Those Charming Coopers

This page will show just how close the Cooper family really is.  Dave's daughter, Diane, is one of the only female airport managers in the US and we are really proud of her.  She is next to Dave with Deannie and her granddaughter, Ashley.  Deannie lives in Vero Beach and has a great family as shown beneath.  This was taken on our visit with them in 2001.  Deannie and Frank are to the right with  Adam, Eric and Bill (all university students) who visited us in the BVI at Xmas '03 below.  What a great time we had and can they ever party.  The apples don't fall far from the tree!  














Above is Adam with mother Diane-

Chris with mother Pam and Larry behind.   And Dave with his mouth open - so what else is new???


Diane and Art are arriving in Vero Beach on Art's plane a quick reunion.










Above are the 3 younger Cooper siblings - Larry, Dave and Cynthia.  


To the right is Deannie & Frank's family when we were there in 2001 and below it is Deannie & Dave & me.

The bottom right picture shows Thea, Cynthia's brilliant PHD daughter left, with Dave, Tina and me.


Below are the three Cooper gals - taken a decade ago.  Devon, Dave's granddaughter, is small and in the front with daughters Tina on our left and Devon's mom, Diane on the right.


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