friendly faces

I am most lucky to have had an abundance of friends in my life.  Loyalty is a trait that I greatly admire and I try to possess this atribute in my own life - certainly my friends have an abundance of it!!!!!


This page begins (top left) and ends (bottom right) with my oldest friend, my freshman roommate, Glenda Hilty.  Not only did we go through university together, we were both in each other's weddings and went through all of the sorrows and joys that a 45+ year friendship entails.  You can see how much I trust her - Dave loves her as much as I.  Glenda lives in Boulder but visits the BVI often as she travels throughout the world.


Carter, Jonelle and Tina are also special friends, having spent many Christmases and birthdays with them.  Carter holds my birthday cake with Tina looking on.  Below that is Jonelle, Carter and Dave on the balcony looking out over West End.











Australian, John Norris is a special friend.  Dave and I spent five weeks sailing Cuba with John & Bobbie in '95.  That was a trip I will always remember.  

















Judy Carrell and her sweet dog Mitzi have been friends for 15 years.  At her 50th B'day party on the sailing yacht, Galaxy, (bottom left) we had a special time joined by Sandy and Kay, from West End and the owner of the Jolly Roger Restaurant & Bar, home of the West End Yacht Club.


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