Terrell & Riddle Family



Gayle, Robbin, Nancy, Anne & Matriarch Martha

In July of 2005, my Aunt Martha (center) invited the children of her siblings (now all deceased) to her lovely cottage in the mountains of Georgia.  Some of my cousins I had never met (Gayle (40's) at the bottom) and some I had not seen in many decades (Gayle's mother Ann (70's) to the far right.  The last time I saw Ann was at her wedding in 1952.  I was 12.  Needless to say we had both changed a little!!!).  Robbin (50's) is at the far left with Nancy (60's) in the center.  Aunt Martha (80's) is surrounded by her loving girls.





There were four children in my father's Terrell family.  The oldest - Early "Shorty", was a Psychiatrist and died in the 1950's.  His daughter Ann is pictured 2nd from the right.  Her daughter Gayle is on the far right.  Emmett Terrell, my father, was the 2nd to be born (I am the 3rd from the right.  My father's sister Francis was the first girl in the family.  Her two children Robbin and Henry "Biff" are pictured on the front row beside the Matriarch of our family - Aunt Martha who was born in 1920 and is the only surviving sibling.  She keeps us all together.  Her sons are Alan (2nd from the left) and his son Terrell "Terry" and Michael (center) with his sons Mark & Brian "the twin towers" next.  How absolutely wonderful it was to get together, in the beautiful Georgia mountains, with this Southern family of mine!!!

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And here is the complete family -THE WORKS - spouses and children -  with the special addition of Allison, Denise & Alan's granddaughter, Allison, below


                          HOW LUCKY WE ARE -

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My cousin Robbin (top) is pictured here with Denise, Terrell and Alison's  grandmother.  We had a great visit together and they are both lovely gals.  

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Aunt Martha, the youngest in my Dad's family, is pictured above in her twenties and below with my grandmother - Nama (right) and Miss Page (left at Virginia Beach -   All Great Gals !!!