Isla Isabella-Mexican Bird Sanctuary

Anyone who knows me understands my passion for rocks.  I love rocks - all kinds, big, small, craggy, smooth - just show me a rock and I will be happy.  I also love photography.  The two combined are in the Photography section of my art website -  They are in abstract forms there.


Isla Isabella is actually a bird sanctuary and we saw hundreds - including both the Yellow Footed Booby  and the Blue Footed Booby - really great.  But of course my passion was the rocks.  This island is located off of the coast of Matzalan on the Mexican coast and was well worth visiting.  No tourists - just nature and just the way I like it.


We also heard whales mating (yes, I put on my mask and snorkel for this one) and saw many rays jumping out of the water to put on a show for us.

Isabella1 Isabella2 Isabella3 isabella4 isabella5 isabella6 isabella7-small isabella8-small isabella9 isabella9a BlueFootedBooby yellowfootedbooby