Reynolds & Melissa

2004 - To my great delight, Reynolds Grimes, my cousin Marilyn's only son, chose the Virgin Islands as the place that he wanted for his island wedding to his fiance, Melissa (directly below). This was in June of 2003 so it was wonderful that I could not only join them at their wedding in St. Thomas but that they could visit me in the British Virgin Islands, only a ferry ride away.  The top rop shows their visit to the BVI. - seated left to right are Wendy, Nancy, Reynolds and Melissa.  Beneath that and to the right are - Reynolds, Melissa, Wendy and me. Below that is Wendy, Reynolds and me.


Below are lovely pictures of his wedding at Frenchman's Reef Hotel in St. Thomas.  What a special time this was - I was so flattered that they chose the Virgin Islands for their wedding and honeymoon.  This feeling for the sea obviously runs in our family

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