By this time, you probably know more about me and our family than you ever intended or wanted to know. Still, this is our page and pretty pictures don't really tell the behind the scenes story. Boldly I am offering my inner thoughts to my family in hopes that they will know me as a woman and not just a mother or grandmother.

Having lived my life to the fullest, I thought that I might show some of the many things that have brought me great happiness in my life - #1 first and foremost is my family. It matters not how many lovers, wives, step-children, ex-wives, etc. I have enjoyed them all. What a great, huge, family. Dave's too!

I have been keeping journals, notes, pictures and articles since I was in the 4th grade and am taking this opportunity to include here those that you might find interesting - at least this is my intention.

Opening your life is painful and I have certainly had my share of pain. But you work your way through it and get on with your life. For this incarnation is short and we really need to make the most of it.

You may read through my thoughts and ramblings if you wish. I offer no excuses or explanations. This is what I thought at the time I wrote it.

At my age I am a most thankful woman. I have lived a long and full life - with many ups and downs, but with many, many blessings.

Keeping a Journal

Nancy in snow
Miss Lucy
class of 61 in '86
at Kappa Wall
kappa house
w Carol O'Harra

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