Grandchildren 2017

Lauren Elizabeth is my oldest grandchild at 29.  Here she is with her wonderful husband, J. D. and boys.  Barrett is 3 and Wynn is a year.  They live in D.C. where JD is stationed at the Pentagon and Lauren is a Yoga Teacher.  They have a wonderful family.

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The next oldest is Taylor, who is Michael's only child.  He is 28 and is a Computer Geek for the National Cash Register Company.  He lives in New Hampshire.  Here he is with Lauren, my granddaughter from Mamie.  She is a sophmore at the University of Alabama in business on a full scholarship.  She is also pictured at the right.


Christian (21) is Greg's older son and works for his father crewing on a Parasail boat in Honolulu.  He is also a body-builder and has a side business of drone photography.  He is a true nature lover.

Hannah is 20 (above) and is here with the family dog, Jo - Jo

She also works for Greg as his personal assistant and loves art also.

To her right is Lukie, Greg's younger son.  Luke loves games and is 11 years old.  Liana is the baby at 10 and loves the outdoors, school and reading.

Below is a picture of Greg and Mamie with their family.