Mustique, Grenadines



Mustique is a mystery.  Before its discovery as the Caribbean home for the likes of Princess Margaret, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, etc.  it was just a small little island, a little to the east of Bequia, the one overlooked while heading for the great reefs of Tobago Cays.  Of course now it is the most prestigious of all of the Caribbean chain and is the exclusive winter home of the very rich and famous.  It doesn't have the Bling of St. Barths or the glitter of St. Martin, Antigua and Puerto Rico, but is simply a gorgeous small island located in the Grenadines, which in themselves are pretty famous.


This was my first visit to Mustique and I had looked forward to it because my dear friend Jill Tattersall just loved it when she was there.  In her most recent e-mail to me she relates, "You will love Mustique, though it is unreal.  The owner, Colin Tennant

(if he still is the owner) married an old school friend of mine, Lady Anne Coke (daughter of the Earl of Leicester, and the Countess who was Lady in Waiting to the Queen Mother). Anne came here once with Princess Margaret as her Lady in Waiting, which was fun. When Robin and I visited Mustique (staying at the Cotton House) the Tennants weren't there but one of their sons was and she'd left instructions for him to show us all over the island, fascinating!"  And so I looked forward to visiting the island.


The Cotton House Resort is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, one of the most pristine holiday locations in all of the Caribbean.  Originally an 18th century coral warehouse and sugar mill, the late British designer, Oliver Messel carefully restored many of the original features of the Cotton House.  I visited it and although we did not stay there, for our accommodations on Swan Song are much more to our preference, the grounds and lodgings were lovely.  So was the rest of the island.  However, for someone with my energy I would bore quickly of the island.  There just isn't anything to do.  Really, Really quiet.  Take that as you may, we were soon off to Tobago Cays where the snorkeling was superb and the sunsets to die for.  


Here are some pictures that I took of the island.

4517956424.jpg 4517956475.jpg 4517956469.jpg 4517956495.jpg 4517956598.jpg 4517956488.jpg

ABOVE is the lobby of the Cotton House.  Beneath it is Basil's Beach Bar, very famous in the Caribbean, Below are two boutiques and a private home.

4517956731.jpg 4517956732.jpg 4517956801.jpg

Swan Song at anchor as seen through the trees - this picture was featured in All At Sea (October 2007) as a most idyllic anchorage.