OUR TRIP TO Hawaii '08 -

we will move there in '09

In 2008, after over two decades of living in the Caribbean we left to cruise to Hawaii on our classic trawler, Swan Song.  I felt that it was now time to be with my family.  This trip took 8 months and was the final leg in our retirement plan.  We have been allotted a great slip at Ala Wai Marina, at Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Oahu.  We plan for this to be a pernament home, which we will use as our base while cruising the Hawaiian Islands.  With this in mind it was a joyous reunion with my two sons, Michael and Greg, and their families.  Below from left to right is Dee Dee & Michael, Michael's son Taylor with his girlfriend Mare, Miss Nancy with granddaughter Lauren in front of her and Capt. Dave at the end.  In front is Greg's wife Mamie with their new baby Liana (aka - Lily, Angel) and their son Luke - who had just come from school and wanted his nap.  Greg had to work but you can see Greg with Luke further down.  This picture was taken at the Honolulu Art Museum when son Michael took us all out for a wonderful luncheon and museum visit.  One of my most favorite things to do.

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Taylor, a culniary student in MA, with his grandma Nanc.  Dave at the Stop sign with Greg and Lukie below.

Mamie is a wonderful mother to little Liana (Lily) on the right and Lauren below.  What a great family and we love them.

lleft to right - Mamie, Taylor, Mare, Lauren and Nancy