Jane Terrell Neer & her Family




Jane Terrell was my closest cousin when I was young and living in Richmond, Virginia.  Her daddy, Dr. Bob, was my father's first cousin so it was only natural that Jane and I would be best friends as she was my age.  














They lived in Windsor Farms and we shared many happy moments together  in their home after church on Sundays.  Dr. Bob was a really funny man and he was always making us laugh with his stories.  He was also a prolific writer and would entertain our family for years, after we moved from Richmond, with his wonderful letters.



Jane's mom is my Aunt Millie, who is pictured here with Jane and her husband Ernie.  They also have a beautiful home in Richmond.  The picture at the top is of the two of us in 2002 when I visited Richmond after an absence of many decades.  It was such a treat to be with my cousins once more.  We had a very special time together.























Here is a picture of Uncle Bob and Jane taken in 1942 when Jane was barely two years old.  The three pictures to the side are of Jane's two sisters and her nephew.


Aunt Millie is seated with her daughter Martha on top, with whom I had a nice visit while in Richmond.  Her son Wilson is pictured beneath.  He took most of the pictures so thank you Wilson.  The bottom picture is of Jane's sister Susan, whom I have not seen in many decades so I was delighted to see her once again - if only in a photo.



These pictures were taken for a  special dinner that was the opening of a new paneled dinning room, with a bar, where Millie lives, and Susan travelled to be there.  Millie wanted all together for a nice meal.  






Her father's remembrance is to the left as remembered in the Hargrave Military Academy Yearbook - Fall 1924.  



Thank you, Jane, for these memories.  You are an inspiration to us all.

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My Aunt Millie and Aunt Dora togeather in the 1970's