Mamie is Greg's wife and we all welcome her to our family.  Her daughter, Lauren, is also my newest granddaughter.  She is a year younger than Hannah and two years younger than Terrell.  Together they are all quite a household and each is just filled with love and joy.  Mamie keeps it all running just a smoothly as "maple syrup in July"  On this visit I was lucky enough to meet Mamie's parents who were visiting from Japan - we had a delightful time together and I  learned just how delicious Japanese food is.  

Mamie's father is a retired Vet and owns

a large thoroughbred horsefarm in northern Japan where he has 60 descendents of Arabian horses for stud and breeding.  His horses are sold worldwide to discriminant buyers, including European Royalty.  I really enjoyed learning about this as I know nothing about horses.  We had a great visit and I am very pleased that they have become a part of our family. I appologize for the picture - the person taking it did not know how to use my camera!  

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We Love you Mamie and thank you for bringing Luke into our world!!

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The statue above is of Benzo Yoda.  He is Luke and Lauren's great great grandfather.  The famous Japanese Director, Tetsuya Matsushima, just made a movie of his life entitled "Frontier Dreams" or "Atarashii Kaze" in Japanese.  In November 2005 it was shown at the International Film Festival in Houston.