HAPPY BIRTHDAY to granddaughter Lauren who  celebrated her 9th birthday in August.  Here she is at her party with new friends from her new school.  We hope you have many many more birthdays just as happy as this one.  You now have your very own page also so just keep sending me pictures.

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Lauren is very active in Theatre.  Here she is modeling for a charity event raising money for the theatre and with one of her most favorite teachers - Mrs. B  Below she is in the pink hat.


Lauren has always loved art.  Below (lower left) she is with her Japanese art teacher, whom she has had since she was four.  She is shown with her newest trophy that she won for the beach picture of "Bathers at Sunset" for which she won a prize.  She was eight at the time.


Way to go - Lauren.



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As precious as a rare diamond,

Being proud as she shines.

A door to success, waiting to be opened.

A call for love, joy , and hope.

A true lover, sacrificing, and being there for me.

A true mom is love, kindness, and supporting.

She will always be with me, no matter what.


****  written by Lauren for her Mom, Mamie in 2008

Lauren2-small Lauren - small Lauren''s Theatre Group-small Lauren & Lukie - small Lauren and Liana - april -small

Lauren and Lukie - far left


Lauren and Liana - left


Lauren's winning art - below