Molokai Cruise

Cruising and Voyaging Society - President’s Weekend Cruise

Bill Beadle and Barbara Dove, owners of the Millie D, were hosts for the President’s weekend cruise. From the skipper’s meeting held on Wednesday promptly at 1805 it was evident that Bill had spent a lot of time organizing his thoughts on the cruise and what we might find when we arrived at the destination, Haleolono Harbor, Molokai.

Detailed weather forecasts, navigation charts, harbor pictures, tide/current charts and the latest swell forecast were all looked at and then crumpled and cast aside. After all this IS the HYC Cruising and Voyaging Society and if it’s going to happen it will out there, not in the harbor.

The good ships Millie D and Swan Song decided to head over on Friday as their owners are either retired or playing hooky. At 0900 Friday Swan Song was passing the fuel dock with the Millie D still vying for space to top her tanks for the ~35nm close reach to Haleolono Harbor.   Swan Song took the high road heading up towards Koko Head before turning onto the rhumbline. The Millie D took a slightly lower course with all Bill’s fishing gear streaming astern. And a good thing too as the Mahi were hungry  - the team of Bill and Barb boated two, both ladies, one of ~30 lbs and the other ~7 lbs. Bill likes to troll a bit faster than Swan Song so by the time we arrived off the harbor entrance he had made up the time.

As Swan Song was new to the harbor entrance and there was a good size southerly swell, nearly closing off the entrance at times, she waited for the veterans to lead the way in. The Millie D looked about half the height of the bigger breakers and Bill had her up at 2000 rpm surfing in. Swan Song waited until the next set had passed and also surfed in.

Once inside the water was quite murky from the surge action and the Millie D was already on the hook. Another sailboat, the Maggie B, which had entered before the Millie D, was anchored near the entrance. Bill chose a spot further up and we dropped our hook just abeam of the Millie D and dropped back.  Bill got right on cleaning the mahi and before long it was sunset and the black hole of the sky just opened up. Billions and billions of stars, from horizon to horizon, certainly made us, and our planet, shrink in size and importance in the grand scheme of things. An early night was in order and tomorrow the rest of the cruisers would arrive.

First in on Saturday was Alchemy, with Capt. Leon and his crew Mitch & Dottie - one tack and ~5 hours. Shortly after Sea Mhuire with Capt Ted Murphy and Tim Murphy  (not related) arrived. Both boats decided to get as close to the evening’s potluck as possible so rafted up to the Millie D.

Glen, on his Ranger 26, ventured out and tested the conditions up the coast to Koko Head when his engine started to misbehave. As the waves were washing them a bit Glen decided to turn back. While heading back they came upon a disabled vessel and towed them in. I think Glen made the right call to disengage with Neptune and live to sail another day.

Bill fired up the grill and food appeared from all corners of the four boats. I did notice some drinks being consumed but all in moderation of course. After gorging ourselves, with some spilling almost as much as they ate/drank, dinner was cleared and a Dave took quick trip to Swan Song’s freezer and returned with Butter Pecan Ice Cream and cookies for all. Wow, a great treat for everyone with no refusals!

Valentine’s day was spent limin’ and doing what we all like, the ladies were ferried ashore in Swan Song’s tender and spent a few hours sitting on the beach and watching the waves roll in. Leon’s green kayak, with Leon & Mitch aboard, paddled off to do some beaching to the East. I think everyone had some lunch but Nancy decided that dinner aboard Swan Song would allow her to get rid….I mean serve some more of the chicken she brought. These southern ladies always plan for a few more persons to be at the table than was expected! Anyone for the last piece?

A nice dinner with bits and pieces for the other boats was convened on Swan Song. The beverages flowed with the conversations. I think the major topics were religion, UFO’s/Aliens, Internet browsers and life in general. I might have missed some but you get the idea. Again more ice cream but this time a 3 non takers. Something about diets, I think.

Bill & Barb bolted first, soon followed by the rest of the crowd, ferried back to their boats which were no longer rafted to the Millie D. The breaking of the raft-up is a story unto itself but is better left to verbal story telling than being in print.

Another night with the stars and on to early AM departures. The Millie D was to leave at 0800 but due to the aforementioned raft breakup they had a game of I think my anchor is over/under yours. By 0930 however all the anchors were aboard and the Millie D, Sea Mheule & Alchemy all left the harbor for the Ala Wai. Swan Song and its retarded, I mean retired, crew decided that we’d wait till tomorrow to return. We always like tomorrow as that is the real definition of cruising to us. “We’ll leave here tomorrow even if that turns out to be next week”


We do hope we’ll be back in time for the March cruise 


Nancy & Dave

Swan Song