miCHAEL & gregORY

I have always said that the one thing that I got right in this incarnation was the birthing of my sons.  They have always been at the center of my life - in my heart.  Although I led a full and active life when they were young - working in television, as a university press editor, with the Chamber of Commerce, hosting the first G.E. Cablevision program and working on my Masters Degree  -  they always came first.  



Mike is the elder and was born in January 1964.  Greg followed two years later in 1966.  Both were wanted and planned, almost to the day.   I am completely pro-choice and fortunately have always had enough sense to know how to control my own body and, therefore, my destiny.  


Mike and Greg had an idyllic childhood, living in just two homes, within the same school system, in a sleepy town on the Gulf of Mexico.  They were brought up on the water and always had an assortmant of water gear - from fishing rods & fishing boats to surf boards & Hobie Cats.  They loved the water and still do - we all do !!

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