WONDERFUL MEMORIES WITH BROTHER JIM AND his/our special friend - patricia ashley

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Okay, I know that I have already used the picture of Jim and me at the left but it is my  favorite so you can see it twice....  Jim used to give a fabulous Christmas Party every year - no matter where he lived in Manhattan.  I was usually his hostess.  The picture here was our last in 1987.  He was sick the following 2 holidays before he died so we had a party in his hospital room.


Patricia Ashley, one of his dearest friends and also one of mine, is in the next picture.  She was a high powered NY designer.  Here they are shown on one of their trips to Euope together.  They often went on the QE2 just to "relax".  Designer Perry Ellis was Jim's best friend and started him in business.  His picture is cut off below but he was a good friend to us both.  We also lost him to AIDS in 1987.


Below is the last Christmas again with Patricia Ashley on the far right and her mother, who just died at 100, in between us.  She is truly a great friend and now lives is Santa Fe, NM.  I had a fabulous visit with her in 2004 and she comes to the BVI to visit with me whenever possible.  It was nice to share friends with my brother - very special indeed.


Here is Patricia with her newest puppy in her beautiful garden.  Her lovely home in Santa Fe is below.  And the special one is of Patricia in front of Mabel Dodge's home in Taos.  We had such fun there.  We sat and communicated with the "ghosts" of D.H. Lawrence, Georgia O'Keefe and all of the other great guests that were regulars there.  Thank You for being such a special friend, Patricia.

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