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Lauren and Taylor above







Cissy Lauren is my oldest grandchild and is already burning up the world.  At 17 she graduated from High School at the end of December 2005 with a straight 4.0.  Imagine never having made a "B".


She lives in Gulfport, Mississippi, and just went through Hurricane Katrina with her family.  She is planning on attending the University of Colorado in Boulder in the fall and I am so thrilled she will be near my good friend, Glenda Hilty.


The pictures here show Lauren and Taylor when they were young.  Also Lauren as a baby with her dad Greg and with me.   She promises to send me some new images so I will update this page as new pictures and news arrive.


Needless to say that we are all very proud of her !!!

I am the granddaughter to the grandmother

I am the grandmother to the granddaughter

I am the flower

I am the stem

I am the root

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