Dear Kappa Sisters -


I hope that this year’s newsletter finds everyone in good health and enjoying life’s blessings.  It’s hard to believe that I have been living in the Caribbean for twenty years – where does the time go?  So much has happened since our last newsletter that I have trouble recalling it all.  My son Greg, and his wife Mamie, had a Down Syndrome child last March.  His name is Luke and he is adorable, just filled with love, yet it is quite sad for me.  Of course they adore him, as do his brother and sisters, so if love can cure, little Luke will be all right.  I have made two long trips to Hawaii during the past 18 months to visit with them and have so enjoyed each trip.


Hurricane Katrina took all of my mother’s antiques, my furniture, family portraits, etc.  Del had painted my portrait in the early 60s and I even lost that.  Everything I had was stored in Ocean Springs, where I used to live, waiting for my eventual return to America and retirement.  As John Lennon so aptly said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.”  It was a tragic hurricane – most of my friends lost their homes as they all lived on the water and there was a 25 foot tidal wave that covered everything. Their stories are just tragic and my heart goes out to them.   It just goes to show that we come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing so I am getting very used to “paring down” even if it does come from circumstances beyond my control. Bud and his wife Shannon moved to Oahu after Katrina.  He said he just couldn’t take another hurricane and really wanted to retire anyway.  He married our next door neighbor whose son, Michael, works for my sons in Hawaii so it is really great that they can all be together.  I’m sure that is where we will retire also – after we finish our “water life”.


Speaking of cruising – after being in the islands for two decades it is time to head for other lands.  We have visited every island in the Caribbean many times so I think we will probably go to Venezuela and “fuel up” as we carry 1,500 gallons of gas and in VZ it is only 28 cents per gallon.  I have never really visited South America, as much as I would like, so we may do some cruising there for a while.  Dave retired over a year ago and I love having him with me on a daily basis.  For new pictures of our boat, Swan Song, please check out my website –   I have really enjoyed making this website for the grandchildren.  There are lots of pictures of the family etc.  This year I plan to update it with pictures and articles of our travels – I just haven’t had that much time yet as I am also still writing for All At Sea, a Caribbean monthly - – just click on my name – that gives a lot more information as to what is going on in the islands. Although I will not be able to make it to Dee Dee’s reunion, I am definitely planning on attending our 45th in Greencastle next summer.  Dave’s son will be graduating from Boston University and his grandson from Bates College in Maine so we will be spending some time on the east coast in June and July.  I imagine we will leave Swan Song in Venezuela and fly up.


I wish each of you, along with your extended families, the healthiest of years totally filled with happiness and good blessings for a joyous holiday season and blessed New Year.  This is such a rewarding time in our lives lets just live it to the fullest and pray for peace and harmony for our planet.  With all of nature’s chaotic cleansings we certainly need to learn to live peacefully with our fellowman.  I am so looking forward to seeing you all in June of 2006.  Thank you Erica for doing the newsletter – I am looking forward to receiving it via e-mail.


 As Ever,