Here I am in my golden years

Having only loved what was proper

A husband, lovers – ever so concerned

As to my status in life and my children’s legacy


And now that I am old

I meet the man who satisfies all of my wonderings

Someone to whom I can give my soul

Much too late for it to matter


Decades of doing what is right

Melt into your embrace

For what should I care now?

As to anyone’s tongue or opinion


I belong to you as I did for ages

Before you entered into my life

I dreamed of you in secret

Not even knowing the sacraments you beheld


And here I have you yet but a few scarce weeks

To hold you, to love you, to bind myself to your heart

Oh, could I have the opportunity just to begin again

I would take you to my land of always perfect dreams





It happens so suddenly

You are 36 when all of a sudden

You are transported into

“Is this all there is?”


All of a sudden

The years roll by

Children are now young adults

Husbands that were then -  quite sufficient

Have now taken a downward turn


Social security seems so effortless

Problems imagined

Are now taken care of by the state

Until you realize that the state

Is bankrupt


So here you are in bed

With the lover of your dreams

Realizing that your dreams are spent and that he

Is most probably - the only one who will put up with you

Giving him a climax

As if he were in his 30s


It really doesn’t matter

This type of romance is far beyond you

You care for none of it, knowing a far deeper meaning

But you are thankful that he cares

For it gives you substance

A reason to believe

On the very weekend

That your oldest granddaughter

Is to be married.


Is this not the cycle of continuance?








Dual windows forever approach me

opposite landscapes, never to let me be

options, yet more choices, unable to decide

both equally beaconing, currently abide

Dual Windows


The first is vast and fragrant, yet filled with much desire

Elegance and music that light my heart a-fire

aglow with abundance, my will is much fulfilled

opulence sated, my heart yet aches - unstilled


a rustic cabin lurks, deep within my mind

of days gone past, emotions - however yet unkind

windows shaded over, filled mostly with my needs

pulling, yanking at me, down amongst the reeds


laces, frills and fabrics, forever fill my senses  

stories of romance, waltz throughout my menses

tales of yesteryear, whisper longingly in my ear

passions of days long ago, I eagerly yearn to hear


nights of shadows, lurking ghosts

come to me in dream's repost

times of loss, poverty yet wonder

singing vastly different tales sexual plunder


coaches, horses, petticoats of lace

rouges, perfumes, powders laid upon my face

castles, turrets, flowered meadows lined up in a row

servants and tradesman continually come and go


silent Spanish mosses, drip from boughs of trees

peasants working in the fields, plowing on their knees

moonlight in wonder, streams through dirty panes

in dreams we happily skip down dusty country lanes


minuets and harpsichords playing to our ears

reality appearing, tho dimmed, through lacy window sheers

housemaids a'calling, approaching dinner's set

glorious sunsets yet heart's desire unmet


Glorious woodlands, ablaze with misty glow

lost in forgetting, we find ourselves in woe

neglecting God's full nature, search of tomorrows bright

discover ourselves enclosed, dark stillness of the night


Continually seeking brightness - the meaning of it all

never thinking of the madness, right before the fall

dual windows - none relating to our heart

thus we die lonely and separate, totally apart.