Terry, San, Jack Garrett, Gina, Johnny, and Jean.

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My wonderful Aunt Lucy, who was actually closer to me as a child than my own grandmother, is the grandmother of the Garrett clan on their mother's side.  What a joy it is to learn this.  What good genes you have!  Her husband,  Hervy (H.R.), died in a farm accident when Ann Garrett was 2.  He ran the general store in Buckner, VA.  and was my grandfather's brother. Aunt Lucy's real name was Lucy Dora Vaughan.  Ann Garrett wrote a little book for her children, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews--Roots in Buckner that Jack Garrett is rewriting.

We hope it will be finished by the reunion.  Thank you San for all of this information.

What a great family.  Here are the children of the Garrett/Terrell Family in 1983 above and at the 2007 Reunion below - they are seated the same.  WOW - I am so impressed - Thanks, San


Back Left to Right:  Mary Ann West Sherlock, Ned West, Johnny Cassidy, Hull McKinnon, Susan Cassidy Kubacki, Kelly Garrett, Curtiss, Catherine McKinnon, Garrett McKinnon, Lawson Hayes


Front:  Left to Right:  Lisa Cassidy Shannon, Katie Garrett Boehly, Jay Garrett (John Henry Garrett IV), Garrett Hayes Repella,

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