Mochima Nationa Park

Mochima National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the Caribbean and we take Swan Song there every opportunity we have.  Our most recent trip was in Nov. when we took friend, Peter Ratcliff to see its beauty.


Named after the town of Mochima, it is just one of a number of national parks along Venezuela's northeast Caribbean coastline. Created in 1973 it was the second marine park in Venezuela and encompasses the entire shoreline between Puerto La Cruz and Cumaná plus 32 islands just offshore.


This coast is a mountainous zone with beaches, gulfs and inlets of extraordinary beauty. Because of various micro-climates, some areas have gigantic cliffs nearly devoid of vegetation dropping into the water while others are lush with jungle vegetation and sandy beaches. Many small towns have sprung up along the 50 km between the cities on either side (Puerto La Cruz and Cumaná).


Mochima Map Moch1 Moch2 Moch3 Moch9a Moch9b Moch5 Moch6 Moch7 Moch9 Moch4

We are three happy campers with Swan Song all by her lonesome.  Below Peter is snorkeling with a Rainbow Fish on the right.   The Puffer fish below came right up to my snorkle and then swam away.

Below we have our own private beach.  While we were snorkeling, many times out, we must have seen over 400 large examples of brain coral, of which there are over 600 species, each living approximately 200 years.  At the bottom is an excellent example of the Finger Sponges that we saw.  We also visited Lagoona Grande on the lower right, also gorgeous.

Each evening there was a sunset more spectacular than the day before.  Neeless to say it was a perfect day's ending