I am blessed with many friends throughout the world.  My oldest friend is my college roommate, Glenda Hilty (who lives in Boulder), with her family as they are today below.  Top Row - Jennifer, Jill, Glenda, Jodi; middle row grandchildren - Baily, Indy, Maya, Emma & Zach; Bottom row - sons Bill (left), Steve (right) with son-in-law Dave in the center.  Jodi and Dave have a new daughter, Jessie, who is not shown.  They are a wonderful family with much love shared between them and with others.  Both of her sons are physicians and daughter Jodi has her PHD in Biology.  I am very proud of Glenda and her family.


Below is friend and Kappa sister, Elaine Larkin.  She is shown here in San Francisco where she lives and I love to visit.  :-)













Chris and Karen Simpson on the right are  friends & owners of BVI Yacht Sales.  Chris is from the UK and Karen from the US.  They are great people and have really built quite a business for themselves in the BVI.














Ina Anderson and Ron Noonan - owners of wonderful pets Louisa , Papisito and Simba and also of the great villa where we house-sat in the summers of 2003 and 2004.  Ina, from Denmark, is in my art group and Ron is a sailor on his Sabre 43 Wildflower.  This picture was taken at the International Rolex Regatta in St. Thomas


Right are friends Matt & Claire Calloway at their wedding.  Matt is an Aussie, Claire is English and they live in Provance, France.  They now are the parents of two fine boys and visit the BVI during the winters.


On the bottom row are two other great friends - Lisa Bailes and Val Doan.  Both are from Canada and are sailors and close buddies.  The next picture is of Beverly Martin - friend, bridge buddie and owner of Foxy's Restaurant.  With her is Carter Powell, a fellow Virginian to whom I am distantly related and is also a FFV.  Also a great sailor and terrific gal!

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