wonderful Mexico

What can I say?  I have visited Mexico many, many times but not in several decades.  The changes are unbelievable.  The modern world of condos and malls have hit the Gold Coast of Mexico big time.  I remember small quaint villages - and I am sure that inland many exist - but the coastline is well developed.  Another California you might say.


I cannot criticize this as we want to see prosperity all over the globe but oh how I missed seeing the quiant fishing villages.  Although we did see lots of whales, dolphin, turtles and birds, along with many classic fishing trawlers, the condos and development just took our breath away.


The nights are still gorgeous with millions of stars.

mexico1 mexico2 mexico3 mexico4 mexico5 mexico6 mexico7 mexico8 mexico9 mexico9a Mexico map

Below on the right is a Mexican Naval Vessel - they boarded us and spent 3 hours looking for whatever.  The customs agents took all of my beautiful plants - including orchids from the AMazon and Dominica, stuffed them in a huge plastic bag and burned them.  I absolutely couldn't believe it.  I love my plants and used to chant to them often.

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with my good Buddhist friend & Kappa sister Teri from S/V ISHI