March 4, 2005


Dear Budley,


How are you?  I hope all is well with you and Shannon.  I was going through some of my things and came upon these photos of Aunt Sally and Uncle Kenny.  I thought that you might like them so I am sending them along.  Uncle Kenny was really talented.  It’s a shame that everyone is gone.  I wonder who has the woodcuttings.  They are really quite good.


Well, I understand that we are to be grandparents again.  Little will be quite an addition to our family.  The last grandchild we will ever have most likely.  Because of this I think I will visit them in July.  Taylor will be out there then also so it will be good to be there while he is visiting.  He is soooo wonderful.  He stayed with Dave and me for ten days over Christmas and we had a great time.


I am so impressed with our sons and the successful lives that they both now lead – thanks to you and your help.  They really work hard and it is wonderful and satisfying to me to know that they have at last “made it”.  I love Hawaii and am planning to move there with Dave within the next few years.  It will be wonderful to be near our sons and grandchildren in the “golden years”  I had such a good visit with them both last fall.  Terrell and Hannah are something else also.  That Hannah is a doll baby.


Mamie is the wife that Greg always needed – practice indeed makes perfect.  She is so good to me when I am there as is Dee Dee also.  It is good to see the boys so happy.  I also enjoyed visiting with Michael Nelms.  He is as sweet as ever and really talented.  I am including a CD of the pictures that I took while there – including some of Taylor also.


I filled out my Medicare forms today – hard to believe I am 65.  Where oh where did all of those years go?  My regards to Shannon.  I hope she told you that I wrote her a sympathy letter regarding her dad’s death.  That is too bad.  He was really a great guy.


Take care of yourself.  My e-mail address is [email protected] if you care to write.  You also might enjoy my new website – www.missnancysjournal.moonfruit.com  There are lots of good pictures there of the kids.  



Aug 27. 2003  Dear Bud,


How are things with you and with your life?  I hope that you are well and happy and that you have cut down your work load somewhat.  I hear via the boys that you are not yet retired.  I wondered about that because I read on CNN news that Orthopedic malpractice insurance is sky high – especially in Mississippi.  I assumed that might help you make your decision 

Everything is good here.  Dave and I are house-sitting in a gorgeous villa for one of my friends who is building a place in Mass. For the summer.  We will be here for 5 months, which is a great relief from living on our boat.  Dave is taking this time to make further improvements on it but with a full time job he never gets the amount of time he feels he needs.  He is another workaholic, just like you and Daddy.

Marilyn Grime’s kids, Reynolds and Windy, were here in St. Thomas in June for Reynolds’ second wedding.  I went over for a few days and stayed with them at their hotel (really snazzy) and to attend the wedding.  It was really beautiful and I so loved seeing them again.  Marilyn didn’t make it because she had a stroke and is still recovering.  But it was really good to be with the Clendenin side again.

I understand that Mike and Greg are burning them up in Hawaii with their new parasail business.  Thanks so much for your help – they couldn’t have done it without you.  I am so glad that they have the opportunity to be in business together.  I guess they both have moved to Honolulu as Michael has finally made the big split from Diane.

Greg is going to Japan soon, as you know.  I hope he will enjoy his trip and I really look forward to meeting Mamie.  He is coming to Florida in December for something concerned with business.  I know he will stop by to see you and Lauren and then I hope he can come here for a few days.  I haven’t seen either the boys or my grandchildren (except for Taylor) in three years – Lauren in five.  I can’t believe it.  But I speak with them often so all is not completely lost.  It is just so far to Hawaii from here.

I had a very strange dream about you the other night.  Very karmic.  It put me in touch with some strong feelings that I have so I thought that this might be a good opportunity for me to write to you.

Bud, I am so very sorry for any pain that I have caused you.  Please do forgive me.  Actually, I don’t remember many bad times when I think back.  Most of my memories of our life together are filled with good times and wonderful stories.  I did so enjoy those times and raising our sons in Ocean Springs.  I want to thank you for those years – they were great – but I do want to ask for your forgiveness for any hurts that I sent your way.  I hope you will see, in your heart, to forgive me so that we can both erase any harmful karma that there might be between us.

I have seen a lot more of the world now so I know that you were really a good man for me, as well as an excellent father and provider.  Thank you for all of the good things that you brought into my life.  I truly treasure the memories and the beautiful gifts from you that I still have.

Now, on our 43rd anniversary, Mars will be the closest to the earth as it has been since humans were on the planet.  The following is from NASA -

Mars Watch 2003

Mars Day

Planetary Society declares August 27, 2003

Mars Day.

On August 27, the planet Mars will be closer to Earth than it has been in more than 50,000 years. To celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event, The Planetary Society is declaring to the world that August 27, 2003 be Mars Day.

I’ll be watching Mars and thinking of you.  Give Shannon my best and let me hear from you if you would like.  My e-mail address is [email protected] and our phone number for the summer is 284-494-6965.  

Have a great autumn and I hope your health is good.  Do you have an e-mail address?