OUR HOME -  M/Y SWAN SONG = a Roughwater '58


We bought her "on the hard" at the Virgin Gorda Boat Yard in the British Virgin Islands in 1998 and have spent the ensuing  years painstakingly restoring her.  I won't bore you with the before pictures but these are the "after" shots.  Dave did everything in his power to make sure that I am comfortable while at sea.  He has put thousands of hours into reconstructing the entire vessel.  It has certainly paid off and we now enjoy the results of his labor.

       Our stateroom is below.  One problem we faced was the enormous amount of books and art supplies that I wanted to bring aboard - so we have bookshelves in most of the rooms plus in storage below the floorboards.  My art supplies are in large drawers in the cockpit for easy access.  Now that I am in Hawaii I have simplified my life and find that I  paint a lot, using the cockpit as my studio.

4507889438.jpg 4507889445_162x259.jpg

After 25 years in the Caribbean, South & Central America and Mexico, Dave and I happily cruise on our retirement home, Swan Song, a classic Roughwater Trawler.  She is 58' on the water line and 68' overall - a lot for two old sailors to handle but we love her.  Swan Song is Dave's 14th boat and  my 6th;  she is our last boat hence the name - she takes all of our energy to handle. Leda is our dinghy [below] - aptly named from Leda and the Swan in mythology (right).   We enjoy living like turtles and taking our house with us; besides I never know what to pack.

As of June 1st '06 we returned to Sourth America for the hurricane season.  We spent the spring of '07 cruising back "up" to the British Virgin Islands where we finally unloaded our last locker that was full of "stuff" after decideing that we no longer nead to "store" anything.  If we can't use it on our boat we will find someone who can.  We returned down the island chain, as we did the year before, and totally enjoyed our Caribbean neighbors stopping for visits in all of our favorite places.

As of August 2007 we had cruised South America, mostly around Venezuela - Mochima National Park, Lagoona Grande, Margarita and Los Testigos.  What a beautiful country.  In fact, we enjoy being here so much we plan to use Puerto la Cruz as our base while we cruise the eastern end of South America.  Living is cheap and easy - just contact us if you would like to visit - you can see pictures of our marina under the section entitled "Cruising Venezuela" and we can get you a loaded condo for $180 a week.  Now that is what I call "living".

In 2009 we cruised to Hawaii where we will now spend our retirement with my family.  We love it here.

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My reading corner also doubles as a guest

stateroom - its not totally finished as we

have yet to put the "head" in.  (For you land-lubbers that is what we call our bathroom.)

4509734199.jpg 4509734237.gif

This is the way she looked when we first bought her - you really cannot even tell it is the same boat!!!

4509754780.jpg 4509754781.jpg 4509754871.jpg 4509758170_463x378.jpg 4509758206.jpg

Our galley (below) used to be a bunk stateroom.  We knocked out a wall, made a bar, added a dishwasher, double sink, built in microwave, trashmasher and range top. It is bright and cheery and I love her !

Leda and the Swan.  Our dinghy is aptly named Leda [left]

4514372013_188x149.jpg 4514759678_406x346.jpg 4514759731.jpg 4514763354_497x349.jpg 4515456068_441x317.jpg

Both Dave and I love classic yachts.  One thing we particularly love about Swan Song is the beautiful interior teak.  Being surrounded by wood on the inside and water on the outside makes for a most peacful environment.

"To us, home (Swan Song). . . had a heart, and a soul, and eyes to see us with; and approvals and solicitudes and deep sympathies; it was of us, and we were in its confidence and lived in its grace and in the peace of its benediction."


Mark Twain



cockpit SS Xmas Swan Song in San Blas


main salon also below

Art studio galley2