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With Mom Stacy and Jeff - Hannah at her home in 2006 and with her dogs.


Below she is wearing her crown while Terrell plays the recorder that he played for Taylor's birthday.  She and Lauren love to play "dress-ups" where they invent elaborate schemes and themes.

Hannah is a little love if there ever was one.  With blonde hair and dark brown eyes she shows her winning ways with the most beautiful smile.  She is quite a swimmer and loves the beach.  She and Lauren are the best of friends and are always playing something very artistic and imaginative.  They share really well.  I call them Snow White (Lauren) and Rose Red (Hannah).  I have a cousin named Janet who has very dark hair.  When we were small she was always called Snow White and I was Rose Red (being the blonde) so now I have passed this name on to Hannah.


Princess Hannah at her 8th Birthday Party in August of 2005.  Our little Rose Red!

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