More Ramblings

 The start of good health better health starts with the knowledge, back by conviction and belier, that there is one life - that life is perfect and that life is ours right now.  It is a complete and a whole pattern of perfection and I except, without reservation, that it is the spiritual reality of my being, as it is the only source and the only cause of every perfect action and function in my body.   It alone heals and makes whole regardless of what the condition.  It knows what to do, How to do it and when to do it.  The life spirit intelligence both wants my body whole and is the directing and controlling factor.  It maintains it in perfect circulation assimilation and illumination.  I know and am convinced of the truth of all of this I declare and affirm, without a shred of doubt, that regardless of appearances and regardless of what the situation may be - my body is now in it's perfect spiritual pattern.   All that is wrong is made right.   All that needs to be removed is being removed.  All that needs to be restored is being restored.  Nothing is better, with help from the limitless creative action and power that flows from God.  I turn to the infinite spirit as a source and the only spirit of my life and I know that it is good and perfect and expresses itself as goodness and perfection in me.   I am turning my thought away from whatever appearances may be and as I turn my thought away from the appearances there is nothing to support or sustain them as I continuously affirm the positive and good.  I am automatically eliminating the negative and the undesirable. There is no necessity of any negative conditioning existing within my body