The Grimes/cannon Family

On the Clendenin side our closest relatives were the children of my mother's sister, Wilna Clendenin Blackwell.  Aunt Sis, as we would fondly call her, had four children - Wilna, Sonny, Marilyn and Janet.  Janet (upper left) was nearest to my age and we were very close while growing up.  She lived in Belle Haven, Alexandria, and we had more fun at her home on weekends.  My left knee still bears the scars of scooter accidents while "scooting" down her hill.


Marilyn (seated with baby on the left) married James Grimes and Janet married Tom Cannon.  Both Marilyn & Janet are widows today.  I am very close to Marilyn's children - Wilna, Wendy and Reynolds who are in both the center picture with their families.  Janet's family is on the left - Molly, Reynolds, Janet and Tommy.  Wendy is in the top  photo (1970s)


On the bottom row is Wilna's family with her husband John.  They live in Richmond, Virginia, and I hope to visit with them in the future.  Directly below is Sean Gholson, Wendy's son.

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Thank you so very much Wendy  for sending in these great 2006 photos of the Grimes Family Reunion.  We are all glad to see that Grandmother Marilyn- the gorgeous blond in the front - is recovering so well.  What a great family.  I really miss you guys and treasure the time I spent with you when Melissa and Reynolds were married in the BVI in 2004.  Love to you all - Nancy

Sean and Jamie in 2006

It all started here - Wilna, Wendy, Marilyn and Reynolds Grimes

Janet Blackwell Cannon below and her hubby Thomas and children above