Fun in Mochima

We had a delightful Thanksgiving week when my friend Elaine, far left in the front above, ventured in from San Francisco to join us on a 5 day Cruise to Mochima National Park.  Below she is shown with friend Butch.  After having a super Thanksgiving dinner with cruising friends above we set out on our trip.  I wear headphones to communicate with Dave when anchoring or dealing with the dinghy.  Below - champagne is the order of the day upon arrival.  Swan Song is all by her lonely in one of the beautiful bays and that is just the way we like it !!!!!

bun1 bun2 bun4 bun5 bun9c bun9b bun9a bun9 bun7 bun6 bun8 Bunny & Butch-small

It was definitely a Kappa cruise as friend Teri (Terrell - can you believe it?) joined us.  An avid snorkeler, photographer and climber she took these great underwater pictures below plus the pelican and cacti also.  Thanks, Teri.  Below are friends Karen, Stalen and Kayla from the yacht Dagmar who were there for a day of snorkeling.  Notice the sunset above - it was really lovely just minutes before the photo.