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Many times using a mandala helps us in visualizing a more peaceful meditation. on the left is the first mandala that I created.  I call it the Lotus Center.  All of the designs here were taken from Buddhist sites on the Internet.


The eight petaled lotus represents the ability to rise from our mere physical existence into enlightenment.  In the center, the Lotus blossom, I have used the color yellow to represent the path of enlightenment through following the 8-fold path.  I have used black to represent the opposite of enlightenment - the material or carnal world.  The outside rim is also in black which represents that our spiritual teachings are within.


Starting at the top and going clockwise I have chosen the color that I feel best represents each path to enlightenment.

       right wisdom and divine protection = lavender

       right speech (kind and peaceful) = pink

       right action = red  (non-harmful to anyone)

       right living = green (health & nourishment)

       right meditation = yellow (thoughtful)

       right effort = orange (energetic & peaceful)

       right thinking = blue (thoughts for you highest good

       right concentration = brown/earth  for centering

The red double triangle facing north represents fire

The green double triangle facing east represents birth           and our Mother Earth

The blue double triangle facing south represents water

The yellow double thriangle facing west represents

       the opportunity to perfect this life before death


I hope that you will enjoy meditating on this mandala as well as the one below which symbolizes the 8 symbols of happiness.  Going clockwise from the top -

1.  The parasol - is used as a protection against evil,  It is a sign of high dignity. Blue was used as the highest good.

2.  The wheel with the eight spokes embodies the 8 fold path to enlightenment.

3.  The banner symbolizes the Victory of Buddha's teaching.

4.  The golden fishes announce the release from suffering

5.  The vase contains the water of eternity and represents spiritual wealth.

6.  The perfect lotus corresponds to purity - white

7.  The shell shaped bugel, the conch, prevents evil

8.  The infinite know symbolizes infinite love and a long life.

4511884230.jpg 4511895648.jpg



White Tara is a female enlightened being whose function is to bestow long life, wisdom, and good fortune.


If we rely upon her with faith, she will protect us from contagious diseases, the dangers of fire, and other disasters.


It is said that living beings receive Tara’s blessings as swiftly as the wind moves because she is the manifestation of the wind element of all Buddhas.


I feel that this is a most appropriate mandala for all women sailors





Here I have painted the opened lotus - white for purity with the pink background indicating peace.  The lotus is circled in dark blue (right thinking) amid roots of brown (centering and right concentration) and blue for water and right thinking - the highest good.  Green, symbolizing right living, surrounds the lotus, which has its roots in the mud, as do we humans, but lives with the possibility of obtaining perfection within this incarnation and thus ending the wheel of Karma.


SRI YANTRA - This design is an abstract type of mandala.  When meditating it is used to gather visualized energies.  Pay no attention to the mistakes of others

nor to their acts and behavior!

It is your own deeds and your own negligence you must focus on.                                          Dhammapada, Verse 49



Grass is a witness for the circle of life and death.  The covered vessel is a symbol for the purifying effect of medicine.  It is used to free the afflicted from mental poisons.  Thus it expresses the removal of all suffering and a final healing.  In the center the double dorje, the thunder bolt, symbolizes the completion of all action.


The self helps itself.

Other helpers were never found.

If you are the best helper to yourself

Then you will have overcome your ego.

Then your ego will have overcome your you.

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When I first started my studying Buddhism in depth I made the decision to purchase a prayer wheel from Tibet.  It is quite beautiful, well used and is carved from a local tree in the mountains.


The prayer wheel, Korthen, serves as an auxiliary means in religious devotion.  On the inside of each wheel, a mantra is written on parchment paper.  During prayer the wheel is turned to the direction of the sun's course, ever turn corresponds to one reading of the mantra.


You cannot look for reality

outside of yourself

because you are the reality


Lama Thubten Yeshe