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Government of the British Virgin Islands
Department of Public Relations
April 1998


Nancy Terrell, a freelance journalist in the British Virgin Islands, was recently honored by the Caribbean Sports Writers Association, for her outstanding contribution to the field of Sports Journalism. Terrell has been a major contributor of yacht racing and water sports news for the past decade in the Caribbean and is the British Virgin Islands Correspondent for - All At Sea, Nautical Scene and Compass international newspapers. She reports on all Classic Yacht Races for Welcome Magazine, produced by the Board of Commerce and Tourism for the British Virgin Islands and as such covers yachting events held throughout the Caribbean where BVI sailors are in competition.
Terrell holds a BA degree from DePauw University as well as a Masters Degree in Literature. She was the producer of Southern Outlook, a daily documentary aired on General Electric Cablevision, writing and interviewing for more than 700 programs while living in the U.S. She won the National Press Award for her 6-part documentary on the Problems of Aging and was listed five times as an Outstanding Young Woman of America. She was also known as "Miss Nancy" of Romper Room to generations of preschoolers during the 1960s. The program was aired on ABC in the United States.
Terrell moved to the Caribbean in 1986 where she lived on her sloop, Antares, for many years. She now lives on her restored trawler, Swan Song, with plans for extended cruising where she will continue in her journalistic coverage of yachting events and lifestyles.

 FRUSTRATIONS - written one February afternoon in 1984

Sitting at my computer
just recently out of its box
I open an entirely new can of worms.
Reminiscent of things long past.
Producing, not the intended creativity,
but physical pains, unbroken,
shooting through my shoulders.

Although of a different origin,
the pain is a reminder
endured, lasting, temporal
the desire to leave home, yet not daring.
Knowing the time had as yet arrived.
The challenge to turn
frustration into patience.

A similar pain was also felt while nursing my brother.
Scribbling endlessly in spiral notebooks
watching his life drain away.
Able to do nothing
but sit at his bedside
and pray in frustration.

Understanding -- the word that is needed
when nothing is comprehended.
Moments, days, turning years
With the impossibility of entering these thoughts,
my computer sits
facing me in a daring challenge

Perhaps the key is in the actuality of doing .
The usage of the brain cells usually left undisturbed
by this time in the morning
may be of more importance than hesitancy
concerning the significence of
my intended recollections.

Frustration, movement and change
Problems keep presenting themselves
over and over.
drinking, relationships, children
the eternal "money" thing
ex-husbands, lovers, homes, friends.

One would think that by now
life could be sorted
into nice little rows.
Each problem fitting
into its own particular niche
to be taken out when needed.

Alas - all is new with my new computer














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