Makanai  2012 - 2014

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crew4.small Dave.small crew3.jpgsmall crew2.jpgsmall P1010806

our crew = front row - eric, barb, bill, naomi

back row - vicki, dave, nancy, glen

Barb, Bill, Dave, Peter

Dave has always been a racer so in 2012 we bought a Newport 30 Mark 3 from a guy on the North Shore who never used it.  As active members of the Hawaii Yacht Club (by this time Dave was already on the Board of Governors) we had always wanted a race boat.  Capt Pete came over from the UK and the two of them worked their buns off trying to get it ready for the season.


Their work paid off when we won 2nd Place in our division.  Makani Kai had a short life however when one of the other race boats forced us aground upon re-entering the harbor and bent our rudder post.  A haulout in Hawaii runs around 10K so Dave decided to sell the boat rather than spend all of that money.


I think that this event, amongs others that seemed unfair, helped to make our decision to leave Hawaii for more utopian waters.  After visiting friends, Steve and Pat, in Cape Coral, Fl.  we decided that the Gulf of Mexico had water much more suited to our age group than the Pacific.