Maui, HI

On January 19, 2013, my good friend, Lillian Russell, and I left on a seven day cruise of the Hawaiian Islands on the Norwegian Cruise Line "The Pride of America".  What a trip this was - we had an absolute blast.

hawaii_map_01 P1000818 maui_map_master_001a kahului P1000894 P1000965

On Monday morning we awoke in the town of Kahulul on the windward side of the Island.  With  the Wahe'e Mountains and valley in the background, we left the ship and explored the town, which serves as the capital of Maui.  Later in the afternoon we drove to Haleakala National Park where we watched the sunset over the mountains at a temperatureof 31 degrees F.  This was the coldest I had been in almost 30 years - however it was absolutely gorgeous.

haleakala rain forest map of African Tulip Tree

The town of Kahului is above


Haleakala Falls in the national park of the same name is below left


I couldn't resist capturing the lovely red blossoms of the African Tulip Tree in the middle.  


P1000960 P1000952

Lahaina was the first capital of Hawaii and looks very much like a wonderful, old seaside town located in the tropics.  As it was Martin Luther King day, the first thing we did was attend an art festival that was being held in the city park behind the old capital.

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The entire town is laid out on the waterfront which is most charming as all shops, etc. face west and the sunsets are stunning.  Being avid sailors, Lillian and I enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Lahaina Yacht Club in the middle where we dined facing the sea.  Lovely indeed.

Banyan tree imagesCAK8LXUY

One of the largest Banyon trees in the world is located in Lahaina.  The town and coastline as they appear from an airplane.

imagesCAFHS806 imagesCAMK5W1P imagesCA8WO2UL

Charming homes on the water, a historic home turned into a museum and the beach where we went to watch the surf after lunch.

Both Lillian and I adored this small town and hope to return to rent a vacation villa or stay at one of the first hotels.  A great laid back site.