Mixed Flowers

In Bequia, Grenadines, there are so many gardens of just mixed flowers, growing wild, that I decided I would enjoy painting them - in my own style, of course.  I took some photos and here are the results.  I love to paint in nature.  For my grandchildren - do you see how much FUN you can have painting?  You don't have to be exact or perfect - you can just give your impression of how the flowers look.  There is no right or wrong - just the way that you, individually, "see".  So pick a subject and just pick up your brush  - and be sure not to compare it with anyone else's - it is your very own and that

is what makes your painting so special.  Enjoy !

4516448382.jpg 4516448381.jpg 4516448376.jpg 4516448377.jpg 4516448378.jpg 4516448379.jpg 4515348513.jpg