I learned to use pastels in 2004.  It is always exciting to do something new and the fact that I began pastels at this stage in my life shows that we are never too old to learn.  I love pastels because I use my hands for "smudging"- just like in weaving.  My fingers get all dusty and dirty as I intergrate the colors giving me the feeling of being an actual part of the painting.


      I took a picture of these doorways in Maine when Dave and I were visiting after Adam's high school graduation in '02 and did this pastel some three years later.

       Doorways are highly suggestive to me.  One never knows what goes on behind them.  When I was quite young I would take evening walks with my mother during springtime and would always make up stories when I returned home about the comings and goings behind the doorways and windows that we had seen.  I think that they will always remain a focus of curiosity for me throughout my life - I just wonder now - will my focus switch to companionways?

In the three pastels below I have tried to show my view of nature.  I love abstract art but find that it is more difficult than trying to draw realistically.  Actually, I just enjoy being creative - whether it is jewelry, sewing, playing my electric piano or creating a new salad.  Whatever is in the moment has always turned me on.  I am now into Sumi-e painting and hope to include those on this website soon.  

I had the opportunity to visit my artist friend, Pat Ashley, at her lovely home in Santa Fe.  She has a wonderful studio that looks over the moutains of New Mexico.  There is a lake just below.  This is my comcept of Santa Fe sky, earth and water.  We visited Taos also and I loved the art colony there.  Many of her artist friends had us for dinner which was quite wonderful.

The pastel of the Caribbean dock, on the left, was made when Dave and I were in St. Croix for the international sailing regatta in 2003.  This is the dock in Christiansted and is drawn with a child-like quality.  I hope this will encourage my grandchildren to draw what they see and not mind that it looks unprofessional.  Working with you hands, such as in pastels, should be enjoyed.  The fact that my pastels look like they were done by a 10 year old does not bother me at all - at least I'm having fun.



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