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I think we all agree that Luke is a mighty lucky baby to have such special sisters.  He is their "living doll".  They both are so sweet with him. 

Lauren is our youngest granddaughter and she is a very special child also.  She has the most vivid imagination and I am sure she will be a writer or journalist of some sort because she is a very curious child.  Not only is she always asking questions - she isn't happy unless she receives an intelligent answer.  No fudging around for her.  She wants the truth - straight.  Although she is only six her reading level is nearly 6th grade so she will be a great help with her younger brother - Luke.  She loves Hannah - not only as a sister but as her best friend !


Lauren at her 2005 Birthday Party - What a beauty !

and with Papa Greg at left.


Happy 7th Birthday, Lauren

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RIGHT -  Our little Lauren is one special honey and an artist to boot.  On top are her art awards for 2006.  Beneath them she is awarded the First Place Award for her winning picture of "Easter" which is not shown.  She was six when she won this.  She also won a First Place Award for her picture of Penquins as shown above.  She was only five when she painted this - no wonder we're so proud of her !!!

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