Sorting through my mail the other day, I came upon a manilla envelope that contained what must be a picture.  With great curiosity I opened the flap with the new fish knife given to me yesterday by a friend.  The letter contained a picture of the 1957 graduating class from Central High School, Evansville.  It was from my old boy friend, Eddie Cole, who was a fellow journalist and was also President of the Senior Class.  Did it ever bring back memories?




HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  I remember when you turned 18.  That was only 40 years ago, but it sure doesn't seem that long.  You would be surprised how many people I ran into today that asked about you:  Linda Kallenbach, Mary Jane O'Daniel and almost everyone at the Central 1957 Class Reunion.


Yes, our journalism teacher, Ralph Thyng, would be very proud of both of us.  I visited Ralph a few times before he died (about 15 years ago) and he still identified you with me.  He would always ask about you and

would be envious of your lifestyle today.  He was a very interesting guy and had been a pilot in the British Air Force.


I will attempt to answer many of the questions you raised in both your letter and e-mail:

    --Yes, Joan Tanksly called me and faxed me your note.  You said to "write", but of course there was no address and the reunion committee had been trying to locate you for years.  So, I finally ran into to Bob Eberle (who I understand had a heart attack recently) and he put me on to his mom who gave me your address.  I'm glad you enjoyed the picture

and yes, I hear the word "distinguished" quite often (it beats being bald).  I also have an extra copy of the yearbook if you need one and

I'm trying to locate some "It's Just Terrell-Bull" columns.


 --We are going to have to postpone our Cruise in March to a later date.  I would appreciate any information you could give us, if and when

we come.  So you purchased a 40' sloop (I had to look that up) called ANTARES, the bright star of Scorpio.  I'm sure all the training you

had by living in Dallas, Evansville, Greencastle and Indianapolis really prepared you for your present life.  Somehow, it doesn't surprise me to learn of your new lifestyle.


--I was sorry to hear about your brother.  I have fond memories of Jimmy as a much younger kid who "got in the way" of two "very mature"

teenagers.  You were a great sister to take care of him for 2+ years.


--Yes, I would very much like to read your articles on Cuba.  I have a good friend who did some fishing in Cuba and liked the country very



 --It's interesting that your sons live in Hawaii.  Our oldest daugher, Cathy, married a pilot whose parents live in Maui (his mother

is a native of Hawaii).  We have visited three times (once in Oahu, once in Maui, and once in the Big Island).  We really enjoy it but now want

to go somewhere else (Europe, the Caribbean).  

Cathy lives in Nashville, TN; our son Steve is a pharmaceutical salesman and lives in Lexington, KY (married to a high school counselor); and our youngest daughter, Laura, is a social worker here in Evansville and is going to save the world.  She was married in September.  We have two grandchildren and a

third on the way.


  --Your inquiries about some people brought back a lot of memories also:  Barbara Love married Joe Brent, divorced him and married her minister which is where she worked???  Joe, incidentally, had a massive stroke about 10 years ago and is not in very good shape.  Bobbie Reinicke is married and lives in Evansville.  You wouldn't recognize her

as she has gained a large amount of weight (haven't we all).  I haven't heard of Bonnie Harris until you just mentioned her.  Miss Oakley was at our renuion (is in the picture) and I see her every Sunday at the Methodist Temple where she sings in the church choir.  I can't remember the "wild girl" named Carol, but would like to (just kidding). I sure

don't remember an Eddie Grammer, but that's not surprising after 40 years.


--My e-mail address stands for  Joseph Edwin Cole, May 6 (my birthday), @ Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation, Kindergarten

through 12, Indiana, United States.


Well, enough trips down memory lane for the moment.  I hope I have brought you up to date.  It's nice to remember the 50's.  Those were

great times and I credit you with having a big influence on my life.  I really didn't know it at the time, but looking back it's because of you

I probably went to college (the first one in my family to do so).  You also exposed me to many of the "finer" things in life:  Mead Johnson's

home, the Country Club, some of your friends such as Mary Jane O'Daniel (who still calls me Eddie Who??? today).  Although I worked 40 hours a week at the Sunday Courier & Press and went to school full-time, I knew I had to do it to enjoy some of the finer things in later life.  


Thanks for your influence.




4515887657.jpg 4515887659_250x251.jpg 4515887662.jpg 4515887675.jpg 4515887680.jpg 4507846308_317x478.jpg 4515887819.jpg

We had moved to Evansville, from Dallas, because that was where the home office was located for Mead Johnson Co. where my father worked.  It was terribly cold and I hated the climate after living in  Dallas.  However, we all learn to overcome obstacles in life and I soon settled into high school where I eventually made friends and began dating Eddie Cole, who was a really great guy.  We lived in two homes in Evansville - the first is pictured above and was located out on Newburg Road.  The second was on Washington Avenue and is where my father died in 1967.