Lauren's Wedding

My oldest granddaughter, and son Greg's oldest child, Lauren (24) was married in 2012 to a great guy that we all love - JD.  As you can tell by the pictures, they are very happy and in love.  YEA !!!

Lauren as baby w Greg 551808_3894215764913_578072184_n 550565_3893820595034_705928434_n 547451_3894219885016_1564643054_33054597_1345657472_n 8047_3401047746770_434470120_n 294907_3994638474178_1658514300_n 249185_3893808434730_1564643054_33054283_1330927539_n 401331_2548832921932_1287090143_32190847_642755579_n 66233_4073324393266_1349834531_n 150643_4526365519011_883291776_n

Greg with baby Lauren - 1988

My next oldest grandchild, Hannah, is to the right of Lauren


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Congratulations to Lauren and JD with many best wishes & Aloha