased ship, Eagle, 1498 killed by robbers     m. Preston of Whitehill

   m. Lady Margaret Campbell in Annandale      

   eldest daughter of Colin  John Seton    

   1st Earl of Argyll    Baillies of Tranent  


          |                |    

   George Seton   John Seton Robert Seton 2 daughters  

   5th Lord Seton   d. young d. Milan, Italy    

   m. Lady Janet Hepburn        

   daughter of the    William Seton Alexander Seton  

   1st Earl of Bothwell    Scots Guards in m. Janet Sinclair, heiress of Northrig

   d. at Flodden, Sept.19, 1513.  France    

          |        the Seton's of Northrig


   1st son George Seton, died 1549 3rd son Mariota (Marion)  

   died young. 6th Lord Seton   died young. m. Hugh Montgomerie  

   m. 1st Elizabeth Hay    2nd Earl of Eglinton  

       _______ m. 2nd Lady Mary Pyeris of France  

                   | who came with Mary of Guise  

  George Seton, born 1531, died 1585 John Seton 5 girls        |        |  

  7th Lord Seton, in 1549 m. Isabel Balfour  2 sons Mary Seton  

  m. Isabel Hamilton of Sanquhar at Sorn. heiress of Cariston  no descendants of Queen Mary Stuart's four Mary's fame

  Commissioner for the marriage of Queen             |    

  Mary Stuart, and famous supporter.  Setons of Cariston    

  Often erroneously called 5th Lord. (or Carraldston)    






                         |           |           |                           |

   Robert Seton, 8th Lord Seton Sir John Seton Alexander Seton Sir Willim Seton Margaret Seton

   1st Earl of Winton   of Barnes Lord Fyvie of Kyllismuir m. Claude Hamilton

   m. Lady Margaret Montgomerie                    | 1st Earl of Dunfermline Lord Paisley

   daughter of Hugh, 3rd Earl of the Seton's Chancellor of Scotland their son was created

   Eglinton   of Barnes             |  Earl of Abercorn

   d. 22 March, 1603    the Earls of Dunfermline the present Dukes of Abercorn

               ___________             _____

              |             |                  |                  |           |           |

Robert Seton George Seton  Sir Alexander Seton  Sir Thomas Seton Sir John Seton Isabel Seton

2nd Earl of Winton 3rd Earl of Winton  of Foulstruther, his son took the name of Olivestob of St. Germains m. James Drummond

m. Ann Maitland dau m. Lady Ann Hay  of Montgomerie and succeeded as  1st Earl of Perth

of Lord Thirlstane                       | m. 2nd Elizabeth Maxwell Earl of Eglinton    

Chancellor                       | daughter of 7th Lord Herries                 |__________ Montgomery Earls of Eglinton&Winton  

of Scotland                       |        


                        |           ___________________

            _____________ ____________|_______ ______          |          |            |            |           |                          |

            |          |             |          |          |            |            |           |                          |

George Seton Alexander Seton Elizabeth Seton Christopher Seton John Seton Robert Seton Ann Seton Mary Seton                    2 sons

b. 15th May, 1613 Viscount Kingston m. William, 7th William Seton of Garleton of Windygoul m. John Stuart m. James Dalzell           4 daughters

m. Lady Henrietta m.Jane Fletcher Earl of Marishal both died of the m. Christian created Baronet 2nd Earl 4th Earl                      died young or

Gordon m. 2nd Elizabeth  coast of Holland Home of Nova Scotia of Traquair of Carnwrath                   unmarried

daughter of the  Douglas  (10 children) d. Nov, 1672    

Marquess Huntly             | (no children)    

d. 4th June, 1648  the Seton's    

      _____ of Garleton    


George Seton     3 sons    

4th Earl of Winton    d. young or unmarried    

brought up a Protestant      

had command of      

East Lothian Regiment of Foot, 1666-67      

GrandMaster of the Household      

of His Majesty the King, 1685      

m. Christian Hepburn      

daughter and heiress of John Hepburn      

of Adiston      

d. 6th March, 1704        



George Seton    Of the Seton's of Parbroath  

5th Earl of Winton    there are a number of branches:  

one of 1st to be active  Rumgavie    

in the Rising of 1715    Kinglass    

Attainted and Forfeit    Lathrisk, pronounced "Larisse"  

escaped Tower of London  Clatto    

Member of Chevaliers Cabinet in Rome  Burntisland    

d. 19th Dec., 1749    Kippilaw    

(never married, no children)    





Seton branches which took the name of the estate or family which they inter-married are:    









seton lineage from the caroliginian kings of france

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